Star Wars Rebellion: Game Session Conclusion (1.11.18)

The galactic rebellion is stretched to all corners of the galaxy.  As Princess Leia steps up as a diplomat after the loss of Senator Mon Mothma, the Death Star eclipses a major Rebel stronghold over Kashyyyk.  Is there enough time to outlast Emperor Palpatine’s plans?  Will the Wookies survive?  This session kicked off on January 11, 2018.

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Star Wars Rebellion: Game Session Rounds 1-5 (1.11.18)

Star Wars Rebellion: Rise of the Empire expansion
arrives here early 2018.  It’s the time of the Empire, the Dark Times.  The Empire, under the guidance of Director Orson Krennic, builds their super weapon off the remote system of Dantooine.  But Princess Leia and Senator Mon Mothma have diplomatic plans to undermine the tyranny that have swept the galaxy.  Will Han and Chewy join the rebellion.  Read this movie-to-game and follow the evil plans of Lord Vader and his master, Emperor Palpatine.

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Star Wars Rebellion: Game session (9/14/2016)

starwarsrebellion-20160914aStar Wars: Rebellion joins our collection,
and we celebrate the galactic struggle with a game session journal.  Will Luke be a Jedi?  Will Admiral Ackbar scream “It’s a trap!”?  Is Darth Vader warming up the Carbonite machine?  It may not be the original trilogy, but the game session is dated September 14, 2016.
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