Dungeons and Dragons: Gelatinous Cube


The Gelatinous Cube,

is an underground horror that shouldn’t be taken lightly.   An nearly invisible monster, it lives to eat and eats to live.  Another silly, underground horror we’ll cover from Dungeons and Dragons: Monster Manual I comes “The Cube”.  Jello, anyone?

“The ‘cube then surrounds the victim, secretes digestive fluids, and digests a meal.”

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Dungeons and Dragons: Black Pudding

Black Pudding,

is one of several underground hazards in the world of Dungeons and Dragons.  From Monster Manual I, this first edition entry could be found underground looking to eat.  Able to dissolve wood and metal, it was a creature not to be laughed at.

“It is a scavenger/hunter found only in underground areas normally.  … have color variation, grey, brown, and white being not uncommon.”

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Dungeons and Dragons: Green Slime

DD_GreenSlime The Green Slime

From Dungeons and Dragons: Monster Manual I, the Green Slime was an underground hazard, that made misery of heroes venturing underground for treasure.  It was the D&D version of toxic waste, just not as healthy.

“Green slime will attach itself to living flesh … [turning] the creature into green slime …”

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