Legend of Drizzt: Artemis Entreri’s weapons

Artemis Entreri,
is an assassin from the Dungeons & Dragons board game, The Legend of Drizzt.  Among his at-will powers are his Magic Longsword and Saber of Wounding.  Both offer statistical advantages.  Which is better?  With a touch of analysis paralysis, we overthink our choice.

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Castle Ravenloft: Playing the Eagle Eyes treasure card

CastleRavenloft_Fortune_EagleEyesEagle Eyes,

a treasure fortune card from Dungeons and Dragons: Castle Ravenloft board game.  At first look, it seems not to offer anything new and nothing you wouldn’t have done without the card.  You’re not alone if it seems confusing about what to do after your hero phase.  Here is how we interpret it and why.

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Wrath of Ashardalon: The long hallway

IMG_0558The long hallway tile, from Wrath of Ashardalon, introduced a little variety from its predecessor, Castle Ravenloft.   While introducing a new game mechanic, it fueled more questions to an already terse rulebook.  After scouring forums, we’ve brought the general consensus to you and it won’t make anyone feel like they’re cheating.

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Dungeons and Dragons: You’re poisoned with 1 hit point and a cure potion

IMG_0546What to do when your hero is poisoned, about to start the Hero Phase, and you have the cure potion item with one hit point left?  Are you destined for defeat? Can you use your potion now?  Will you suffer an extra point of damage by using a Healing Surge on your next turn?  We’ll carefully examine the rule’s nuances.  The rules are definitively explained, if you read the rulebook deep enough.
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Dungeons and Dragons: Defeated heroes and conditions

Ashardalon_Conditions_0140What happens when defeated heroes are reduced to 0 Hit Points with a condition?

Defeated heroes will find no mercy as their unfortunate maladies continue after they stand up.   As stated in the rulebook, pulled from Wrath of Ashardalon:

Conditions, such as Dazed or Poisoned, still apply to the Hero.

So pull yourself up by your bootstraps and start thinking about making better rolls.  Preferably “10” or better.

Legend of Drizzt: Understanding Regis’s ruby pendant

Drizzt_Regis_RubyPendantIn Dungeons and Dragons Legend of Drizzt, Regis’s Ruby Pendant is an odd power.  Introducing “special” damage, you need to read closely your options.

What’s the point of the power?

The Ruby Pendant does a little more than swinging a weapon and inflicting damage.  It allows Regis to move a monster to another tile and choosing damage to another monster.

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Legend of Drizzt: Drizzt’s Expert combatant rule

In Dungeons and Dragons Legend of Drizzt, Drizzt’s expert combatant rule can be a little tripping.  Is it too good to be true?  How could you use it?  This is how we interpreted it and why.

The explanation is pretty straightforward, “make an additional attack during your Hero Phase”.  But a common misunderstanding is reading too far into the terse rules rather than interpret it word-for-word.  We are conditioned to follow the game’s strict mechanics that any exceptions are met with suspicion.   When reading Drizzt’s daily power, Twin Strike, I thought to myself “wait a minute, don’t I get this every time?”

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