Legend of Drizzt: Escape from Neverneath (9.16.2017)

It’s an unlikely association of anti-heroes as Jarlaxle, Athrogate, and Artemis Entreri join forces for adventure and gold.  After a fatiguing attempt at plunging loot, the three are trapped in the cursed tunnels underneath Castle Never.  It’s a never-played before adventure featuring three.

Three adventurers have fallen into the tunnels below the Castle Never.  If they don’t hurry and discover a way out, they will be trapped underground forever!

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Legend of Drizzt: Artemis Entreri’s weapons

Artemis Entreri,
is an assassin from the Dungeons & Dragons board game, The Legend of Drizzt.  Among his at-will powers are his Magic Longsword and Saber of Wounding.  Both offer statistical advantages.  Which is better?  With a touch of analysis paralysis, we overthink our choice.

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Legend of Drizzt: The Primordial Awakes! (4/23/2016)

It’s been ages,

since we’ve played one of our favorite board games.  After sessions of Castle Ravenloft and Ashardalon, we resurrect Drizzt in an all-out campaign.  From Dungeons and Dragons: The Legend of Drizzt, comes a 5-hero session of Adventure 13: The Primordial Awakes!

Awaken by a  dwarven ghost screaming “Help us,”, Bruenor looks out his balcony to the city of Maegera below.  A giant beast has awakened and only bowls filled with magical waters will extinguish the Fiery Pit.

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Dungeons and Dragons: You’re poisoned with 1 hit point and a cure potion

IMG_0546What to do when your hero is poisoned, about to start the Hero Phase, and you have the cure potion item with one hit point left?  Are you destined for defeat? Can you use your potion now?  Will you suffer an extra point of damage by using a Healing Surge on your next turn?  We’ll carefully examine the rule’s nuances.  The rules are definitively explained, if you read the rulebook deep enough.
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Legend of Drizzt: Exile with Drizzt (12/30/2013)

Guenhwyvar comes to Drizzt's rescue after the Feral Troll knocks him back.

Guenhwyvar comes to Drizzt’s rescue after the Feral Troll knocks him back.

Drizzt Do’Urden goes into exile in the Dungeons and Dragons: The Legend of Drizzt Adventure 1 Exile.  He’s alone and cast from the city of Menzoberranzan.  Wrath of Lolth’s minions are after him.  An exciting solo adventure with a breath taking ending.

Drizzt must fight his way though the Underdark and find his way to the surface.

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Legend of Drizzt: The Hunt for Shimmergloom (5/9/2013)


Jarlaxle stands up to the Feral Troll.

This was an interesting session chronicling Dungeon and Dragons Legend of Drizzt board game.  It was a three hero session in the Adventure 3: The Hunt for Shimmergloom.  Jarlaxle, the Drow Swashbuckler, joins the party.

The only thing stopping the reclamation of Clan Battlehammer’s ancestral home is the shadow dragon named Shimmergloom.

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Legend of Drizzt: Understanding Regis’s ruby pendant

Drizzt_Regis_RubyPendantIn Dungeons and Dragons Legend of Drizzt, Regis’s Ruby Pendant is an odd power.  Introducing “special” damage, you need to read closely your options.

What’s the point of the power?

The Ruby Pendant does a little more than swinging a weapon and inflicting damage.  It allows Regis to move a monster to another tile and choosing damage to another monster.

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