Castle Ravenloft: Destroy the Dracolich (11/22/2012)


This is a session chronicling Dungeon and Dragons Castle Ravenloft board game.  It was a two hero session in the Adventure 6: Destroy the Dracolich.

An undead dragon called a dracolich has answered Strahd’s call.  Now it rampages through the countryside every night, destroying everything in its path.  You decide to enter the dungeon crypts to find the lair of the dracolich.  And then, if luck is with, you plan to destroy it before it can attack Baravia again.  The cleric of Barovia provided this advice: “Find the creature’s phylactery.  It holds the dracolich’s evil essence.  Destroy the phylactery, and your task will be much easier to accomplish.” – Castle Ravenloft Adventure Book


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