Axis and Allies 1941: Errata

The Axis and Allies 1914 errata,

was published November 24, 2014, correcting starting income for the United States and changes the setup chart for both the US and the Soviet Union.

In addition, it includes FAQ section that revisits defenseless transports and defends the uniform shapes of non-infantry pieces which happens to differ from the rule book silhouettes.

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Axis and Allies Pacific: Can Japan build a major industrial complex on Chinese territory?


The rule book shows Korea with 2 IPC. The board you pull out of your box will read 3.

Asked by one of our readers, “there are 3 territories controlled by Japan on main land Asia 1 (Korea) has a Japanese control marker, and the other 2 have Chinese control markers.  However Japan controls all three at the beginning of the game.  Is Japan allowed to place a major industrial complex on any of them?”

Here’s our answer.

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Axis and Allies Classic: Remembering the fighter

AAClassic_FighterJAThe fighter from Axis and Allies Classic, defended your greatest cities.  It was a formidable opponent protecting its carriers.  It could strike across channels of waters.   It was your rapid deployment wing giving you the advantage striking vulnerable territories.  It also had cost 12 IPC making you think twice about such an investment.

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Axis and Allies 1914: Understanding the amphibious assault rule

AA1914_9371Axis and Allies 1914 includes a tactic long enjoyed by its World War II cousins.  But understanding the amphibious assault rule requires careful reading as it has become more dangerous with new risks unseen in the other varieties.  While there are many similarities to 1940, 1941, and 1942 there are some differences veteran players will find odd.

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Axis and Allies 1941: A look at the boardgame


Axis and Allies 1941 is the latest addition to our collection.  Marketed as a low-end board game, Axis and Allies 1941 carries the branding and spirit of its cousins but much is abbreviated.  This article takes a look at components inside the box.  Speaking of the box, it shares the same cardboard stock as other more expensive versions.  Though smaller, its presentation is par with same style artwork.   While in shrink-wrap, no where do you feel cheated.   At least, not yet.

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Axis and Allies 1914: First look at the rules

AA1914rulebookIn our follow up article introducing Axis and Allies 1914, we preview the rule changesThe World War I strategy game takes the opportunity to deviate from polished rules from 1940 and 1942 variety.   Many familiar characteristics return in this “prequel” including artillery, armor, battleships, cruisers, submarines, submarines, and an interesting take on the fighter.  Infantry becomes more important than ever as new combat rules come into play.

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Axis and Allies 1914: First look at the boardgame


We take a look at the newest addition to our game collection, Axis and Allies 1914.   Long anticipated World War I strategy game named with a most trusted Axis and Allies brand, known exclusively for World War II until now.   While the game remains faithful to many characteristics of prior releases, it makes many attempts to recreate the theme of the first world war with new approaches.   This article takes a closer look at the game’s hardware; the pieces and the board.

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