Axis and Allies Pacific: Can Japan build a major industrial complex on Chinese territory?


The rule book shows Korea with 2 IPC. The board you pull out of your box will read 3.

Asked by one of our readers, “there are 3 territories controlled by Japan on main land Asia 1 (Korea) has a Japanese control marker, and the other 2 have Chinese control markers.  However Japan controls all three at the beginning of the game.  Is Japan allowed to place a major industrial complex on any of them?”

Here’s our answer.

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Axis and Allies Global 1940: Placing new industrial complexes

AxisAlliesPacific_0278Read carefully the rules governing placing new industrial complexes for Axis and Allies Global 1940 Second Edition.   Found in the rulebook on page 27 in the Axis and & Allies Europe 1940 Second Edition, the rules are explained in two separate sections under “Industrial Complexes and Bases (Facilities)” and “Industrial Complexes (cardboard counter)”.  Without close inspection, mistakes can be made.

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