Axis and Allies 1941: Errata

The Axis and Allies 1914 errata,

was published November 24, 2014, correcting starting income for the United States and changes the setup chart for both the US and the Soviet Union.

In addition, it includes FAQ section that revisits defenseless transports and defends the uniform shapes of non-infantry pieces which happens to differ from the rule book silhouettes.

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Axis and Allies 1942: Second edition errata

Collection-AA1942-2ndWizards of the Coast releases rules updates for Axis and Allies 1942 Second Edition.

Published November 9th, 2012, the errata comes with rules clarification, examples, and changes from the original print.

The most striking differences from the original rules include Germany  starting the game with 41 IPCs, while the United Kingdom with 31.  In addition, Honolulu is mentioned explicitly as a victory city and is one of thirteen (13) cities needed control for a victory condition.  Axis powers need nine (9) victory cities under their control for a standard victory while the Allies need ten (10).

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