List of Dungeons and Dragons board games

Dungeons and Dragons

No time to re-live the RPG you spent countless sleepless nights fighting off elves and goblins?  Get your taste of nostalgia with the most superficial elements fully enjoyed with the game built on imagination and a human, yet ruthless dungeon master.

Castle Ravenloft

The first of the series branded with its well known vampire-villain, Strahd von Zarovich.  Considered extraordinarily unfair with terse rules and stingy treasures, its simplistic game mechanics allowed a challenging session fighting off monsters as you did in your younger years.

Wrath of Ashardalon

The second of the series, showcased a fearsome red dragon.  Like the first, it had all new adventures, heroes, monsters, and customized cardboard chits.   It was also a world more generous with treasure items.  Including FAQ that applied rule clarifications to it and the game before it, made game play more easy.  But damn those Legion Devils!

Legend of Drizzt

The third of the series, had a famous and enigmatic  hero, Drizzt Do’Urden.  Probably the most exciting of the series because it was the most easy to win.

Temple of Elemental Evil

The fourth rendition introduces a campaign mode with 13 adventures played in succession.  While a rolling a difficult natural “20” and 5 XP to spare doesn’t get you to 2nd level anymore, 1000 gold will.  Gold piece tracking and power ups are just a couple of many things new to this latest edition.

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