Wrath of Ashardalon: A Day in the Life of a Hero (11/26/2012)

This is an unfortunate session chronicling Dungeon and Dragons Wrath of Ashardalon board game.  It was a solo session in the Adventure 1: A Day in the Life of a Hero.

While chasing monsters through the wilderness around Firestorm Peak, you fall through a hole into the cavers below.  Can ou survive long enough to find another way out of the dark and twisting tunnels?   – Wrath of Ashardalon Adventure Book

Tarak, Half-Orc Rogue
Furious Assault
1 Utility: Practiced Evasion
2 At Will: Positioning Shot, Lucky Strike
1 Daily: Tornado Strike
Treasure item: Lucky Charm

2 Healing Surges played

The Start Tile starts at the bottom of the board.  From the stairs, unexplored edges are to the west, northwest, northeast, and east.

Tarak moves to the northwest edge.
Explores dungeon space with passages north and east.
Draws Legion Devils!  Three appear adjacent to one another.
Encounter trap: Rolling boulder.
All three Legion Devils step up and strike Tarak (-3 hp).
The trap would have injured Tarak but he practices Practiced Evasion.   He fails with his free opportunity to disarm the trap.

Tarak uses his daily power, Tornado Strike against the Legion Devils.  He DEFEATS all three.
Gains treasure item: Staff of the Elements.
He moves north to the unexplored edge.
Explores a dungeon with passage way north and doors east.
Draws Legion Devils!  AGAIN!  Three appear adjacent to one another.
The rolling boulder moves.   Tarak is smothered (-2 hp).
The devils advance and STRIKE DOWN Tarak.

Tarak spends the first HEALING SURGE and gets on his feet.  He has 4 hp.
He chooses to disarm the trap – but fails.  He spends his Lucky Charm and succeeds disarming it.
He retreats 6 squares to the northeast edge of the Start Tile.
Explores a new tile, walled off to the east, open to the north.  The western edge connects to an existing explored tile creating an open space with the Legion Devils staring back.
Encounter curse: Cage.  A cage is dropped on Tarak and cannot move with -2 AC penalty.
One Legion devil moves within one tile from Tarak.
Two Legion devil moves within two tiles from Tarak.

Tarak decides to attack with Lucky Strike.  With the help of the Staff of Elements, he DEFEATS one Legion Devil.
He is unable to move.
Encounter event-attack: Blinding Bomb.  A ceramic sphere explodes, shattering against a nearby wall putting Tarak in a daze.
Two Legion devils moves one tile to the north of Tarak.

Tarak goes with Lucky Strike and misses.
Dazed and within a cage, he cannot move.
Tarak shakes off his dazed condition.
Encounter hazard: Cave In.  The tile is filled with rubble after Tarak suffers -2 hp.
Two Legion Devils advance and STRIKE DOWN Tarak.

Tarak spends the second HEALING SURGE and gets on his feet.  He has 4 hp.
He fails to open the cage and cannot move.
Encounter card: Occupied Lair.  A hallway tile is placed to the immediate east of Tarak.
A Duergar Guard and a treasure token is placed there.
Both Legion Devils hit (-2 hp).
A new tile is placed to the immediate east of the Duergar Guard.  A Cave Bear is drawn.
Cave Bear moves one tile west to Tarak.

Tarak panics and fails again to open the cage.  He can’t move.
Without mercy, the Legion Devils STRIKE DOWN Tarak.

The hero is defeated!

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