Legend of Drizzt: Search for Mithral Hall (11/23/2012)

This is a session chronicling Dungeon and Dragons Legend of Drizzt board game.  It was a two hero session in the Adventure 2: Search for Mithral Hall.

Following a clue found in an ancient tower, your travels have led you to an ancient cavern near the entry to the dwarven citadel in search for the dwarves’ ancestral crown.  Meanwhile, the dreaded assassin Artemis Enteri is hunting the heroes down.  It is only a matter of time before Artemis catches up with you. – Legend of Drizzt Adventure Book

Catti-Brie, Human Archer
1 Daily: Massive Volley
2 Utility: Battle Trance, Heartseeker Stance
Treasure item: Potion of Healing

Drizzt Do’Urden, Drow Ranger
1 Daily: Twin Strike
2 Utility: Figurine of Guenhwyvar, Cloud of Darkness
Treasure item: Cure Potion

2 Healing Surges played

The Start Tile starts at the top of the board.  From the ladder, unexplored edges to the west and south.  The cavern continues eastward.

Catti goes with a Battle Trance.
She moves to the immediate South.
Exploring a cavern passageway to the West and South.
Draws a Drow Duelist.  She moves two spaces adjacent.
Encounter event: Volcanic Spray.  No heroes injured.
The Drow Duelist attacks and hits Catti-Brie twice (-2 hp).

Drizzt moves south adjacent to the Duelist and the western edge of the tile.
With a Twinkle, he misses the Drow Duelist twice, including  rolling a “1”.  He places a stance token.
He explores a Drow Glyph cavern tile.
Draws a Feral Troll and immediately plays the Cloud of Darkness canceling it.

Catti misses with Khazid’hea, rolling a “1”.  As a consequence she suffers  -1 hp.
She moves to the north edge of the Drow Glyph tile.
Explores a Volcanic Vent tile.
Draws a Hunting party with a Drow Wizard and a Water Elemental.
Encounter curse: Mark of the Lolth.  Catti-Brie is cursed taking -1 hp.
Drow Duelist strikes Drizzt twice (-2 hp).  Drizzt’s stance gives him +1 hp.
Drow Wizard teleports to the tile with Catti and blasts her with a fireball (-2 hp).  She is STRUCK DOWN.
The Water Elemental moves one tile South closer to Drizzt.

Drizzt moves west sneaking between the Drow Wizard and the Water Elemental occupying the edge of the tile.
He spends his Twin Strike power, missing both times!  Each monster survives after taking -1 hp damage each.
Explorers a Dwarven Statue tile.
Draws an Hypnotic Spirit.
The Spirit moves into his tile and misses with it’s a howl.

Catti spends the first HEALING SURGE and gets on her feet.
She uses her power, Massive Volley.  She DEFEATS all monsters; Water Elemental, Drow Duelist, Drow Wizard, Hypnotic Spirit.  Her Battle Trance restores her to full health at 6 hp.
Gains treasure fortune: Harrowed Experience
She moves south to the Dwarven Statue, to the east-most edge of the tile.
Sacrificing -1 hp, she removes her curse.
Explores a second Dwarven Statue tile.  It connects to known passage way northward with an unexplored passage South.
Draws a Goblin Archer.
The Goblin strikes Catti with a barbed arrow (-2 hp).

Drizzt runs adjacent to the Goblin Archer making it cower in fear.
He summons his ally, Guenhwyvar, who stands next to him.
Encounter curse: Mark of the Lolth.  Drizzt is cursed taking -1 hp.
Guenhwyvar ally: His panther DEFEATS the Goblin Archer.

Catti drinks her Potion of Healing (+2 hp).
She moves to the south of Drizzt at the edge of her tile.
Explores an Underground River tile.
Draws a Hunting Drake.
She steps backwards into the west-most Dwarven Statue tile.  She one tile west of Drizzt and two tiles away from the Drake.
The Hunting Drake rushes to Drizzt but misses with its bite.

Drizzt DEFEATS the Drake with his Icingdeath.
Gains treasure item: Flask of Oil.
Moves south across the bridge of the Underground River.
Explores open cavern tile.
Draws a Goblin Cutter.
Sacrifices -1 hp, to remove his curse.
Encounter event: Volcanic Explosion.  No heroes hurt.
Guenhwyvar ally: His panther DEFEATS the Goblin Cutter.

Catti-Brie rushes across the bridge and sidesteps around Drizzt.  She is at the west-most edge of the cavern tile.
Explores cavern passages.  Only exits are north and west.
Draws a Water Elemental.
She retreats two squares behind Drizzt, standing on the bridge.  She is two tiles away from the elemental.
Encounter event: Volcanic Explosion.  No heroes hurt.
Water Elemental moves one tile east to the Guenhwyvar.  It attacks with a wave of water but misses.

Drizzt moves adjacent to the Water Elemental, attacks twice and DEFEATS it.  He takes a stance with Twinkle.
Gains treasure item: Spider Mask.
Encounter event: Volcanic Explosion.  No heroes hurt.
Guenhwyvar ally: The panther doesn’t move.

Catti moves three squares, through two tiles at the northern edge of the cavern passageway.
Explores a Volcanic Vent.  It is a dead end.
Draws a Hypnotic Spirit.
Encounter event: Rockslide.  Catti steps back one square into the tile behind her (-1 hp).
The Spirit moves two tiles into the middle of the cavern space surrounded by the heroes.

Drizzt, with Icingdeath, DEFEATS the Hypnotic Spirit.
Gains treasure item: Want of Acid Arrows.
He moves west to the edge of the tile.
Explores a cavern passageway.  The only exit is south.
Draws a Hunting Drake.
Guenhwyvar ally: Runs behind Drizzt.
The Hunting Drake bites Drizzt, but his Twinkle stance nullifies any injury.

With Taulmaril, Catti DEFEATS the Hunting Drake.  She gains +1 hp.
Gains treasure item: Heavy Cloak.
Moves west of Drizzt before turning south to the edge of her tile.
Explores a new, Volcanic Vent.
Draws another Hunting Drake.
Encounter event-attack: Spellweb.  Catti is immobilized by a snare of Lolth’s webs.
Hunting Drake rushes Catti but misses with its bite.

Hearing the molten lava bubbling nearby, he changes direction going farthest eastward to the southern edge of the tile.
He explores the Broken Door, revealing the Ancient Throne to its east.
Artemis Entreri appears on the Start Tile.  (The far eastern mushroom patch)
Draws a Drow Duelist standing guard at the Ancient Throne.
Catti draws a Feral Troll who is positioned in the Broken Door tile.
Villain: Artemis moves to the west end of the Start Tile.
Guenhwyvar ally: Drizzt’s Guenhwyvar runs behind him.
The Drow Duelist moves one tile, to the west end of the Ancient Throne.

Immobilized, with Khazid’Hea, Catti DEFEATS the Hunting Drake after taking -1 hp.
She is now free.
Encounter event: Volcanic Spray.  No heroes injured.
Villain: Artemis moves one tile closer to the heroes.
Feral Troll moves adjacent to Drizzt, moving behind him.  It hits Drizzt (-2 hp) and flies two tiles adjacent to the Drow Duelist.  (Troll card moves to Drizzt)

Drizzt returns adjacent to the Troll and inflicts -1 hp damage with Icingdeath.  He follows up with Twinkle, placing his stance.  He rolls a “20” inflicting another -1 hp.  The Troll has 2 hp remaining.

+2 HP, +1 AC
New daily power: Inspirational Strike

Gains treasure fortune: Battlefield Promotion.  Drizzt promotes Catti-Brie to 2nd level.

LEVEL UP, Catti-Brie
+2 HP, +1 AC
New daily power: Point Blank Shot

Encounter event: From the Shadows.  Heroes spend 5 XP cancelling the encounter.

Villain: Artemis reaches the Dwarven Statue, one tile closer to the heroes.
Guenhwyvar ally: Drizzt’s panther attacks and hits the Troll for -1 hp.  It has 1 hp left.
The Drow Duelist reaches the Broken Door in looking for Drizzt.
The Troll attacks Drizzt and misses miserably.  (Troll card moves to Catti-Brie)

Catti misses the Troll with her ranged attack.
She moves one square to the tile south of her.  Catti hopes to explore passage to lead her to the Ancient Throne.
Explores a passageway leading south and east towards the throne room.
Draws a Goblin Cutter.
Encounter event: Volcanic Spray.  Catti is injured (-1 hp).
Villain: Artemis reaches the Underground River.   He is one tile away from Drizzt.
The Feral Troll hits Drizzt.  Partially saved by his stance he suffers -2 hp. (Troll card moves to Drizzt)
The Goblin Cutter moves next to Catti and injures her (-1 hp).

Drizzt rushes six squares to the Underground River.  He is now adjacent to both the Troll and Artemis.
Drizzt misses once with Twinkle, but DEFEATS the Troll the second time.
Gains treasure fortune: Bolster.  He chooses Catti-Brie to regain +1 hp.
Encounter event Overrun: Each hero takes -1 hp damage.
Villain: Artemis hits Drizzt with his vampiric dagger (-1 hp with stance).
Guenhwyvar ally: Moves to the Underground River bridge, adjacent to Artemis and hits him for -1 hp.   Artemis has 7 hp left.
Drow Duelist moves one tile west towards Catti Brie.

Catti rushes east to the Broken Door.
She spins and with her ranged attack DEFEATS the Drow Duelist.  Her stance regains +1 hp.
Gains treasure item: Potion of Healing.
Encounter event-attack: Baruchie Colony.  The heroes spend 5 XP to cancel it.
Villain: Artemis hits Drizzt with his vampiric dagger (-2 hp).  Artemis regains full strength at 8 hp.
The Goblin Cutter moves one tile east towards Catti.

Drizzt knows he’s running out of time.  He strikes Artemis with Icingdeath rolling an “18” and strikes the villain for -2 hp.  With his second attack he uses his power Inspirational Strike.  He hits Artemis for -2 hp.  Catti-Brie is two tiles away, in range of her ranged attack, Taulmaril.  She hits for another -1 hp.  Artemis has 3 remaining.  She gains +1 hp.
Encounter event-attack: Quickly Ambush.  The heroes spend 5 XP to cancel it.
Villain: Artemis misses with his dagger.
Guenhwyvar ally: Hits Artemis for -1 hp.  It has 2 hp remaining.


Drizzt and his panther ally surround Artemis the assassin.

Catti-Brie moves her stance to Heartseeker.
With the Taulmaril and Heartseeker stance, she inflicts -2 hp damage and DEFEATS Artemis!
She reaches six squares to the Ancient Throne.  She can see the crown.
Encounter event: Pursuit.  It’s a hunting party, draw two cards.  Draws a Stalagmite.  Draws a Water Elemental.  It is placed on the Start Tile.
Goblin Cutter moves one tile east to Catti-Brie.

Drizzt races to the Ancient Throne room and picks up the crown.  The heroes win!

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