Castle Ravenloft: Destroy the Dracolich (11/22/2012)


This is a session chronicling Dungeon and Dragons Castle Ravenloft board game.  It was a two hero session in the Adventure 6: Destroy the Dracolich.

An undead dragon called a dracolich has answered Strahd’s call.  Now it rampages through the countryside every night, destroying everything in its path.  You decide to enter the dungeon crypts to find the lair of the dracolich.  And then, if luck is with, you plan to destroy it before it can attack Baravia again.  The cleric of Barovia provided this advice: “Find the creature’s phylactery.  It holds the dracolich’s evil essence.  Destroy the phylactery, and your task will be much easier to accomplish.” – Castle Ravenloft Adventure Book


Allisa, Human Ranger
1 Utility: Unbalancing Parry
2 At Will: Hit and Run, Twin Shot
1 Daily:Bounding Attack:
Treasure: Thieves’ Tools

Thorgrim, Dwarf Cleric
Healing Word
1 Utility: Shield of Faith
2 At Will: Healing Strike, Lance of Faith
1 Daily Flame Strike:
Treasure: Necklace of Fireballs

2 Healing Surges played

Allisa moves North of the Start Tile and explores northward into the Fetid Den.
Draws a Skeleton
Skeleton attacks Allisa with a Slice and HITS (-1 hp).

Thorgrim moves adjacent of Allisa and the skeleton
DEFEATS skeleton with Healing Strike healing Allisa (+1 hp).
Gains treasure blessing Run!
Explores the northwest edge of the Start Tile into an open dungeon.
Draws a  Zombie.
Encounter event: Strahd’s Trick – Thorgrim doesn’t need to move.
Zombie moves adjacent to Thorgrim and HITS with a rotting fist (-1 hp)

Allisa attacks but misses the skeleton rolling a “1” with a Hit and Run.  She retreats to the northeast of the Start Tile.
Explores a hallway.
Draws a Rat Swarm.
Encounter attack: Choking Fog.  Allisa suffers (-2 hp), Thorgrim suffers (-2 hp).
Rat Swarm moves into the tile shared by both heroes.  It Misses both heroes.

Thorgrim DEFEATS zombie with a Healing Strike, healing Allisa (+1 hp).
Gains treasure fortune Intimidating Bellow.  Places the rat swarm near the steps of the Start Tile.
Moves to the east of the Fetid Den.  (discards his blessing)
Explores a junction, open paths to the north and and east.  The south is blocked.
Draws a skeleton.
Encounter attack: Howling Ghost.  Thorgrim is attacked (-2 hp).
Skeleton charges him with a Slice and HITS (-2 hp).  Thorgrim is down to 1 hp!

Allisa chooses not to help Thorgrim but turns East down a hallway.
The exploration leads to a longer hall.
Draws a Ghoul.
Encounter event: Howl of the Wolf.  Ghoul activates and charges Allisa with a claw and HITS (-1 hp).  Allisa is immobilized.
Draws a treasure item Lucky Charm.
Rat Swarm moves northward towards the heroes.
The Ghoul bites Allisa (-3 hp).

Thorgrim invokes his Healing Word (+4 hp).
Races SE adjacent to Allisa and the Ghoul.  His Healing Strike misses the Ghoul.
Encounter event: Corner of Your Eye.  A Wolf charges Thorgrim.
Skeleton moves westward into the Fetid Den towards the Heroes.
Wolf moves adjacent to both heroes and misses Thorgrim with its pounce.

Allisa, with her Twin Shot, DEFEATS the Ghoul.  Rolling a “20”, she DEFEATS the Wolf!

+ 2 HP, +1 AC
New daily power: Split the Tree

She is no longer immobilized.
Encounter event: Ghost of Prince Aurel.  She sacrifices Unbalancing Parry.
Rat Swarm moves east to the tile shared by both heroes.  Hits both Allisa (-1 hp) and Thorgrim (-1 hp).

Thorgrim DEFEATS the Rat Swarm with a Healing Strike aiding Allisa (+1 hp).
Draws a treasure fortune Distant Sounds.   Rearranges the top three monsters (Ghoul, Spider, Wraith)
Moves eastward exploring a Crypt Corner (11-15).
Draws a Ghoul.
Encounter event: Voice of the Master.  Allisa places a monster, a Spider, to the west-most tile.  Thorgim activates the Skeleton which moves one tile southward.
Skeleton moves east adjacent to Allisa, slicing her (-2 hp).
Ghoul moves adjacent to Thorgrim but misses with his bite, rolling a “1”.

— 5 —
Allisa, with her Twin Shot, DEFEATS the Skeleton, rolling a “20”.
Gains a treasure fortune Clear the Air.  It is wasted and discarded.
But she rolls “1” attacking the Ghoul.  Spending her Lucky Charm, she rolls again but misses.  Moves eastward, looks to the south.
Explores a hallway.
Draws the Wraith.
Encounter event: Neglected Passage.  A new tile is placed to the southwest corner of the Start Tile.  It is a hallway tile occupied by a Wolf.
The Spider moves two tiles east towards the heroes.
The Wraith moves adjacent  (but does not share a tile) to Allisa.   The Wraith STRIKES DOWN Allisa!

Thorgrim runs to the edge of the the Crypt Corner (11-15) walls.  Using his Lance of Faith he DEFEATS the Wraith.  Her death shriek goes unheard.
Gains a treasure item Lucky Charm.
Encounter event: Secret door.  A new tile is placed to the immediate south of Thorgiim.  A new open dungeon tile, a Rat Swarm is found there.
The Ghoul jumps into the corner next to Thorgrim and misses with its claw.
The Rat Swarm moves north one tile closer.

— 6 —
Allisa spends the first HEALING SURGE and stands up with 5 hp.
With the Twin Shot, she DEFEATS the Ghoul.
She gains treasure blessing Guided Strikes.
She DEFEATS the Rat Swarm.
Allisa moves south two tiles.   From the middle of the tile she looks west.
Explores a Dark Fountain.
Draws a Ghoul.
Spider moves two tiles near Thorgrim.
Wolf moves two tiles closer to the heroes.
Ghoul moves adjacent to Allisa, missing with its claw.

Thorgrim DEFEATS the spider.
Gains treasure fortune Burst of Speed. and immediately runs south.   He moves to the southern edge of the Dark Fountain.
Explores a junction tile to passages west and south.
Draws a Skeleton.
The Skeleton races next to Thorgrim and hits him (-2 hp).

— 7 —
Allisa DEFEATS the Ghoul with a Hit and Run.
Gains treasure fortune Daze.  The card goes to the top of the Monster stack.  She discards Guided Strikes.
Exploring south reveals the Arcane Circle!
Gravestorm appears in his circle.
The laboratory is located seven tiles away to the southeast corner of the Start Tile.
Event attack: Ambush!  A net drops on Allisa and she is slowed.
Villain: Gravestorm misses biting Allisa.
Wolf moves two tiles east towards the heroes.

Thorgrim attacks but misses the Skeleton.  He uses his lucky charm t re-roll but misses again!  Taking the chance the laboratory is near, he moves westward.
Explores a Workshop and sees a passage to the laboratory!
The Daze card keeps a monster away.
Villain: Gravestorm misses Allisa again with its bite!
The Skeleton charges Thorgrim with a slice as he uses his Shield of Faith aiding him and Allisa with a -2 AC bonus.

— 8 —
Allisa uses her Bounding Attack and strikes Gravestorm for -3 hp, who has 17 hp left.  She is no longer slowed.
Encounter event-attack: Hands of the Dead.  The heroes spend 5 XP to cancel it.
Villain: Gravestorm misses with its Bite!
Wolf moves east then south for a total of two tiles closer t Allisa.

Thorgrim moves to the laboratory table and destroys Gravestorm’s Phylactery.  It inflicts -10 hp on Gravestorm, who has 7 hp left.
Encounter event: Treasure Chest.  Thorgrim takes -1 hp of damage and gains treasure blessing Heroic Stand.  He has 1 hp left.
Villain: Gravestorm bites Allisa (-2 hp) who flies backwards one tile.
Wolf pounces Allisa but misses.

— 9 —
Allisa, with her Twin Shot, DEFEATS the Wolf.
Gains a treasure blessing Rejuvenating Onslaught
She misses Gravestorm.
She moves east to explore a hallway.
Draws a Kolbold Skirmisher
Encounter event: Illusion Trick.  Allisa swaps positions with the Skeleton.
Villain: Gravestorm moves one tile closer to Aliss and attacks her with a burst of lightning (-1 hp).
Kobold Skirmisher moves one tile closer to Allisa.

Thorgrim moves south to the Workshop and invokes his Flame Strike against the tile with  Gravestorm (-3 hp), a Skeleton (DEFEATED with a “20”) , and the Kobold (DEFEATED).
Gravestorm has 4 hp remaining.

+2 HP, +1 AC
New daily power: Hallowed Advance

Gains a treasure item Glyph of Warding.
His Heroic Stand is exhausted.
Encounter event: Mists of Terror.   Both heroes escape unharmed.
Villain: Gravestorm STRIKES DOWN Allisa (-2 hp) with a bite dragging her to the dracolich’s feet.


Victory or death. The adventure comes down to one, final roll!

— 10 —
Allisa spends the second HEALING SURGE and stands up with 5 hp.
With a Hit and Run, she inflicts -2 hp damage.  Gravestorm has 2 hp left.   The Rejuvenating Onslaught blessing, she regains +1 hp.
Encounter event-attack: Circle of Death.   The heroes spend 5 XP cancelling it.
Gravestorm bites Allisa (-2 hp) keeping her near his feet.

Thorgrim moves to the same tile as Allisa with his Lance of Faith.  He knows a successful hit will strike Gravestorm down!   Otherwise the entire party is at mercy of the dracolich’s breath.  The adventure comes down to one, final roll.

The powers of his lance DEFEATS Gravestorm!  The heroes win!


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