Dungeons and Dragons: Bulette

The Bulette (or Landshark)

From Dungeons and Dragons: Monster Manual I, the Bulette was a magical hybrid born from a mad wizard’s dream.  As a DM, I rarely used the landshark.  It was a novelty creature making rare appearances.   Calling a break to the action while a dorsal fin sticks out the earth like a B-movie just wasn’t in my script.

“… cross breeding of a snapping turtle and armadillo with infusions of demons’ ichor … feeding on horses, men, and most other flesh,”

But the Bulette did make appearances in low-level adventures.   It struck fear in characters otherwise cocky.  It reminded them the world was a dangerous place.  And unfair.

Important facts: The Bulette had three attacks per turn, including a devastating 4-48!

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