Imperial Assault: Desperate Hour (11.7.18)

The final mission of the campaign,
and our rebel heroes are down to their desperate hour.  Thanks to rebel spies, General Weiss secret weapon has been discovered.  The Rebel fleet is poised to jump into their system and launch a full-scale attack.  This is a forced mission and final mission from Star Wars: Imperial Assault.

Mistakes and omissions will happen.

Mission briefing

The heroes have punched through Weiss’s facility with little resistance.  They have to make it through the hangar bay doors and confront the legendary General Weiss and everything he can throw at them!

Mission journal (detailed) 

Gaarkhan goes into a Charge and races in the middle of the 3 Stormtroopers.  With help of Cleave, he defeats one trooper, the other two suffers 1 damage.  The Royal Guards activate, one rushes adjacent to Fenn but reaches for Jyn to attack.  Jyn avoids the attack!  The other guard moves to confront the heroes and reaches to attack Fenn.  Fenn suffers 1 and is Stunned.   Fenn shakes off this Stun and fires at a Royal Guard.  He inflicts 8 damage.  The Royal Guard’s assault armor saves it.  The two Stormtroopers each attach Gaarkhan who suffers 8 damage.  Jyn moves between the two Royal Guards in hopes hand-to-hand combat will inflict damage to both.  Using her Vibroblade, one unharmed Royal Guard suffers 3 damage.  Mak fires on both Royal Guards and defeats them both!  The Imperials deploy an Elite Probe Droid.

Gaarkhan rests and Charges again.  He defeats one Stormtrooper and inflicts 2 damage on another.  The Probe Droid moves to block the doorway.  Jyn uses Quick Draw to inflict 3 damage.  The Probe Droid attacks Jyn, inflicting 6 damage.  Fenn uses Havoc Shot on the Probe Droid, and defeats it.  With Intimidation, the Probe Droid’s cost is now 7.  He moves adjacent to the Hangar Door.  The lone Stormtrooper attacks Gaarkhan inflicting 4 damage.  Jyn attacks the door, twice.  She inflicts 3 damage out of the 6 she needs.  Mak moves closer to a hangar door and blasts it open.   General Weiss is deployed and activates.  General Weiss wants to attack Mak.  Mak employs “Decoy”, attacks and inflicts 3 damage. The Imperials do not deploy reserves this round.

Gaarkhan attacks the Stormtrooper and defeats him.  He goes into his Charge and attacks General Weiss.   He inflicts 2 damage.  General Weiss attacks Gaarkhan.  Gaarkhan suffers 9 damage and is wounded.  Mak, in a blast, suffers 3.  Mak attacks Weiss with “Overcharger” twice and inflicts 5 damage.  Jyn moves adjacent to Weiss and attacks.  She inflicts no damage.  Fenn tries to blast through his door but is only able to inflict 5 of the 6 damage required to open it.  The Imperials do not deploy reserves this round.

Gaarkhan attacks twice General Weiss twice inflicting 3 damage.  General Weiss attacks Mak and inflicts 7 damage.  Fenn blasts the hangar door in front of him open.  He attacks General Weiss and inflicts 1 damage.  Weiss is down to 1 health left.  Mak fires on Weiss and inflicts 1 and final health.   An ally AT-ST arrives in the hangar.  However, Imperial Royal Guards, Stormtroopers, and a Elite Imperial Officer are deployed.  The Stormtroopers activate.  One attacks Mak, inflicts 3 damage.  Mak is wounded.  Another attacks Jyn, inflicting 1 damage.  The third attacks Jyn, inflicting 1 damage. Jyn moves towards the Royal Guards and inflicts 1 damage.  The ally AT-AT attacks the Stormtroopers and defeats them all!  The Imperial Officer suffers 2 blast damage.  The Royal Guards both attack Fenn.  Fenn suffers 5 and is stunned.  The Imperial Officer moves towards the Royal Guards and fires on Mak, inflicting 2 damage and the Officer is Focused.  The Imperials deploy IG-88.

Jyn races to the edge (but not in) the clearing.  The ally AT-AT activates and attacks a Royal Guard.  The Royal Guard suffers 7 damage.  Due to blast, the second Royal Guard and IG-88, both suffer 2.  IG-88 runs up to the AT-AT and inflicts 7 damage.   Gaarkhan rests, recovering 4 strain.  He Charges IG-88 and inflicts 6 damage.  The ally AT-AT attacks Royal Guard again.   One suffers 4, the other 2 from a blast.  The Royal Guards separate but attack Fenn.  With Take Cover, Fenn suffers only 2 damage.  Fenn, recovers from Stun and attacks a Royal Guard inflicting 4 damage.  The Royal Guards’ Assault Armor is effective protecting them.  The ally AT-AT moves down the hallway towards the clearing.  The Elite Imperial Officer moves adjacent to Mak and attacks him.  Mak evades the attack!  Mak runs adjacent to IG-88 and defeats it!  The ally AT-AT continues towards the clearing.  The Imperials deploy and Elite Nexu.

Gaarkhan uses Charge to attack the Nexu.  The Nexu suffers 6 damage.  Each Royal Guard suffers 2 and are defeated. Gaarkhan uses his second activation to attack the Nexu again.    The Nexu is defeated.  The ally AT-AT continues down the hall.   The Royal Officer chases down Fenn to attack him. Fenn suffers 1 damage.   Fenn moves towards the clearing.  The ally AT-AT edges closer and pushes Jyn into the clearing.  General Weiss, an Elite E-Web Engineer, and an Elite Trandoshan Hunter are deployed.  All doors close.   The E-Web Engineer attacks Jyn and she is wounded.  He attacks Jyn again,inflicting 5 more damage.   General Weiss activates.  He inflicts 3 damage on the ally AT-AT.  Another 3 from blast damage inflicts Fenn.  Fenn is terrible close to being injured.  Mak runs to a door shut on him.  He fires on the door only causing two damage.  The ally AT-AT fires on the E-Web engineer causing only 4 damage.  The Trandoshan Hunter moves adjacent to Jyn and attacks.  Jyn suffers 5 damage and 1 strain.  Weiss attacks the ally AT-AT but was ineffective.   Jyn fires on the Trandoshan Hunter, inflicting 7 damage.  The ally AT-AT fires on the E-Web engineer again, and defeats it.  The Imperials deploy another Elite E-Web Engineer and an Elite Probe Droid.

Jyn runs adjacent to and attacks General Weiss in a last ditch effort.  She inflicts 2 damage.  The ally AT-AT fires on Weiss, inflicting 3 damage.  The Trandoshan Hunter moves to attack Fenn.  It inflicts only 1 damage after Fenn uses Take Cover.  Fenn has 1 health remaining.  General Weiss wounds Fenn.  The rebels are defeated.

The campaign is over.

Comments about strategy and the campaign

The rebels were too under powered to stand up to the unrelenting Imperial reinforcements.  Jyn and Mak were especially ill-equipped.  When Gaarkhan and Mak were trapped behind doors, it was a hopeless endeavor.  The mission requires the rebels to quickly pacify the Imperials while rushing to the clearing before the doors close and lock.

Previous mission: The Source




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