Imperial Assault: The Source (10.18.18)

Four rebel heroes,
and one captured imperial officer lock themselves in a junk shop.  It’s a mission to reveal secrets but the heroes must make it past Royal Guards.  It’s going to be a bloody mess in “The Source”.  This is a forced mission from Star Wars: Imperial Assault.

Mistakes and omissions will happen.

Mission briefing

The rebels have infiltrated a manufacturing plant in General Weiss’s supply chain.  Having apprehended an Elite Imperial Officer, they attempt to coerce him into securing a terminal and steal Imperial schematics.  However, the Imperials have vicious Nexu and Royal Guards waiting for them on the other side of the door.

Mission journal (detailed) 

Gaarkhan is the first to activate.  He makes the Imperial Officer open the door and rushes in a Rampage. His extra speed allows him to reach adjacent to a Nexu and both Royal Guards.  The Nexu takes 5 damage.  Each Royal Guard suffers 2.  A Nexu attacks Gaarkhan, who is inflicted with 3 damage and bleeding.  (Gaarkhan becomes focused)  Jyn moves the captured Imperial Officer four spaces towards the next door.  The Royal Guards attack.  The first reaches for Jyn.  Jyn’s Quickdraw inflicts 2 damage.  Jyn takes 2 damage. The second Royal Guard inflicts 1 damage to Gaarkhan. Fenn rushes out, attacking a Nexu.  He inflicts 4 damage.  The Elite Nexu pounces to the center of the room causing a mess for the heroes.  It attacks Jyn but she avoids injury.   Mak runs to adjacent to the Imperial Officer, interacts and takes him to the door.  Opportune Moment: The Officer orders a Royal Guard to attack Mak.  Mak avoids the attack!  The Imperials deploy a dangerous Probe Droid.

Mak activates first and directs the Imperial Officer to open the door to the Inspection Station and goes through them.  The Probe Droid is a hazard.  With the door opening, “Awaiting Departure” comes into play.   An Imperial Officer and Stormtrooopers are deployed to the Incinerator Room.  The Droid moves down the hall in front of and attacks Mak.  It inflicts 7 damage.  Gaarkhan goes into a Charge and charges the Probe Droid causing 4 damage.  He interacts with the Imperial Officer and move two spaces down the hall.  The new Stormtroopers make a run to Gaarkhan and try to block the hallway.  The first Stormtrooper inflicts 3 damage.  The second Stormtrooper attacks Gaarkhan and inflicts 2 damage.  The third Stormtrooper inflicts no damage.  Jyn moves out through the junkyard into the hallway adjacent to the Probe Droid.  She decides to heal and restore full health and stress.  An Imperial Officer steps up in front of his troops and opens fire on Gaarkhan.  He inflicts 1 damage and the officer is focused.  Fenn is alone in the junk yard.  He runs into the middle and opens fire on a Royal Guard with Havoc.  Assault Armor spares the Royal Guard from defeat.  An Nexu is defeated (Intimidation is applied).  The Royal Guards activate.  One attacks Fenn.  He takes 2 damage and is Stunned.  The second Royal Guard attacks Mak but Mak dodges the attack.  The Elite Nexu attacks Fenn and inflicts 2 damage.  Opportune Moment: The Officer instructs Probe Droid to attack Gaarkhan.  Inflicts 3 damage.

Gaarkhan fires his DL-44 against the Imperial Officer in front of him, inflicting 3 damage.  He spins to the Probe Droid, attacks it and defeats it.  The Imperial Officer opens fire on Gaarkhan.   Gaarkhan is wounded!  The Officer steps behind his Stormtroopers, giving them room to fire.  Jyn activtes and pushes her captured Officer ahead into the hallway.  She opens fire on the Stormtrooper in front of her, inflicting 2 damage.  A Royal Guard moves behind Mak, using its reach to attack him.  Mak dodges the attack.  The second Royal Guard comes after Mak as well.  Mak suffers 3 and is Stunned.   Fenn tries to pick off one of the Royal Guards near defeat.  He defeats it.  Fenn turns and aims at the Nexu in front of him.  The Elite Nexu is down.   The Stormtroopers and crowded in the hallway, having trouble making line of sight.  One Stormtrooper attempts to fire but Jyn’s Quick Draw defeats him.  Jyn’s Opportunist, moves her one square down the hall.  With the fallen Stormtrooper, the other two have line of sight on Jyn.  Both inflict 6 damage.  Mak declares Ambush and Target Acquired.  At a distance of 6 squares, he attempts to defeat the Stormtrooper standing in front of Jyn.  He is also Focused.  Mak defeats the Stormtrooper!  Mak’s second activation attacks the remaining Royal Guard.  He inflicts 2 damage.  The Imperials deploy an Imperial Officer.   Opportune Moment: The Officer retreats one space in resisting his captures.

Jyn is the first to activate.  She interacts with the captured Officer twice, escorting him down the hallway near the door.  An Imperial Officer opens fire on Jyn, inflicting 4 damage.  Her combat coat saves her from being seriously wounded.  Gaarkhan moves and attacks the Stormtrooper down the hall.  The Stormtrooper manages to escape injury.  A Royal Guard moves towards Gaarkhan and attacks, inflicting 4 damage and stuns.  Fenn recovers from his Stun and opens a crate and finds Stun Grenades. An Imperial Officer wants to open fire, but Jyn does a Quick Draw and defeats him.  Mak moves down the hall and takes aim on the Stormtrooper.  He inflicts only 1 damage.  The Stormtrooper fires on Gaarkhan who suffers 1 damage.  The Imperials deploy IG-88!  Opportune Moment: Stormtrooper takes a shot at Jyn.  Jyn is wounded!

Jyn forces the captured Imperial Officer to the Security Station door and to open it.  The IG-88 is waiting for her on the other side.  An Imperial Officer and Elite Stormtroopers are deployed.  The IG-88 attacks Jyn twice, inflicting 4 damage (including Relentless).  Stunned, Gaarkhan can only attack a Stormtrooper. Infliciting 2 damage, he defeats it.  A Royal Guard moves adjacent to Jyn and Gaarkhan.  It decides to attack Jyn.  Jyn dodges the attack!  Mak races to Jyn’s rescue and he opens fire on the IG-88.  With Overcharger, Mak inflicts 6 damage.  The Elite Stormtroopers maneuver to block entrances to the console.  Fenn runs to join his team.  The Imperial Officer moves close to his Stormtroopers.  The Imperials deploy an Elite Probe Droid.  Opportune Moment: The Imperial Officer moves away one space.

Gaarkhan recovers 3 strain, but spends 2 to Charge the IG-88.  He defeats it!  The Elite Stormtroopers open fire on Gaarkhan.  They inflict 5 damage total.  Fenn takes two shots at the Royal Guard and defeats it. The Probe Droid moves up and defeats Gaarkhan.  Running out of time, Jyn races her officer down the hall into the room of Imperials.  An Imperial Officer fires on Jyn, misses, but gains focus.  Mak races in dangerously adjacent to the Probe Droid and the captured Officer.  He fires on the Droid for only 1 damage.  The Imperials deploy another squad of Stormtroopers.  Opportune Moment: The Imperial Officer moves one space.

Due to Opportune Moment, the captured officer will not make it to the console before the end of round 8.  The rebels concede the mission to the Imperials.

End of mission log

Mission card  “Desperate Hour” comes into play.  The Imperials get 1 XP.  Each player recieves 1 XP.  Heroes each earn 100 credits plus 50 for a crate.

Comments about strategy

The heroes had too many enemies to overcome.  The final deployment of another squad of Stormtroopers was over the top putting a wall of soldiers between the rebels and the console.  The rebels need to be overpowering, taking on the Imperials with three reserving the fourth to continuing escort their captured officer through the corridors.  The heroes need to move and defeat their opponents quickly and not be mired down in a firefight.  That didn’t happen here.

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Next Mission: Desperate Hour

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