Imperial Assault: Drawn In (9.8.18)

“Star Destroyer! They’ve got us in a tractor beam!”
Drawn In kicks off with the rebel heroes intercepted on their way to the engineering facility with stolen schematics.  Making their way to the main deck, the rebels are surrounded by many Stormtroopers.  This is where the fun begins!

Mission briefing

The rebels must disable 4 power stations and make it back to the entrance and depart.  The mission has no round limitation.

Mission journal (detailed)

Errors and omissions will happen.

Gaarkhan goes on a rage defeating one Stormtrooper and nearly incapacitating another.  But a trooper E-Web Enginner about cuts Gaarkhan in half.  Fenn runs ahead, stepping in front of Gaarkhan and attempts a havoc shot on the E-Web Engineer.  He inflicts heavy damage, but the Imperial is attached with Assault Armor and clings to life with 1 health.  The Imperial Officer uses an Executive Order to have the E-Web Engineer fire on Fenn, inflicting minor damage.  The Officer misses with its blaster.  Mak takes his blaster, hitting the two Stormtroopers closest to him.  One is defeated.  Stormtroopers nick Mak but miss Gaarkhan.  Jyn races to her nearest door, turns, fires, but misses the trooper.  As one Stormtrooper squad retaliated, Jyn’s Quick Draw and defeats him.  Mak is shot in the back, taking minor damage.  In their “Subdue” efforts, a Stormtrooper uses Riot Grenades and stresses Gaarkhan.  Mak takes minor damage.  The Imperials deploy a Probe Droid.

The rebels realize they have a problem with the E-Web Engineer.  Fenn races towards him and adjacent to a console.   He decides to inflict Havok on it.   The E-Web Engineer is defeated and the Elite Imperial Officer is nearly finished.  A Stormtrooper squad wounds Gaarkhan, now he is even more dangerous!  But Gaarkhan chooses to step to a near door and successfully opens it.  Mak takes heavy damage from a Stormtrooper.  Mak races to Jyn’s door but fails to open it!  The Elite Imperial Officer fires at Fenn but misses.  Jyn opens her door and races inside.  She does her best to stay adjacent to the station while keeping her distance from the dangerous Probe Droid.  The last to activate, the Probe Droid moves to attack Mak.  Mak is hit and is wounded.  In their “Subdue” efforts, Gaarkhan’s door is closed on him.  The Imperials deploy an Elite Probe Droid with Assault Armor.

Wounded, Gaarkan runs away from the door to the south.  Standing adjacent to the supply crate, he decides to charge the Elite Probe Droid! He severely damages the droid (leaving it with 1 health) and defeated the weakened Officer.  The droid returns fire and heavily damages the Wookie.   Mak moves to Jyn and fires on the other Probe Droid, causing moderate damage.  Two Stormtroopers race to track down Fenn.  They both fire and miss!  Fenn heals before firing a Havoc Shot on one of the Stormtroopers and defeats them both.  The regular probe droid fires on Mak and causes serious damage.  Jyn takes two shots at a power station and disables it.   The last Stormtrooper races down the corridor in an attempt to engage the rebels.  In their “Subdue” efforts, the Imperials do nothing.  The Empire deploys Elite Stormtroopers.

Gaarkhan chooses to heal but recovers mostly strain.  He attacks and defeats the Elite Probe Droid and wounds another Stormtrooper with a Cleave.  However, the Elite Stormtroopers all open fire on Gaarkhan and incapacitates him.  Fenn defeats the last of the standard Stormtroopers and takes a fire at a power station adjacent to him, inflicting 4 damage.  The standard Probe Droid falls for Mak’s Decoy, misses, and is destroyed.  Jyn is able to open a door and rush in before it closes behind her.  Mak steps towards the Elite Stormtroopers and decides to rest and recover.  In their “Subdue” efforts, the Imperials close a door behind Jyn.  No reinforcements arrive as the Imperials are up to something.

Mak opens fire and defeats one Elite Stormtrooper.  The Elite squad, the last standing on the map, aim for Fenn and Mak.  Mak dodges fire.  Fenn takes three damage.  Jyn runs to Fenn’s side and fires on the power station and destroys it.  With the second destroyed station, a Royal Guard Champion is deployed.  He appears at Mak’s side!  The Royal Guard Champion attacks Mak, seriously damaging him.  Gaarkhan can only retreat to the entrance.  Meanwhile, Fenn moves back to the nearest power station and inflicts 5 damage.  In the “Subdue” efforts, the Imperials do nothing.  They do deploy a Royal Guard squad, with Assault Armor.

Fenn takes out a Royal Guard with help of Havoc.  The Royal Guard Champion rushes to position himself between Fenn and Jyn.  The Champion greatly wounds Jyn and strikes Fenn with minor damage.  Jyn races adjacent to a power station and inflicts 4 damage.  The Royal Guard moves to intercept Jyn, but is slightly injured when she uses her Quick Draw.  The Royal Guard injures Jyn and she is Wounded.  Bleeding, Mak must recover before running out of the room.  He must make it to the fourth console.  One of the Stormtroopers chase Mak and fires.  Mak is injured.  The second Stormtrooper runs towards and fires on Fenn, striking him for moderate damage.  Gaarkhan, helpless, steps towards the entrance.  The Imperials deploy an elite Probe Droid.  In the “Subdue” efforts, Stormtroopers attack Fenn and Mak.  Fenn takes minor damage but is close to injury.  Mak takes minor damage.

Mak runs away from the newly deployed Probe Droid and races adjacent to Gaarkhan.  But what he is after the is the door hiding the fourth power console.  The Royal Guard Champion pivots between Jyn and Fenn.  He goes through his brutality.  He inflicts 5 damage on Jyn and injures Fenn.  All heroes are injured or incapacitated.   Fenn inflicts a mere 6 damage on the Champion.  The Royal Guard hits Jyn and is nearly incapacitated.  Jyn has to focus on the power console.  It takes two attacks to disable it.   The third console of three is destroyed.  The lone Stormtrooper runs up the hall and aims at Mak.  Mak is hit and wounded.  Gaarkhan retreats to the entrance and it is there he will stay.  The Probe Droid moves to Fenn.  Fenn, who exhausts Take Cover, suffers only 1 damage.  The Imperials use “Subdue” to recover health for the Royal Guard and the Royal Guard Champion.  The Imperials deploy a Stormtrooper squad.

Mak runs to the door hiding the fourth power console.  He interacts and opens the door but doesn’t have the time to run through.  The new Stormtrooper squad is activated and one rushes into the center hall and attacks Mak.  It inflicts 3 damage.   Mak is weakened.  Another Stormtrooper races into the flight deck and fires at Mak from a far distance.  He misses.  The third Stormtrooper races into the flight deck and fires on Mak.  The Stormtrooper hits and incapacitates Mak!  The battle comes down to Jyn and Fenn.  Jyn takes a gamble and opens the crate adjacent to her.  She draws a C1 Comlink.  Jyn decides to heal and recover three Strain.  The Royal Guard Champion  attacks both Jyn and Fenn.  But Jyn uses Quick Draw, but only inflicts 2 damage.  Jyn avoids the attack.  Fenn suffers 7 damage.   Fenn rushes towards the center hall in hopes to make it to the fourth power console.  A Stormtrooper, aims at Fenn standing in front of him.  He inflicts 2 damage.  The other Stormtrooper in the squad rushes in but spends all of his actions on moving.  The Probe Droid moves and targets Fenn.  Even with Take Cover, Fenn is incapacitated.  The Royal Guard attacks Jyn and misses.

Jyn is surrounded.  A massive corps of Imperials stand between she and the fourth power console far, far away.  The heroes concede this battle.

End of Mission Log

Each hero receives 1 XP and “The Source” becomes a forced mission.  Each hero receives 100 credits plus 50 for the crate.  The Imperials receive 2 XP and 2 Influence.

Comments about strategy

On paper, the session looked close as the rebel heroes took three of four power consoles.  However, the mission’s outcome was in little doubt when the third power console was destroyed.  The rebels had exhausted all their options and sacrificed too much.  Gaarkhan’s early departure put the heroes at a severe disadvantage when the Royal Guard Champion arrived.  Deployments of the vicious E-Web Engineer, the versatile Probe Droids, and the numerous Stormtroopers overwhelmed the heroes.  The session rules, increased threats to 8 per round, gave the Imperials the advantage.

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Next mission: The Source












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