Imperial Assault: Celebration (7.19.18)

Celebrate Life Day
on Kashyyyk! Chewbacca is hosting festivities on his home world with other Wookies of the Rebellion.  However, the Imperials are no fan of Life Day or the rebellion.  After spiking the punch bowl, the happy Wookies begin to pass out.  The Empire has raided the party and Life Day becomes a bloodbath.

Mission briefing

The party comes to an end after hearing the rumble of the Imperial shuttle landing in the forest.  Stormtroopers rush out and round up the unconscious Wookies.

Mission journal

Starting off rough for the rebels, two squads of Stormtroopers, an upgraded Officer, and a Nexu.  With Chewbacca, his bowcaster melts his opponents.  The heroes, take a few nicks but are able to defeat one Imperial unit after another.  But the Imperials call out an E-Web Engineer that seriously wounds Jyn.  But her friends waste no time and focus their fire on the unit to pacify it.  The Imperials play their agenda, Imperial Informants, to accelerate the deployment of IG-88, the assassin Droid.  Having been a formidable opponent, the Empire puts their hopes on it to change the tide of the conflict.  However, even with assault armor, Gaarkhan and Jyn defeat IG-88 painfully quick.  The Imperials, down to their final round with only a squad of Stormtroopers and a Nexu, see no chance of meeting their quota.   They retreat and concede the mission.

End of mission log

With a rebel victory, Fenn is given the reward “Intimidation”.  Each player receives 1 XP.  Each hero receives 100 credits plus 50 for a crate (450 total).  The Imperials receive 1 influence.  The heroes decide to purchase nothing.  Fenn picks up Trench Fighter.  Gaarkhan picks up Unstoppable.  Mak picks up Decoy.

Comments about strategy

Drawn into a firefight that ended badly, the Imperials didn’t fan out and played the objective.  Imperial forces were defeated easily thanks to the mighty Chewbacca.  Employing the deadly, but ineffective, IG-88, the Empire invested too much on the bounty hunter where they needed numbers.  Other than the brief, deadly appearance of the E-Web Engineer, the Imperials were outmatched from beginning to end.

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