Imperial Assault: Infection (7.2.18)

The rebel heroes are forced to sabotage an Imperial data system in a classified data center.  Failure means the Empire enlists a powerful Royal Guard Champion.  Will they be able to upload the virus in time before a dark villain appears?

Warning! Possible spoilers.

Mission Briefing

Imperial data centers are valuable often providing tot he high priority targets for Rebel Alliance attacks.  The Imperials were wise to protect the facility.  The rebels must disable the data center by uploading a virus.  The consequences of failure is severe!

Mission Journal

Jumping off a shuttle, the rebels are immediately spotted by stormtroopers.  In a firefight, they fend them off including a squad of elite stormtroopers.  Jyn races down the hall and opens the first door.  A Probe Droid appears.  But Jyn is unstoppable receiving help from Fenn when the Royal Guard Champion appears.  Fenn’s havoc blast comes to aid fending off the the dangerous champion.  When the third door opens and the computer console in sight, two Royal Guards appear.  Jyn tries to avoid getting into battle and decides to upload the virus.  But the Imperials play their agendas; As You Wish and A Dark Power.  Darth Vader comes into play!  With a single attack, seriously injures Jyn.  Jyn who cannot upload the virus on her first try has one more chance before Vader and his guards attack her again.  With one last chance during the beginning of the fifth round, she successfully uploads the virus.  The rebels win!

End of Mission Log

Each hero receives 200 credits plus 50 for a crate (total of 850). Each player receives 1 XP and the Imperials receive 1 influence.  Both the rebels and Imperials decline to upgrade spending experience points.  The rebels purchase an A280 Blaster Rifle (600 credits) an Overcharger modification (300 credits).  The Imperials acquire a secret Agenda card.

Comments about strategy

The key to the rebel victory was speed.  Play the objective is the winning strategy and not brutal firefights with the likes of Royal Guards.  In an effort to secure the Royal Guard Champion as part of their collection, the Imperials play big Agenda cards and enlist Darth Vader.  But his one, single attack, as brutal as it was, was too late.  The rebels sent their most technical and quickest hero and it paid off.

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