Imperial Assault: Imperial Hospitality (6.13.18)

It’s a rescue mission!
The rebel heroes are sent to rescue an important operative from a facility near Thyferra before he is transferred to Coruscant.  But our heroes will come up with the most challenging of Imperial forces.

Warning! Possible spoilers.

Mission Briefing

The heroes must break into a facility, fend off Imperial forces while trying to rescue the prisoner.  But the Imperials will be sending a warning beacon and the terminal that controls it should be destroyed.  The Imperial reinforcements won’t let their prisoner go easily.  The heroes must help him escape!

Mission Journal

The heroes managed to break in and dispose of the Imperial Probe Droids.  The battle hardened Royal Guards pose a challenge but rebels manage to make it up the hallway and rush towards the data center.  Stormtroopers arrive and pin down Gaarkhan and Jyn.  Gaarkhan and Jyn manages to break open the door to the Data Center and two Trandoshan Hunters wait for them on the inside.  They rip up Gaarkhan and injure him.  With moments left before the Imperial transmission is received, Gaarkhan and Jyn were unable to cut off the signals.  All the doors open and Mak runs to escort the prisoner out of his cell.  But the assassin droid IG-88 appears! Escorted by one of two arriving Probe Droids, he follows the prisoner limping away and shoots.  The prisoner is nearly dead with a single health point remaining.  Jyn and Mak open deadly fire and strike down the droid.  The prisoner makes it down the hall and can see daylight!  But a Probe Droid makes it slow approach and aims at the prisoner far away.  It fires and strikes him down!

End of Mission Log

The heroes get 450 credits and 1 XP each.  The Imperials get 2 XP and 2 Influence. Jyn upgrades with Get Cocky (3 XP).  The rebels purchase Vibro Knucklers (400). The Imperials upgrade to Shock and Awe.  The Empire purchases a secret Agenda.

Comments about strategy

The session came down to a choice of reserves.  The Imperials chose to save up Threat points to hire the big gun, IG-88 Assassin Droid.  Making a statement, Imperials escorted him with two Probe Droids.  The Rebels made a choice to rush for the exit instead of escorting him side-by-side.  One lucky shot from far distance, steps away from the exit and victory but the session to an abrupt end.  A defeat for the rebels.

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Next Mission: Infection

So close!


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