Imperial Assault: Dark Obsession (6.9.2018)

Dark Vader has a deep interest in the actions of Luke Skywalker.  He has found an opportunity to capture Obi-Wans’s pupil once and for all.  But Skywalker is not alone.  He has four heroes of the rebellion with him.  Together, they plan a secret sabotage mission if only they can escape the clutches of the Dark Sith.

Warning! Possible spoilers.

Mission Briefing

The heroes go on a sabotage mission in an Imperial stronghold.  What seems like an operation of stealth quickly turns into a firefight.  The rebels must hold the facility long enough for Luke Skywalker to set off the explosives.  But Darth Vader is here escorted by his elite Stormtroopers.  This will be close!

Mission Journal

It’s a battle over choke points as Vader and Stormtroopers begin to push the heroes back to the hallway.  Supported by an elite Imperial Officer and a Probe Droid, they get picked off by long range attacks by Maz and Fenn.  Recent upgrades have toughened the rebels as another wave of Stormtroopers slowly manage their way into the facility.  With the late reinforcements of elite Royal Guards, the Imperials begin to injure the heroes.  Darth Vader’s light saber wounds Maz who retreats to the hall.  Gaarkhan rages forward, boosted by his Rampage upgrade. While he makes a commotion, he is next to become injured.  Fenn, with Rebel Elite upgrade, is stubborn to pin down.  Eventually, he too is injured by the Royal Guards.  With a late surge by Stormtroopers, one manages to blast the door open.  Darth Vader steps past the injured heroes and races to Luke before he’s out of time.  Jyn, aided by her Combat Coat, manages to avoid injury by 1 point.  By the end of round 6, Darth Vader was 1 space away from Skywalker.

So close!

End of Mission Log

Fenn upgrades with Take Cover (1 XP). Mak upgrades to Target Acquired (2 XP).  The rebels purchase Balanced Hilt (300 credits), a Vibroblade (300 credits), and a DH-17 Blaster (200 credits).  The Empire plays agenda Infection.  Not resolving Binary Revolution as a side mission rewarded the Imperials with IG-88 Assassin Droid.

Comments about strategy

The terms of an Imperial victory were; wounding all heroes and Vader interacting the with the sabotage site by the end of round 6.  The rebels recent upgrades made it difficult for Imperials to injure them and coincidentally make their way through the facility.  It resulted in Vader one space away from finding Luke Skywalker and one health point away from wounding Jyn, the last hero uninjured.  The session could not have been any closer.


Previous mission: Under Siege

Next mission: Imperial Hospitality

Don’t let anyone tell you it makes little difference to the outcome.

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