Imperial Assault: Under Siege (6.6.2018)

Have you heard of General Weiss?
His name is only whispered with select company.  The heroes are sent on a diversionary mission, part of larger Rebel strategy.  They must hold of wave after wave of Imperials.  Rumors has it that a high level Imperial commander is on his way to deal with the rebels personally.

Warning! Possible spoilers.

Mission Briefing

Command has assigned the heroes to cause a diversion at an Imperial compound.  While another team investigates General Weiss elsewhere, the team’s mission is to draw troops to them.  The more time they can hold off the Imperial presence, the more likely General Weiss’s secrets will be discovered.

Mission Journal

The heroes managed to hold off the first round of Imperials easily.  But the second wave brings Royal Guards and increased threat levels that finance more troops.  The Royal Guards pose a true threat.  They keep stunning the heroes.  Jyn, inflicted most, is unable to use her quick draw ability. By the end of round 3, one of the doors explode and damage Jyn.  The battle comes to a stalemate until the end of round 5 where an AT-ST is deployed to the east.  Gaarkhan who ran out to battle the the enemy hand-to-hand is targeted by it.  Meanwhile, to the north, an E-Web engineer has pinned down Mak Eshka’rey.  With an elite Stormtrooper squad, Fenn and Jyn stay indoors.  But Darth Vader appears and wounds Mak.  Gaarkhan is injured and retreats indoors.  But the Stormtroopers are coming! They run past the heroes and blast through a second door.  Gaarkhan is the first to withdrawal.   Mak is the second victim, falling to Vader’s light sabre.  By the 8th and final round, it is only Fenn and Jyn left.  Both are injured.  With the Imperials capturing 3 tiles, they only need a fourth.  One Stormtrooper races his full movement allowances, and makes it into the final tile.  Jyn, injured cannot protect it.  The Empire wins, narrowly.

End of Mission Log

Fenn picks up Rebel Elite (4 xp). Gaarkhan picks up Rampage (3 xp). The heroes purchase a Combat Coat.  The Imperials acquire Riot Grenades (1 xp).  The Empire purchases Lord Vader’s Command Agenda card Dark Obsession (3 xp).

Comments about strategy

Momentum swings between the rebels and the Imperials throughout the match.  The initial wave of Imperial troops are no match for rebel heroics.  But reinforcements over matched the team through numbers alone.  Having stepped out of the compound too far, Gaarkhan was an early victim.  By the 6th round, it seemed little hope the heroes could outlast the AT-ST, elite Stormtroopers, and Darth Vader.  But as heroes began to fall, time was running out on the Imperials.  Jyn and Fenn ran inside and participated in indoor firefights trying to repel Stormtroopers.  The Stormtroopers begin to run inside in one, final push.  Because both Jyn and Fenn were injured, they could not hold off the compound.  One Stormtrooper manages to set foot inside the fourth tile and manages to secure a narrow victory.

Previous mission: Loose Cannon

Next mission: Dark Obsession


The difference between victory and defeat is one, single space. The Imperials win by exhausting one Stormtrooper to the last tile on round 8.

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