Imperial Assault: Loose Cannon (6.1.2018)

Mak Eshka’rey,
pulls his heroes into a vengeful side mission.  He wants a second chance at a failed mission and convinced his three friends to join him.  Will Mak find redemption? Or will the Empire send him back to the shadows as a failure?

Warning! Possible spoilers.

Mission Briefing

Forever haunted by his greatest failure, Mak’s chance for redemption has arrived. The garrison defending the outpost he failed to sabotage has temporarily departed. This is his perfect opportunity to redeem himself from a failure of his long ago.

Mission Journal

Mak successfully commandeers an AT-ST and begin open fire on the outpost’s fiercest defenders. Unfortunately, they include the Royal Guard Champion and his guards.  An elite Imperial officer makes it a difficult challenge with his efficient battle strategies. While Fenn and Jyn can keep their distances, Gaarkhan rushes in for melee combat but is surrounded by the Empire’s best trained troops.  With a squad of Stroomtroopers racing in, the entire hangar is exploding in blaster fire.  Mak is having problems with the Royal Guard Champions, even with the AT-ST.  They’re dodging fire as ‘Khan is taking serious damages.  The Imperial E-Web Engineer approaches and begins laying ground fire on the AT-ST.  The heroes quickly respond, attempting to pin down the trooper and his heavy weapon, but the Imperial trooper is becoming formidable.  Gaarkhan and Fenn are the first to be injured before Mak is driven out of his AT-ST. When Jyn finally takes out the Royal Guard Champion, Imperial re-reinforcements arrive. Gaarkhan and Fenn are defeated, time runs out, and heroes are in full retreat.

End of Mission Log

Jyn acquires Cheap Shot. Mak acquires Jeswandi Training.  E-11 Blaster Rifle. The Empire purchases to upgrade Assault Armor.  The Empire purchases 2 Agenda cards. Binary Revolution and a secret card.

Comments about strategy

The elite status of Imperial troops were too much for the inexperienced heroes.  The elite officer makes him extremely dangerous.  The heroes must be at the very best and trained before even thinking about treading here, with or without an AT-ST.

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Next mission: Under Siege




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