Temple of Elemental Evil: The heroes

The heroes of The Temple of Elemental Evil
are made of a fighter, cleric, rogue, wizard and a ranger.  After playing 6 adventures, we’re reviewing each of the 5 characters.  They are ranked whether they’re suited for beginners or experts of the D&D realm.

Alaeros, Human Fighter

Who is he? Walking tank who can take the hits.

Strengths: Above average hit points and armor class with no loss in speed.  15% of his attack rolls will come with an extra 1 hp damage.

Weaknesses: Only able to attack adjacent opponents.  Therefore, often finds himself standing in front of a monsters.

Favorite at-will power: Great Axe, when coordinated, can inflict 2, maybe 3, hit points damage.

Favorite daily power: Lunging Attack.  Combined with a non-attack move, rush across the map to challenge difficult monsters and inflict 3 hp damage.

Favorite utility power: Action Surge.  Make a second attack, likely chosen against the villain.

Strategy: Similar to heroes found in other variations, Alaeros is the barbaric tank who delivers damage and receives them.  With average attack bonuses, you should do well if you roll with average luck.  The trick is not letting his hit points dwindle too fast too early in the session.

Rank: Basic.


Barrowin, Gold Dwarf Cleric

Who is she? A healer, a fighter, and someone who practices teamwork.

Strengths: Good armor class.  Heals with every Daily and Utility power use.

Weaknesses: Tempted to do without ranged attacks.  Slower speed.  Poor attack bonuses no better than +6.

Favorite at-will power: Blessed Mace.  With careful planning, she gives a nearby hero an advantage in a session that doesn’t forgive poor dice rolls often.

Favorite daily power: Corona of Light.  With its 3 damage, its her most effective power against villains.  It gives nearby heroes an advantage as an extra bonus.

Favorite utility power: Cure Wounds.  Combined with Healer, it is very effective.

Strategy: Barrowin carries great cards, she just doesn’t roll well and shouldn’t be relied on for battle.  However, she’s a must healer who can give others advantages and help overcome cold dice rolls.

Rank: Intermediete.


Ratshadow, Lightfoot Halfling Rogue

Who is he? A pesky little guy who quietly makes a difference. Just don’t turn your back on him!

Strengths: His Cunning Action, while useful with traps, is more effective when he runs across tiles.

Weaknesses: Unimpressive attack bonuses and utility powers.  His Rapier tempts the player to do without ranged attacks.

Favorite at-will power: Throwing Daggers.  He can attack two directions from a safe distance.

Favorite daily power: Deadly Assault.  This plus Throwing Daggers equals a “whirlwind of blades”.

Favorite utility power: Reliable Talent.  Time Advantage when you can’t afford to miss that attack roll.

Strategy: Ratshadow is your wild card.  Like a “Hobbit”, he isn’t the strongest but may change the adventure in ways you didn’t predict.  Use his speed and his second non-attack action to your advantage.

Rank: Advanced.



Nymmestra, Sun Elf Wizard

Who is she? She’s looks like a wizard.  Acts more like a mystical warrior never fearing battle.

Strengths: Powerful attack options for a wizard.  Overchannel adds bonus damage when needed most.

Weaknesses: Weak hit points, typical for a wizard.  Her powers are mostly attacks and not the bizarre.

Favorite at-will power: Poison Spray.  She’ll have to be close to monsters, but the area of effect couldn’t be better.

Favorite daily power: Disintegrate.  Inflicting 2 or 4 damage, its more with Overchannel.

Favorite utility power: Dimension Door.  Ever wish your hero was anywhere else?  With this power, it can happen.

Strategy: No mistake, “Nym” is a fighting warrior with wide options between damage and attack range.  Because of her vulnerable hit points, strategize carefully.

Rank: Intermediate.


Talon, Human Ranger

Who is she? A hero with well-rounded skills.  Proficient with ranged and close combat, she can heal and give your friends combat help.

Strengths: Above average attack bonus on at-will ranged attacks.  Good options with daily powers.   Monsters she controls receive bonus damage.

Weaknesses: No options with at-will powers.  Vulnerable armor class.

Favorite at-will power: Long Bow.  More likely she’ll have a choice to attack a monster two tiles away than finding herself adjacent with two.

Favorite daily power: While Volley is a great go-to if you’re overrun during the middle of an adventure, Colossus Slayer is a villain-slayer with a guaranteed 2 hp damage and possibly 4 with a favorable dice roll.

Favorite utility power: Hunter’s Mark.  Gives your heroes Advantage when they need it most, when they’re in front of monsters.

Strategy: Talon is your choice of hero if you want little thought.  With no options of at-will powers, she attacks near and far.   Your decisions come when to burn her daily and utility powers.

Rank: Basic.


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4 Responses to Temple of Elemental Evil: The heroes

  1. Charles Barchuk says:

    Very well done man. Is it possible to do a break down of which hero , in your opinion, is the best for each class? That would be cool. Anyways, great job as always bud. Enjoyed it.

  2. admin says:

    Corrected missing description of “Nym”. I could compare clerics to clerics and rogues to rogues. Great idea.

  3. Charles Barchuk says:

    Now I don’t know what category some of the LoD heroes would fall and since most of them are arguably more powerful. Not sure if you would want to add them or not. But if you did maybe something like:

    Drizzt – Ranger obviously
    Cattie Brie – Ranger or Fighter
    Regis – Rogue
    Bruenor – Fighter
    Wulfgar – Fighter
    Jarlaxle – Rogue
    Artemis – Rogue
    Athrogate – Fighter

  4. Charles Barchuk says:

    I was thinking if you do add the LoD heroes into the mix, which I think would be cool, maybe list a 2nd place finisher if the 1st place winner is from LoD. For example Drizzt is probably going to be the best out of the Rangers I assume. So maybe add who you think is 2nd best. Does that make sense? Just an idea. I look forward to the results.

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