Temple of Elemental Evil: Adventure 5 Beneath the Sumber Hills (3.4.2018)

Beneath the Sumber Hills,
is an adventure from Dungeons and Dragons: Temple of Elemental Evil board game and part of the series that started in May 2016.   This 5-hero adventure, starring your favorite heroes,  continues after a year-long hiatus.

The elemental cultists are driven out of Red Larch.  It’s time take to fight to them below the Haunted Keep.  You will find the underground passages deeper into the Sumber Hills.  Beware hero, the powers of the cult and foul allies are greater than you imagined!

Mistakes and omissions may happen.

Talon, 1st level Human Ranger (15 ac, 8 hp)
The ranger leads the party with her attack advantages.
800 gp

(2) At-will: Long Bow, Scimitars
(2) Utility: Danger Sense, Hunter’s Mark
(1) Daily: Colossus Slayer
(1) Treasure: Instrument of the Bards

Ratshadow, 1st level Lightfoot Halfling Rogue (14 ac, 8 hp)
The rogue follows, relying on his special skills just in case.
800 gp

(2) At-will: Short Sword, Throwing Daggers
(2) Utility: Reliable Talent, Sneaky
(1) Daily: Killing Strike

Nymmestra, 1st level Sun Elf Wizard (14 ac, 6 hp)
Nestled in the middle, the wizard waits for her time to strike.
400 gp

(2) At-will: Shocking Grasp, Poison Spray
(2) Utility: True Strike, Dimension Door
(1) Daily: Disintegrate
(2) Treasure: Robe of Eyes, Ring of the Ram

Alaeros, 1st level Human Fighter (17 ac, 10 hp)
The most powerful, he looks over the wizard’s shoulder.
400 gp

(2) At-will: Battle Axe, Great Axe
(2) Utility: Battle Master, Action Surge
(1) Daily: Lunging Attack

Barrowin, 1st level Gold Dwarf Cleric (16 ac, 8 hp)
Her role is blessing the party with the advantage.
300 gp

(2) At-will: Warhammer, Blessed Mace
(2) Utility: Light, Cure Wounds
(1) Daily: Corona of Light

(2) Healing surges on the table.
No hero brings gold into the adventure.

Our heroes start on the Start Tile.


Talon (8 hp),
Attempts to disarm the trap to the immediate south.
Rolling a (3), she fails.  The trap is a “dud”.
She explores a corner tile that turns eastward. (black, AIR 1).
Draws a Fire Bat.
Encounter event: Catpurse.  Talon loses 2 hp.  Talon at 6 hp.
The Fire Bat moves adjacent to Talon and attacks with a fiery bite.
Monster rolls a (1)+5 and misses!

Ratshadow (8 hp),
Adjacent to the Fire Bat, he attacks with his Short Sword.
Rolls a (12)+5 and defeats the bat.  (+1 XP, 1 Total)
Treasure item: Healing Potion
Walks around, avoiding a trap to the south tile at the eastern edge.
Explores a Massacre Site with passages north and south. (white, AIR 2)
No monster draw.

Nymmestra (6 hp),
Walks directly east on the Start Tile to the edge.  She has Alaeros and Barrowin at her back.  She attempts to disarm the trap.
Rolls a (19) and disarms the trap.
Reveals a short hallway tile with a passage east. (black, WATER 1)
No monster draw.
Encounter event-attack: Thundering Boomerang. Nymmestra is attacked twice.
Attack 1: (12)+9 hit.
Attack 2: (16)+9 hit.  Nymmestra at 4 hp.

Alaeros (10 hp),
Moves east down the new passage at the east-most edge.
Attempting to disarm the trap, rolls a (14) and disarms it.
Explores a Water Alter with passages north, east, and south. (white, WATER 2)
Draws an Empowered Air Cultist.
Attacking with its blinding crossbow bolt, rolls a (16)+5 and hits.  Alaeros at 8 hp and Disadvantaged).

Barrowin (8 hp),
Moves twice, and reaches the Water Alter tile at its southern, unexplored edge.
Reveals a hallway tile exiting south with 4 traps. (black, FIRE 1)
No monster draw.
Encounter event: Robber.  A new monster is placed on the tile.
Draws an Earth Cultist.
The Cultist moves adjacent to Barrowin on her tile and attacks with a club.
Rolls a (15)+7 and hits.  Barrowin at 6 hp.


Talon (6 hp),
Moves twice to rush to the Water Alter.
Encounter event: Weight of Greed.  No one is harmed.

Ratshadow (8 hp),
With Cunning Action, moves twice and races to Alaeros’s tile.
With Throwing Daggers, attacks the air and earth cultists one tile away.
Attacks Empowered Air Cultist: (9)+5, 1 hp damage.
Attacks Earth Cultist: (8)+5, misses.
Encounter event-attack: Avalanche.  Large boulders attack Ratshadow and Alaeros.
vs. Ratshadow: (20)+8 hits.  Ratshadow at 6 hp and moves 1 tile east.
vs. Alaeros: (5)+8 misses.  Alaeros at 7 hp and moves 1 tile east.

Nymmestra (4 hp),
Moves into the Water Alter tile.
Utility Power: True Strike.  Alaeros loses Disadvantage.  All others gain Advantage.
Attacks with Poison Spray.
vs. Empowered Air Cultist: (8)+5 and misses (with advantage).
vs. Earth Cultist: (19)+5 and hits (with advantage) taking 1 hp damage.
Encounter event: Hidden Cache.  Nymmestra gains 200gp and draws again.
Encounter event: Dark Gift: She takes a Treasure as Ratshadow to 6 hp.
Treasure item: Potion of Stonewalk.

Alaeros (7 hp),
Adjacent to the Empowered Air Cultist, he attacks with Battle Axe.
Rolls a (9)+6 and defeats the cultist. (+3 XP, 4 total)
Treasure item: 100 gp.
The Battle Axe lets him move two spaces north to the unexplored edge.
Reveals a corner tile turning west. (white, AIR 3)
No monster draw.

Barrowin, advantage (6 hp),
With Blessed Mace, attacks the Earth Cultist.
Rolls a (17)+6 and defeats the cultist.  (+3 XP, 7 total)
Nymmestra gains an advantage.
Moves east to the unexplored edge.
Reveals a tile with passages east, south. (black, AIR 4)

Entering this last chamber, a jagged portal of magical energy appears.  From the rift comes a towering Air Elemental.

Encounter event: Deception: The lone monster, Air Elemental, moves one square and adjacent to Barrowin.

Air Elemental (10 hp),
Since, technically, it is 1 tile away, it moves into the hero’s tile and attacks Ratshadow with a Blast of Wind.
Rolls a (20)+7 and hits.  Ratshadow at 7 hp.


Talon, advantage (6 hp),
Takes 4 steps back into the tile west.
Daily Power: Colossus Slayer.
Rolls a (13)+8 and hits with advantage.  With Favored Enemy, she does 5 points damage!
Encounter event: Dark Gift.  Taking 1 hp damage, Talon at 5 hp.

Air Elemental (5 hp),
Attacks each hero on its tile with a Whirlwind.  Hit or miss, each hero will move 1 tile away.
vs. Ratshadow: (8)+5 hits and Ratshadow at 5 hp.  Moves south.
vs. Nymmestra: (3)+5 missies and Nymmestra at 4 hp.  Moves east.
vs. Alaeros: (14)+5 hits and Alaeros at 5 hp.  Moves south.
vs. Barrowin: (20)+5 hits and Barrowin at 4 hp.  Moves west.

Ratshadow,  advantage (5 hp),
Moves adjacent to the Air Elemental.
With Killing Strike, rolls (16)+5 and it takes 2 damage.  Air Elemental at 3 hp.
Encounter event-attack: Choking Ash.
vs. Ratshadow: (3)+7 and misses.  The villain activates.

Air Elemental (3 hp),
Attacks Ratshadow with a Whirlwind.
Rolls a (12)+7 and hits.  Ratshadow at 1 hp.  He moves south.

Nymmestra, advantage (4 hp),
Moves into the Villain’s tile and uses Ring of the Ram.
Rolls (9)+5 and DEFEATS the Air Elemental with Overchannel!

The Heroes win!


Remove 3 Fire Cultist Monster cards.
Add 3 Empowered Fire Cultist cards.
Add the Air Elemental Monster card to the Monster deck.
Add Wings of Flying Treasure card to the Treasure deck.

Talon sells her Instrument of the Bards for 300 gp and levels up.
Ratshadow sells his Healing Potion for 300 gp and levels up.
Nymmestra sells Potion of Stonewalk for 300 gp.

Talon, Level 2
100 gp

Ratshadow, Level 2
100 gp.

Nymmestra, Level 1
900 gp.
Treasure: Robe of Eyes, Ring of the Ram

Alaeros, Level 1
500 gp.

Barrowin, Level 1
300 gp.

Rule clarifications experienced during game play

Q: Is treasure awarded when defeating a Villain?

A: Without clear rules, these sessions haven’t and will not.  There is little consensus online either way.  Prior board games did not award, as the game ended and nothing carried forward.  Following the adventure rules (to the letter), the session ends at the defeat of the Villain.  No in-session actions are sanctioned or recognized.

Q: Ring of the Ram replaces an Attack action.  Can you apply Overchannel for an additional +1 damage?

A: Because the treasure card reads “Attack 1 Monster …” it is applied.  Had it used another word, such as “Use”, it may have been disallowed.

Previous adventure: Adventure 4 Assault on the Haunted Keep (11.27.2016)
Next adventure: Adventure 6 The Price of Fire (3.12.2018)

Nymmestra makes her attempt to destroy the Air Elemental.


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  1. Charles Barchuk says:

    Great playthrough!!! Are you still going to do an article on the heroes of ToEE?

    • admin says:

      Thanks to you for reminding me to get ToEE out of hiatus. It’s been too long. The session went by quick with honest and true random draw of tiles. I wanted to get a good understanding of the heroes before I wrote an article about them. Now that I’ve reintroduced myself, I may do that sooner than later.

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    Sweet. I look forward to it.

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