Star Wars Rebellion: Game Session Conclusion (1.11.18)

The galactic rebellion is stretched to all corners of the galaxy.  As Princess Leia steps up as a diplomat after the loss of Senator Mon Mothma, the Death Star eclipses a major Rebel stronghold over Kashyyyk.  Is there enough time to outlast Emperor Palpatine’s plans?  Will the Wookies survive?  This session kicked off on January 11, 2018.

Mistakes and omissions will happen.

Round 6

Assignment phase:

Command phase:

Han Solo and Chewbacca to the subjugated system Ord Mantell for an Assault.  It is opposed by Boba Fett.  The Rebels succeed with 2 extra successes.  The lone stormtrooper is lost and the system is liberated and politically neutral.

Darth Vader to Mon Calamari to command forces from Saleucami; Star Destroyer, (3) Tie-Fighters, AT-AT, (2) AT-ST, Stormtrooper.  The Rebels defend with; (2) X-Wings, Y-Wing, (3) Troopers, Speeder.  The Rebels send Admiral Ackbar who plays It’s a Trap.

Cinematic combat

Space battle:

The Empire cannot play a space tactic card.
The Rebels play Rogue Squadron Support.

The Empire (with 2 re-rolls) with (4) black, (2) red; results in (1) black, (1) red, (1) direct, (2) specials.
The Rebels (with 3 re-rolls) with (2) black, (1) red; results in (1) black, (1) red, (1) direct.

The Empire suffers (1) hit to the Star Destroyer and loses (1) Tie-Fighter
The Rebels loses (1) X-Wing and (1) Y-Wing

Ground battle

The Empire plays Imposing Presence.
The Rebels play Tow Cables.

The Empire (with 3 re-rolls) with (4) black, (4) red; results in (3) black, (2) red, (3) specials
The Rebels (with 1 re-roll) with (4) black, (1) red; results in (2) black, (1) direct, (1) special

The Empire suffers loses (1) Stormtrooper and repairable hits to the AT-AT and AT-ST.
The Rebels lose all ground forces.

Admiral Ackbar retreats to Felucia with (1) surviving X-Wing.

The Empire plays Track Them and Darth Vader returns to the Leader Pool.

Mon Calamari is subjugated to the Empire.

Princess Leia to Ord Mantell to Establish Trade Relations.  Darth Vader is sent to oppose.  With diplomatic skills it is a mission with Leia and Han vs. Darth Vader.  The mission succeeds.  Ord Mantell is loyal to the Rebels.  A Corellian Corvette and a Speeder goes to the build queue.

General Tagge to Mandalore.  He commands from Yavin the Death Star and AT-ST, Stormtrooper, and (4) Tie-Fighters.  Mandalore is subjugated.

General Rieekan to Cato Neimoidia for Rebel Defenses.  It is unopposed.  An Ion Cannon and a Shield Generator are built at the Rebel Base.

At this point, the Empire is speculating the location of the Rebel Base.  With its Probe Droids all over the galaxy, it deploys Jabba the Hut to Gather Intel at Ryloth.  Jan Dodonna is compelled to oppose.  The mission fails due to Dodonna’s valor!

Lando Calrissian to Corellia for Sabotage. It is unopposed.

Emperor Palpatine makes a play for Ryloth for Imperial Propaganda.  It will be supported by Jabba and opposed by Dodonna.  It succeeds.  Ryloth and Geonosis become neutral.

With the Rebels out of leaders, Director Krennic goes to Corellia to remove the Sabotage marker.

Grand Moff Tarkin to Ryloth to command from Geonosis; Star Destroyer, Tie-Fighter, Tie-Striker, (2) AT-ST, and a Stormtrooper.  Geonosis is evacuated and the system free but neutral.

The Rebel Base is revealed!

Only Ground Combat is conducted.

The Empire will be led by Emperor Palpatine.  The Rebels by Don Dodonna.

The Empire (with 2 re-rolls) with (2) AT-ST and a Stormtrooper.
The Rebels (with 1 re-roll) with (3) Troopers, (2) Vanguards, Ion Cannon, Shield Generator, and an Arms Turret.

Cinematic combat

The Empire plays Overrun.
The Rebels play Take Cover.

The Empire rolls (3) black, (2) red; results (with tactic card); (1) black, (1) red, (2) direct, (1) special.
The Rebels roll (3) black, (3) green; results (1) black, (2) direct, (2) specials.

The Rebels lose nothing.  The Empire loses a Stormtrooper unit before retreating to Geonosis and the system subjugated once again.

General Nadine to Rodia and commands from Bothawui; Star Destroyer, Assault Carrier, (2) Tie-Fighters, AT-AT, AT-ST, and a Stormtrooper.

Refresh phrase: Retrieve leaders, draw missions.

Rebel’s Rebel Cell Objective moves their Reputation marker to (10)

The Empire discards one card.

Probe droids land in Darthomir and Dantooine.

The Rebels draw an Objective card.

Time marker moves to (7).

The Rebel deployment:

Rebel base: U-Wing, Speeder

The Empire deployment:

Geonosis: AT-AT, Stormtrooper
Mandalore: Tie-Fighter
Rodia: Tie-Fighter, Assault Carrier

Round 7

Assignment phase:

The Rebel’s Jan Dodonna is assigned Rebel Planning and heads to the Base and draws an Objective card.

Command phase

Lando to Ryloth and commands from Tatooine; Mon Calamari Cruiser, Rebel Transport, Y-Wing, Nebulon-B Frigate, Speeder.

Grand Moff Tarkin to Kashyyyk to command from Mandalore; Death Star with (5) Tie-Fighters, leaving the ground units behind.  From Alderaan, he commands (3) Tie-Fighters, (2) Tie-Strikers, carried by (2) Assault Carriers.

The Rebels send Han Solo to command the forces.

Cinematic Ground Combat

The Empire (with 2 re-rolls); Death Star, (8) Tie-Fighters, (2) Tie-Strikers
The Rebels (with 2 re-rolls); Mon Calamari Cruiser, Corellian Corvette, (2) X-Wings, Y-Wing, U-Wing

The Empire plays Superlaser Blast
The Rebels counters with Outrun Them

The Empire rolls; (5) black, (4) red, (2) green; results in; (3) black, (2) red, (2) direct
The Rebels rolls; (4) black, (4) red, (1) green; results in; (2) red, ((1) black, (3) direct, (1) special

The Empire loses (4) Tie-Fighters!
The Rebels lose (2) X-wings, and a U-Wing.

The Rebels play Objective Card Death Star Plans.  With Rebel fighters remaining, they roll (3) dice and score a direct hit.  The Rebels add 2 to their Reputation.  With Popular Support of (6) Systems with Rebel loyalty, the Empire decides this is the moment to concede.

The Empire, stretched to corners of the galaxy, had victory pulled from out from under them.  One round short of contesting the rebel base on Ryloth, the Death Star was destroyed thanks to the objective Death Star Plans.  A cinematic ending, Grand Moff Tarkin’s pursuit resulted in his demise.  His rush to deploy Director Krennic’s Single Ignition was seconds too slow.  With a growing reputation and a relocation of the Rebel Base imminent, any Empire victories would be empiric.

Rule questions experienced during game play

Q: Can you send a second leader to oppose a mission from your leader pool when one of your leaders is already in the system?

A: Yes, you can have a mission opposed by two leaders.

Q: When resolving a mission, do you roll for all leaders in the system that were there prior to the mission?

A: Yes.

Q: What is the definition of an “Imperial system”?

A: Any system that is loyal to the Empire or is subjugated.

Q: Can ground combat be optional?  In other words, combat in space without landing troops to the ground?

A: No.  Transported ground units are considered “in the system” and contest any opponent’s ground system.



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