Star Wars Rebellion: Game Session Rounds 1-5 (1.11.18)

Star Wars Rebellion: Rise of the Empire expansion
arrives here early 2018.  It’s the time of the Empire, the Dark Times.  The Empire, under the guidance of Director Orson Krennic, builds their super weapon off the remote system of Dantooine.  But Princess Leia and Senator Mon Mothma have diplomatic plans to undermine the tyranny that have swept the galaxy.  Will Han and Chewy join the rebellion.  Read this movie-to-game and follow the evil plans of Lord Vader and his master, Emperor Palpatine.

Mistakes and omissions will happen.

Setup and prologue

Advanced setup rules are in placed.  Both sides use Rise of the Empire mission cards.

The Empire builds their Death Star Under Construction in the remote system of Dantooine.  (1) Stormtrooper and (4) Tie-Fighters are based there.

Empire systems revealed: Sullust*, Saleucami*, Mustafar, Rodia, MyGeeto.
Rebellion systems revealed: Mon Calamari, Ryloth, Bothawui

The Empire deploys
MyGeeto: (3) Stormtroopers, (1) Assault Carrier, (1) Tie-Fighter
Saleucami*: (2) Stormtroopers, (1) AT-AT, (1) AT-ST, (1) Star Destroyer, (2) Tie-Fighters
Coruscant: (1) Stormtrooper, (1) AT-ST, (1) Assault Tank, (1) Assault Carrier, (1) Tie-Fighter, (1) Tie-Striker
Rodia: (2) Stormtroopers, (1) AT-ST, (1) Assault Tank, (1) Star Destroyer, (2) Tie-Fighters
Sullust*: (2) Stormtroopers, (1) Assault Carrier, (1) Tie-Fighter
Mustafar: (2) Stormtroopers, (1) AT-ST, (1) Star Destroyer, (1) Tie-Fighter, (1) Tie-Striker

The Rebellion deploys
Rebel Base: (3) Troopers, (1) Speeder
Kashyyyk: (2) Troopers, (1) Vanguard, (1) Speeder, (1) Corellian Corvette, (1) X-Wing, (1) Y-Wing, (1) U-Wing

The Rebellion draws an Objective card.
Both sides draw (2) Action cards.

Time marker at (1). Rebel reputation at (14).

Round 1

Assignment phase:

Rebels play Action card Temporary Alliance.  Mon Mothma to Ord Mantell.  A Nebulon-B Frigate and a Golan Arms Turret goes to Queue 2.

Command phase:

General Rieekan goes Behind Enemy Lines and moves all (5) units from the Rebel Base to Mon Calamari to defend the system from nearby Imperial forces.

Grand Moff Tarkin to Ord Mandel and commands from MyGeeto; (1) Assault Carrier, (1) Tie-Fighter, (2) Stormtroopers.  The system is subjugated.

Princess Leia to Kashyyyk to Build Alliance.  It goes unopposed and Kashyyyk is loyal to the Rebellion.

Emperor Palpatine to Sullust to Rule by Fear.  It goes unopposed.  Sullust is loyal to the Empire.

The Rebellion passes; Jan Dodonna waits.

Darth Vader to Ord Mantell to Capture Rebel Operative, Mon Mothma.  Jan Dodonna goes to oppose.  The mission succeeds.  Mon Mothma is captured!

General Tagge goes with Research and Development choosing one project.

Refresh phrase: Retrieve leaders, draw missions

Probe droids land in Hoth, Mon Calamari.

The Rebellion draws an Objective card.

Time marker advanced to (2): Recruit and build.

Rebels recruit Han Solo.

The Empire recruits Moff Jerjerrod.

Rebels build:

Mon Calamari: Mon Calamari Cruiser, X-Wing
Kashyyyk: Trooper, Vanguard
Bothawui: Golan Arms Turret
Ryloth: Trooper

The Empire build:

MyGeeto: Tie-Fighter, AT-AT
Saleucami*: Shield Bunker
Ord Mantell*: Assault Carrier
Coruscant: Stormtrooper
Rodia: Stormtrooper
Sullust: AT-AT, Assault Carrier
Mustafar: Tie-Fighter, Assault Carrier

Rebels deploy units to:

Rebel base: Golan Arms Turret, Vanguard
Kashyyyk: Trooper
Ryloth: Trooper

Empire deploy units to:

Dantooine: Shield bunker
Rodia: Stormtrooper
Ord Mantell: Stormtrooper

Round 2

Assignment phase:

The Rebels play An Old Friend.  Han Solo to Kashyyk and recruits Chewbacca.

Command phase:

General Rieekan to Sullust for Sabotage.  It is unopposed.

Moff Jerjerrod to Corellia.   Commands an Assault Carrier with an AT-ST and an Assault Tank there.  Corellia is subjugated.

Jan Dodonna to Nal Hutta to Build Alliance.  It is unopposed.  Nal Hutta is loyal to the Rebellion.

General Tagge to (the newly subjugated system of) Corellia to Construct Super Star Destroyer and is placed on build queue 3.

The Rebels pass.

Emperor Palpatine to Ord Mantell to Make an Example of Mon Mothma.  Opposed by Princess Leia and Mon Mothma.  The mission succeeds!  Mon Mothma is eliminated.

Grand Moff Tarkin to Mon Calamari to Gather Intel.  Unopposed, draws Endor from the Probe Deck.

Darth Vader to Dagobah and commands from Mustafar: Star Destroyer, Tie-Striker, an AT-ST, and a Stormtrooper there.  The Rebel Base is not there.

Refresh phrase: Retrieve leaders, draw missions

Probe droids land in; Geonosis, Utapau

The Rebellion draws an Objective card.

Time marker advanced to (3): Recruit.

The Rebellion recruits Lando Calrissian.

The Empire recruits Boba Fett.

Rebels deploy units to:

Rebel base: Nebulon-B  Frigate
Kashyyk: Golan Arms Turret

The Empire deploy units to:

Mygeeto: Assault Carrier, Assault Tank
Corellia: Tie-Fighter
Rodia: AT-AT
Coruscant: Assault Carrier, AT-AT
Saleucami: Tie-Fighter

Round 3

Assignment phase:

Command phase:

Princess Leia to Alderaan to Build Alliance.  She is unopposed.  Alderann is loyal to the Rebellion.

Darth Vader to Alderann to command forces.  This essentially blocks Rebel plans to send reinforcements there.
From Corellia: Assault Carrier, Tie-Fighter, and an AT-ST.
From Coruscant: Assault Carrier, Tie-Fighter, Tie-Striker, and an AT-AT.
From Ord Mandell: Assault Carrier, Tie-Fighter, (2) Stormtroopers.
Alderann is subjugated.

Chewbacca to Corellia to Sabotage.  It is unopposed.

General Tagge to Corellia to Discredit Rebellion.  The Rebellion refuses to remove the Sabotage markers and makes a roll without consequence.

The Rebels pass.

Emperor Palpatine to Bespin to Rule By Fear.  Opposed by General Rieekan.  The mission succeeds.  Bespin is loyal to the Empire.  The rebel base is not there and the Empire knows it is not in that region.

Grand Moff Tarkin to Kashyyyk to Gather Intel.  It is opposed by Jan Dodonna.  The mission fails!

Boba Fett to Saleucami for a Probe Droid Initiative.  Probe droids lands in; Kashyyyk, Malastare.

Moff Jerjerrod to Naboo to command forces from Dagobah.  He commands Star Destroyer, Tie-Fighter, Tie-Striker, AT-ST, and Stormtrooper.  Naboo is subjugated.  The rebel base is not in this system and the Empire realizes it is not in this region.

Refresh phrase: Retrieve leaders, draw missions.
The Rebellion plays Objective: The Long War. They discard (2) Objectives and gain (1) Reputation.  The Reputation marker is 13.

The Rebels discard (1) Mission card.

Probe droids land in; Felucia, Alderaan.

The Rebellion draws an Objective card.

Time marker advanced to (4): Recruit and build.

The Rebels recruit General Madine.

The Empire recruits Director Krennic.  He begins a Secret Facility.

The Rebels build:
Rebels Base: X-Wing, Trooper
Mon Calamari: Mon Calamari Cruiser, X-Wing.
Kashyyyk: Vanguard, Trooper.
Nal Hutta: Trooper, Y-Wing.
Bothawui: Air Speeder.
Ryloth: Trooper.

The Empire builds:
MyGeeto: Tie-Striker, AT-AT.
Saleucami*: AT-ST.
Ord Mantell*: Assault Carrier.
Alderaan: Stromtrooper.
Coruscant: Stormtrooper.
Rodia: Stormtrooper.
Corellia: Sabotage.
Sullust: Sabotage.
Naboo*: Stormtrooper.
Mustafar: Assault Carrier, Tie-Fighter.

Rebels deploy units to:
Kashyyyk: Mon Calamari Cruiser, Trooper.
Rebel Base: Speeder, Y-Wing.
Nal Hutta: (2) Troopers.
Bothawui: Trooper.
Ryloth: Vanguard, X-Wing.
Mon Calamari: X-Wing.

The Empire deploy units to:
Dantooine: Death Star, AT-ST.
Coruscant: Stormtrooper.
Aldaraan: Stormtrooper.
Naboo: (2) Stormtroopers.

Round 4

Assignment phase:

The Rebels’ General Madine conducts an Ambush on Alderaan and destroys an AT-AT.

“Boba Fett? Where?”, the Empire counters by sending Boba Fett to Alderaan.

Command phase:

Han Solo and Cwbacca go to Naboo Behind Enemy Lines.  Unopposed, they destroy (3) Stormtroopers!

Grand Moff Tarkin to Bothawui to command from Rodia; Star Destroyer, (2) Tie-Fighters, AT-AT, AT-ST, (2) Stormtroopers. They conduct combat against (1) Trooper.  The Rebels do not send a leader.

Cinematic combat:
The Imperial forces play Support of the 501st.  The Rebels play Hold Them Back.
The Empire is victor without losing any forces.  Bothawui is subjugated.

Jan Dodonna to Ryloth for Save Haven.  From the build queue, deploys; Mon Calamari Cruiser and a Transport.

Moff Jerjerrod to Sullust to remove a Sabotage marker and draws a project card.

Princes Leia to Geonosis to Build Alliance.  She is unopposed.  Geonosis is loyal to the Rebellion.

Darth Vader to Alderaan to Capture Rebel Operative – General Madine!  Lando Calrissian rushes to help oppose the mission.  General Madine is captured!

With one mission card conspicuously not played, the rebels pass.

Emperor Palpatine to Alderaan for Lure of the Dark Side.  He attempts to seduce General Madine to the dark side.  With 15 rolls vs. 8, the Empire has 11 successes to the Rebels 9.  General Madine is a servant to the Empire.

Director Krennic to Darthmir and commands the Death Star there with; AT-ST, Stormtrooper, and (4) Tie-Fighters.  The Rebel Base is not to be found.

Krennic also reveals his Secret Facility and builds a Shield Bunker and Stormtrooper to Tatooine.

General Tagge to Ilum and commands from Mygeeto; Assault Carrier with an Assault Tank.  The Rebel Base is not here.

General Rieekan orders a Rapid Mobilization deploys to Ryloth; Nebulon-B Frigate, Y-Wing, Speeder, and a Vanguard.

Refresh phrase: Retrieve leaders, draw missions.
The Rebellion plays Objective: Defend the People as Rebel units occupy; Mon Calamari, Kashyyyk, Nal Hutta, and Ryloth.  The Reputation marker is 12.

The Empire discard (1) Mission card.

Probe droids land in; Mandalore, Naboo.

The Rebellion draws an Objective card.

Time marker advanced to (5): Recruit.

The Rebels recruit Admiral Ackbar.

The Empire recruits, Jabba the Hutt and dismisses Moff Jerjerrod.

The Empire deploys:

Tatooine: Super Star Destroyer, Tie-Fighter
Alderaan: AT-AT, Tie-Striker
Mustafar: Assault Carrier
Bothawui: Assault Carrier

Round 5

With large Rebel forces deployed to far corners of the galaxy, the Empire is suspicious that the elusive Rebel Base is found at one of their strongholds.

Assignment phase:

Command phase:

Admiral Ackbar to Tatooine to attack the Imperial Super Star Destroyer with; Mon Calamari Cruiser, Nebulon-B Frigate, Y-Wing, X-Wing, Transport, Vanguard, Trooper, and Speeder.  The Empire has one Trooper guarding the Shield Bunker.  The Empire sends Darth Vader to command.

Cinematic combat

Space battle:
The Rebels play Fleet Logistics and Bombing Run.
The Empire plays Overwhelming Presence.

The Rebels roll (3) black, (2) red, (2) green dice and (with re-rolls) and have (1) hit each of black, red, and green.
The Empire rolls (3) black, (2) red dice and (with re-rolls) and have (1) black, (1) red, and (1) red special.
Results are: (1) X-Wing, and (1) Tie-Fighter removed.  All other units undamaged.

Ground battle:
The Rebels play Take Cover.
The Empire play Bombardment.

The Rebels roll (2) black, (1) red, (1) green and have (1) black hit.
The Empire rolls (1) black and have (3) black hits (with Bombardment).
Results: The Rebels win after losing its Trooper and Vanguard.  The Empire retreats to Rodia.  The Shield Bunker in Tatooine is destroyed.

With Objective Decisive Victory, the Rebels Reputation counter moves to (11).

General Madine to Geonosis and commands from Naboo; Star Destroyer, Tie-Fighter, Tie-Striker, AT-ST.  Geonosis is subjugated.  The Rebel Base is not on Geonosis.  Without a garrison, Naboo is a liberated, neutral system.

Chewbacca to Mon Calamari for a Secret Mission.  The Rebels choose a mission from the deck.

General Tagge to Corellia to remove a Sabotage marker and draws a project card.

Princess Leia to Cato Neimoidia to Build Alliance.  She is unopposed.  Another Star System is loyal to the Rebellion.

Grand Moff Tarkin and Boba Fett to Corellia for Interceptor Development.  An Interdictor goes into the build queue.

General Rieekan to Mustafar for Sabotage. It is unopposed.

Emperor  Palpatine to Corellia to Rule by Fear.  He is unopposed.  Correllia is loyal to the Empire.

Jan Dodonna to Naboo for Regional Aid.  Unopposed, Naboo and Utapau are loyal to the Rebellion.

Director Krennic to Yavin directing the fleet and the Death Star from Darthomir.  The Rebel Base is not at Yavin.

Han Solo to Cato Neimoidia to command forces from Kashyyyk.  He commands from there; Transport and (1) Trooper to occupy the system.

Jabba the Hut to Utapauto Gather Intel.  Lando Calrissian opposes.  The mission succeeds.  A Probe Droid lands in Corellia.

Refresh phrase: Retrieve leaders, draw missions.

The Empire discards (3) mission cards.

Probe droids land in; Nal Hutta, Bothawui

The Rebels draw Objective: Rebel Cell.  A Rebel Cell marker is placed in Kashyyyk.

Time marker advanced to (6): Build.

Rebels build:
Rebel Base: Trooper, X-Wing
Mon Calamari: U-Wing, Mon Calamari Cruiser
Kashyyyk: Trooper, Vanguard
Nal Hutta: Trooper, Y-Wing
Cato Neimoidia: U-Wing, Air Speeder
Naboo: Trooper, X-Wing
Ryloth: Trooper
Utapau: Corellian Corvette.  (Mon Calamari Cruiser unavailable)

Empire builds:
Mygeeto: Tie-Fighter, AT-AT
Saleucami*: AT-ST
Ord Mantell*: Assault Carrier
Alderaan*: Stormtrooper
Bothawui*:  AT-ST
Coruscant: Assault Tank
Rodia: Stormtrooper
Corellia: Star Destroyer, Tie-Fighter
Sullust: Trooper (AT-AT unavailable)
Geonosis*: Tie-Fighter
Bespin: AT-ST
Mustafar: Sabotaged

The Rebellion deploys to:
Rebel Base: Trooper, Vanguard
Ryloth: (2) Troopers
Kashyyyk: Trooper, X-Wing
Naboo: Trooper
Mon Calamari: X-Wing, Y-Wing

The Empire deploys to:
Geonosis: Trooper, AT-ST
Rodia: Star Destroyer
Alderaan: Assault Tank, AT-ST
Mustafar: Trooper
Saleucami*: AT-ST

Click here for the conclusion.


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