Betrayal at House on the Hill: Everything inside Widow’s Walk expansion

The Widow’s Walk Expansion for
Betrayal at House on the Hill adds new rooms, cards, and 50 additional haunts.  Before you pull the tiles from the cardboard sheet you might want to remember what is new and what is original.  Unlike other games, like Arkham Horror, there’s no indication.  If you want to separate and return to their original box but it’s too late,  read below.

The rooms (20)

Theater, Solarium, Spiral Staircase, Panic Room, Widow’s Walk, Sewing Room, Roof Landing, Rookery.

Bathroom, Tree House, Storm Cellar, Arsenal, Cave, Study.

Drawing Room, Locked Room, Laundry, Dungeon, Menagerie, Nursery.

The items (11)

Blueprint, Boomstick, Camcorder, Ceremonial Robe, Chainsaw, Chalk, Device, Effigy, Locket, Snake Oil, and Teapot.

The events (11)

Acupuncture, Burial Mound, Contract, Flytrap, Ghost in the Machine, Lightning Strikes, Misty Arch, Mutant Housepet, What Year is it?!, The Left Hand, and The Walls Have Eyes.

The omens (8)

Bloodstone, Box, Cat, Key, Letter, Photograph, Rope, and Vial.


36 Explorer tokens: These help you keep track which characters gained a trait by a room’s power.

24 Obstacle and 6 Lock tokens: They represent barriers the explorers need to overcome with certain actions.

6 Plant tokens.

4 large circular monster tokens.

1 rule sheet and 2 haunt books.

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