Legend of Drizzt: Escape from Neverneath (9.16.2017)

It’s an unlikely association of anti-heroes as Jarlaxle, Athrogate, and Artemis Entreri join forces for adventure and gold.  After a fatiguing attempt at plunging loot, the three are trapped in the cursed tunnels underneath Castle Never.  It’s a never-played before adventure featuring three.

Three adventurers have fallen into the tunnels below the Castle Never.  If they don’t hurry and discover a way out, they will be trapped underground forever!

Mistakes and omissions may happen.

Starting awards (1) Surge token.

Jarlaxle Baenre, Drow Mercenary (8 hp)
The wild card of the group, Jarlaxle is expected to change tactics when needed.

(2) At-will: Dueling Rapier, Bracer of Daggers
(1) Daily: Blade Flurry
(2) Utility: Cloud of Darkness, Item Mastery
(2) Treasure items: Wand of Magic Missiles, Flask of Oil

Athrogate, Dwarf Battlerager (8 hp)
Battlerager or brute?  Arthogate goes second looking to take the first swing at monsters.

(2) At-will: Cracker, Whacker
(1) Daily: Coordinated Assault
(2) Utility: Double Strike, Figurine of Snort
(1) Treasure: Potion of Healing

Artemis Enteri, Human Assassin (8 hp)
Doesn’t like to play with others.  He stays far behind.

(2) At-will: Vampiric Dagger, Magic Longsword
(1) Daily: Duelist Poise
(2) Utility: Parry and Strike, Fast Learner
(1) Treasure item: Cure Potion

The three heroes stand on the west half of the Start Tile with the ladder.  There are open, unexplored passages to the west and south while the Start Tile continues east.

Jarlaxle (8 hp),
Explores the southern, unexplored edge.
Reveals Dwarven Statue with exits west and east (white).
Monster draw: Hunting Drake.
No encounter.
Hunting Drake moves into Jarlaxle’s tile adjacent to him and Arthogate.
Attacks Jarlaxle with a bite (6)+8 and misses

Athrogate (8hp),
Attacks Hunting Drake with Cracker, rolling (8)+6 and hits.
Defeats the Hunting Drake. +1 XP (1 total).
Treasure item: Brief Rest.  It is wasted.
Steps one square west to unexplored edge.
Explores a tile with passages north and south. (white)
Monster draw: Hypnotic Spirit.
No encounter.
Moves into the hero’s tile and attacks all three with a howl.
vs. Athrogate: (6)+6 and misses.
vs. Artemis: (4)+6 and misses.
vs. Jarlaxle: (2)+6 and misses.

Artemis (8hp),
Moves into the Dwarven Statue tile and is adjacent to the Hypnotic Spirit and an unexplored edge.
Attacks Hypnotic Spirit with Magic Longsword, rolling a (7)+10 and defeats the monster. +1 XP (2 total).
Treasure item: Harrowed Experience.  +1 XP (3 total).
Explores a Volcanic Vent with passages north and south. (black).
Monster draw: (Another) Hypnotic Spirt.
Cavern edge is placed on the northern most edge on the eastern most tile.
Hypnotic Spirit moves into Artemis’s tile and attacks with a howl.  It rolls a (5)+6 and misses.

Jarlaxle (8 hp),
Uses his Wand of Magic Missiles to attack and defeat the Hypnotic Spirit.  +1 XP (4 total)
Item Mastery refreshes the Wand.
Treasure item: Tunnel Map (used during Exploration Phase)
Takes a step to the eastern unexplored edge of Dwarven Statue tile.
Explores a Volcanic Vent. (black)
With Tunnel Map, the tile is place to the far east.
Monster draw: Goblin Archer.
No encounter (due to Tunnel Map).
Goblin Archer attacks Athrogate from 2 tiles away, rolling a (16)+7 and hits.  Athrogate at 6 hp.

Athrogate (6hp),
Takes his Potion of Healing.   Athrogate at 8 hp.
Moves to the eastern unexplored edge adjacent to Jarlaxle on the Dwarven Statue.
Plays Figurine of Snort. Snort is adjacent ot Athrogate.
Explores another Dwarven Statue tile, exits to the south. (white)
Monster draw: A Drow Duelist.
No encounter.

Snort, ally (3hp),
Moves adjacent to Drow Duelist and attacks, rolling a (1)+5 and misses.
Drow Duelist attacks Snort twice, rolling (4)+9 and (6)+9 hitting twice.  Snort has 1 hp left.

Artemis (8hp),
Moves to the southeast Dwarven Statue tile adjacent to Snort.  Chooses not to attack the Drow to explore.
Explores a Narrow Passage.  Exits only to the south. (white)
Monster draw event: Hunting Party.  Draw two more cards and play them.
Monster draw event: Pursuit.  Goblin Cutter appears on the Start Tile.
Monster draw event: From the Shadows.   Draws a Stalagmite! No monster.
No encounter.
Goblin Cutter moves one tile closer to the heroes.

Jarlaxle (8 hp),
Attacks the Drow Duelist with Bracer of Daggers, rolling a (7)+7 and misses.
Moves to the far southwest Volcanic Vent tile to the southern unexplored edge.
Explores a Narrow Passage with exit to the east. (white).
Monster draw: Spider Swarm.
No encounter:
Goblin Archer moves one tile closer to the heroes.
Jarlaxle plays the Cloud of Darkness to prevent the Spider Swarm from activating.

Athrogate (8hp),
Steps adjacent to Drow Duelist and attacks, rolling a (3)+6 and misses.
Cavern edge is placed to the farthest east unexplored Volcanic Vent tile.

Snort, ally (1hp),
Attacks the Drow Duelist, rolling a (14)+5 and hits.  The Drow Duelist is defeated. +2 XP (6 total).
No treasure drawn.

Artemis (8hp),
Walks through the Narrow Passage to the south.
Explores a passage way with exit only south. (white)
Monster draw: Dinin Do’Urden, Drider!
No encounter.
Goblin Cutter moves one tile south closer to the heroes.
Dinin Do’Urden attacks Artemis caught in the Narrow Passage with a-4 AC penalty.  Rolls (19)+8 and hits for 2 hp.  Artemis at 6 hp.

Jarlaxle (8hp),
Moves 6 squares/2 tiles towards Dinin Do’Urden and is two tiles away.
Attacks using Deadly Throw.  Rolls (16)+6 and defeats Dinin Do’Urden!  +4 XP (10 total).
Treasure item: Mask Of Disguise.
Cavern edge is place on the northern most edge of the northwestern most tile.
Goblin Archer moves one tile closer to the heroes.
Spider Swarm moves one tile closer to the heroes.

Athrogate (8hp),
Moves twice to the far south through the Narrow Passage into the through the passage south of it.
Explores a passage way with exits west, east, and south. (black)
Monster draw: Hunting Drake.

Cavern tile is placed at the western most Narrow Passage (once home to the Spider Swarm).  The heroes have no where to go but forward and south.

Snort, ally (1 hp),
moves one tile west to Goblin Cutter and attacks, rolling a (7)+5 and defeats the monster. +1 XP (11 total).
No treasure is drawn.

Hunting Drake moves adjacent to and attacks Athrogate.  It rolls a (3)+8 and misses.

Artemis (6hp),
Runs past the Hunting Drake and Athrogate to the western unexplored edge of the southern most tile.
Explores an Underground River. (white)
Monster draw: Hunting Party.  Draws a Goblin Archer and Drow Duelist.
No encounter.
Goblin Archer (Artemis): Attacks Artemis with (10)+7 and hits.  Artemis at 4 hp.
Goblin Archer (Jarlaxle): Attacks Snort with a (13)+7 and hits. Snort is defeated!
Drow Duelist moves between Athrogate and Artemis attacking both.
vs. Artemis: (8)+9 and hits.  Artemis at 3 hp.
vs. Athrogate: (15)+9 and hits. Athrogate at 7 hp.

Jarlaxle (8hp),
Moves full speed (6 squares) into the tile with the Hunting Drake.
Attacks Goblin Archer in the Underground River with Wand of Magic Missiles.  The monster is defeated.  +1 XP (12 total).
Jarlaxle’s Goblin Cutter is taken off.
Item Mastery refreshes the wand.  The utility power is exhausted.
Treasure item: Scrimshaw Charm.
Encounter trap: Poison Arrow Trap.
5 XP is spent cancelling a cavern tile placement. (7 total).
Spider Swarm moves one tile closer to the heroes.

Athrogate (7hp),
Spends one token from Double Strike.
Attacks Hunting Drake with Whacker, (11)+6 and hits.  The monster is defeated.  +1Xp (8 total).
Attacks Drow Duelist with Cracker, (6)+6 and misses.
Treasure item: Cat’s Eye Headband.
Moves to the eastern unexplored edge of the southern-most tile.
Explores the Broken Door tile. (white)
The Surface Hollow tile is placed north of the Broken Door.
Athrogate monster draw: Feral Troll, placed in the Broken Door tile.
Artemis monster draw: Water Elemental, placed on the Surface Hollow tile.
Jarlaxle monster draw event: Stalagmite.
No encounter.
Feral Troll moves into Athrogate’s tile and attacks with nasty claw.  It rolls a (6)+8 and hits.  Athrogate at 4 hp and moves two tiles towards Surface Hollow.
The Feral Troll moves right (counter-clockwise) to Jarlaxle.

Artemis (4hp),
Attacks Drow Duelist with Magic Longsword, (14)+10 and hits.  Drow Duelist is defeated. +2 Xp (10 total).
Treasure item: Sudden Hope. It is wasted.
Moves full speed into the Broken Door tile.
Encounter event: Volcanic Explosion.  No heroes are injured.
Goblin Archer moves one tile closer.
Water Elemental moves into Narrow Passageway blocking Athrogate’s exit.  It attacks with a wave.  Rolls a (19)+8 and hits.  Athrogate at 3 hp.

Jarlaxle (8hp),
Runs past the Feral Troll into the Broken Door tile.
Attacks Water Elemental with Wand of Magic Missiles.   Water Elemental at 1 hp.
The wand is exhausted.
Encounter event-attack: Acid Spray.
Spends 5 XP to cancel the event.  (5 total)
Spider Swarm moves one tile closer.
Feral Troll moves adjacent to Artemis.  (Jarlaxle’s Mask of Disguise)
Feral Troll attacks Artemis, rolling (8)+8 and hits.
Artemis spends Parry and Strike. Feral Troll misses and Artemis attacks with Vampiric Dagger.  He rolls an ill-timed (1)+6 and misses.
Feral Troll card moves to Artemis.

Athrogate (4hp),
The battlerager goes with Coordinated Assault!
Attacks Water Elemental, rolling a (6)+6 and defeats it.  +2XP (7 total)
Jarlaxle attacks Feral Troll with Dueling Rapier.  He rolls (4)+7 and misses.
Artemis uses Fast Learner and takes Athrogate’s Coordinated Assault.
Treasure item: Brief Rest. He flips back Figurine of Snort.
Moves to the Surface Hollow stairs.  Ends his hero phase and exits the tunnels!
Encounter event: Volcanic Explosion.  No heroes are injured.

Artemis (4hp),
Uses the battlerager’s power, Coordinated Assault.
Attacks the Feral Troll with(15)+6 and hits for 2 damage.  Feral Troll at 2 hp.
Jarlaxle attacks with Dueling Rapier hoping for an 18+ roll.  He rolls (5)+7 and hits for 1 damage.  Feral Troll at 1 hp.
Artemis moves 6 squares to the Surface Hollow stairs.  Ends his hero phase and exits the tunnels!
Encounter event: Volcanic Explosion (again).  No heroes are injured.
Goblin Archer moves one tile closer to the heroes.
Feral Troll attacks Jarlaxle, rolling a (9)+8 and hits.  Jarlaxle at 6 hp and moves two tiles to the Surface Hollow!

Jarlaxle (6hp),
Bruised from the Troll’s claw attack, Jarlaxle picks himself off from the stairs and walks up into the daylight.

The heroes win!

Rule Clarifications
“If more than one Hero controls that type of Monster, the player who made the attack discards the card if he or she controls one of those Monsters. If not, go clockwise around the table.  The first player you reach who controls one of those Monsters discards that Monster card.” – Legend of Drizzt rule book under Defeating Monsters, page 10.

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5 Responses to Legend of Drizzt: Escape from Neverneath (9.16.2017)

  1. Charles Barchuk says:

    Bravo! Honestly these 3 heroes are my favorite to play with. I enjoyed reading about them in the books as well as playing them in these games. Fun read.

  2. admin says:

    I did make a mistake of not putting Dinin Do’Urden somewhere else on the board when Artemis drew the monster. It may have made a quicker exit. But as fate have it, it was an exciting battle and the party used the 4 points to help postpone encounter cards. Thanks for suggestion, it was a fun session.

  3. Charles Barchuk says:

    I just really like how thematic they made these 3 heroes even within the confines of D&D Lite board game. Many folks look at Athrogate as kind of weak. I feel the opposite honestly. He’s all about offense and really thrives in a group dynamic.
    I love what they did with Jarlaxle. He’s all about items, being mobile, and elusive. He’s great to play as long as you play him in the way he was designed.
    Artemis Entreri is my favorite of all. You hit the nail on the head with him. He doesn’t really add all that much to a party. He’s actually better in solo games or maybe smaller parties. His advantage is being able to choose when he fights just like an assassin which means he usually takes the least amount of damage from monsters.

  4. admin says:

    I did update the post about the heroes of Drizzt. I had forgotten about poor Regis. He’s there and a really fun character if you know how to use him.

  5. Charles Barchuk says:

    Yep, I forgot about Regis too. Yes he’s fantastic as well. I think he’s probably the best out of the rogues though Ratshadow is pretty cool too.

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