Castle Ravenloft: The heroes of Castle Ravenloft

The heroes of Castle Ravenloft

are made of a ranger, cleric, fighter, rogue, and a wizard.  We review each of the 5 characters.  They are ranked not by how favorite but rather whether they’re suited for beginners or experts of the D&D realm.

Allisa, Human Ranger

Who is she?  An explorer, a fighter, a survivor.

Strengths: Able to maneuver away from monsters to another tile playing monster mechanics to her advantage.  Automatic hit and damage of adjacent monsters.  Able to reveal new tiles without needing to reach to the unexplored edge.

Weaknesses: Low armor class.  Less than impressive utility and daily powers to choose from.  Low attack bonuses make up the guaranteed hits when adjacent.

Favorite at-will power: Careful attack.  While you don’t want Allisa in the middle of hand-to-hand combat, its nice to see her put away 1 hit-point monsters.

Favorite daily power: Split the Tree.  From far away, she has the potential to change the game around and save her friends from tough foes.

Favorite utility power: Unbalancing Parry.  May save her from death.

Strategy:  The encounter cards in Castle Ravenloft are dreary, dreadful, and deadly.   Allisa can keep the adventure going without stalling and being penalized for it.  She can step one tile away from monsters and coerce them into more passive decision when it works to her advantage.  She’s able to attack near and far though her ranged attack bonus isn’t much of a bonus.

Rank: Beginner.

Thorgrim, Dwarf Cleric

Who is he? A healer and an adversary of the walking dead.

Strengths: Many combinations of attack and healing bonuses.  Helpful with healing aid even when not attacking.  Lucky rolls equates to bonus damage against the undead.

Weaknesses: Slow.  Extremely limited ranged attack options.

Favorite at-will power: Healing strike.  Aid the group and defeat monsters simultaneously.

Favorite daily power: Beacon of Hope.  Are your friends in trouble? Thorgim can come to divine aid.

Favorite utility power: Consecrated Ground.  Remove a marker and get out of an encounter card draw.  Good deal!

Strategy: The Castle Ravenloft theme is full of the undead.  You’ll want Thorgrim ranked ahead of others when the villain is an undead itself.  Otherwise, think about holding him back when healing is needed.

Rank: Beginner.

Arjhan, Dragonborn Fighter

Who is he? Brute force super-fighter and bodyguard.

Strengths: Crazy armor class.  High hit-point value.  Gives armor class bonus to friends nearby.

Weaknesses: Slow.  Limited range attack options.  He’s built for close combat and monsters will make many attacks on him.  His hit points will quickly dwindle.

Favorite at-will power: Cleave.  Two hits for the price of one.

Favorite daily power: Brute Strike.  A whopping 4 points damage and isn’t exhausted until you hit.  Fantastic against villains.

Favorite utility power: Bodyguard.  A life saver.

Strategy: Arjhan is a brute at his best in combat.  But he deserves help as he rewards his closest friends with an armor class bonus.  Don’t overwork him and save his energy for the villain.

Rank: Intermediate.  While the character suits a dumb “kill monster, get gold” strategy, it takes planning to take full advantage of his skills.

Kat, Human Rogue

Who is she? A specialist who knows how to fight.

Strengths: Trap expert with balanced attack skills.

Weaknesses: Low armor class.  Not a big player when it comes to combat inflicting minimal damage.

Favorite at-will power: Snipe shot.  Bonuses encourage her to keep her distance from foes.

Favorite daily power: Dagger Barrage.  A tile full of monsters can be cleared when each of them is guaranteed to take at least one damage.

Favorite utility power: Stealth.  Ever feared a second or third copy of a monster entering the board?  With this, you make it disappear.

Strategy: Kat is best when she keeps her distance and saves the heroes from traps and evading monsters.

Rank: Intermediate.

Immeril, Eladrin Wizard

Who is he? A wizard capable of great power but as vulnerable as a paper bag.

Strengths: Effective attacks includes area damage.  Close friends benefit with an attack bonus.

Weaknesses: Low armor class and vulnerable health.

Favorite at-will power: Scorching Burst.  Hiding behind the larger of his group, Immeril can be the most powerful of them all.

Favorite daily power: Freezing Cloud.  If you know how to use it right, its a free second attack affecting the entire tile.

Favorite utility power: Dispel Magic. Canceling an encounter card is always a good thing.

Strategy: Immeril is a powerful hero that requires careful and thoughtful strategy; where he moves, whether he draws a new tile or an encounter card.  The adventure can turn south quickly with a monster too close or an ill-timed encounter.  Heal with spells or you’ll spend surge tokens on him.

Rank: Advanced.

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