Legend of Drizzt: The heroes of Legend of Drizzt

A guide to the character heroes of Dungeons & Dragons: Legend of Drizzt board game.   Let’s review the game’s eight heroes, their strengths and weaknesses.

Drizzt Do’Urden, Drow Ranger

Who is he? A whirlwind, fearsome fighting machine.  The villains from Castle Ravenloft are afraid of him!

Strengths: Makes an additional attack each round.   His at-will powers gives him the options to inflict additional damage or play defensively making him nearly untouchable.   Paired with favorite magical panther, Guenhwyvar, he is about invincible.  He also has a high AC and moves really fast with a speed value of 7.

Weakness: Few.  But he isn’t trained to attack enemies not near to him.

Favorite at-will power: While Icingdeath may give you +1 damage when you need it, Twinkle buys you extra life with damage reduction.

Favorite daily power: Inspirational Strike (when not playing solo).  Is your party overrun with monsters?  Do you need to put away the villain before it activates one more time?  Inspire your party for one synchronized attack!

Favorite utility power: Figurine of Guenhwyvar.  It’s like having an additional attack each round with a decoy protecting the heroes.

Strategy: If this was baseball, you want to make sure Drizzt makes the most plate appearances in the game.  You want to make sure he has the most opportunities to roll attack dice. Drizzt should be ranked first or second in your party.  Keep in mind, if Drizzt goes first in the group, he won’t be attacking a monster until the second round.

Rank: Most favorite, first tier character.  The game is named after him.

Catti-Brie, Human Archer

Who is she? A sharpshooter with the bow and arrow, she provides support from afar picking off monsters before they’re too close.

Strengths: Can attack monsters as far as two tiles away.  Her choice of utility powers offers her a variety of strategies tailored to the session.  Can fight her way out when monsters are too close to her.

Weaknesses: Vulnerable AC.  Low hit points.  Not best suited for close combat.

Favorite at-will power: With only two to choose from, one is only applicable with ranged attacks (Taulmaril) and other with adjacent (Khazid’Hea).   With a disciplined strategy, Catti-Brie should be always relying on Taulmaril.

Favorite daily power: Massive Volley.  Very likely your party will be split and monsters overrunning.  Position Catt-Brie in the center and have her take control of the situation.

Favorite utility power: Heartseeker Stance.  Sometimes, you really need that extra hit point of damage to put away troublesome monsters.

Strategy: She’s the sniper of the group.   Put her in the middle to last so she may stand back and watch the drama unfold.  Likely, she’ll be one or two tiles away and has her choice of monsters to pick off.  In order to protect her from ambush, she’s less likely to draw a tile and gain attention of monsters.  That means automatic encounters she must endure.

Rank: A first tier character who pairs favorably with Drizzt.

Athrogate, Dwarf Battlerager

Who is he? A close-combat specialist that becomes more dangerous surrounded by monsters.

Strengths: Can conflict area damage.  Has opportunities to attack twice.

Weaknesses: Vulnerable armor class.  Not suited for range combat.

Favorite at-will power: Cracker.  Can turn the session’s luck around by tagging difficult monsters with high hit points.

Favorite daily power: Forceful Strike.  Not only can it do 3 damage, Athrogate can send the monster far away or in the reach of an ally.

Favorite utility power: Figurine of Snort.

Strategy: Athrogate is at his best when the numbers of monsters start to get out of control.  He’s also crafty positioning monsters in reach of the next hero.  The hero who follows Athrogate should be trained in close quartered combat.

Rank: High second tier.

Wulfgar, Human Barbarian

Who is he? Human tank that attacks anything.  Nothing is out of reach.

Strengths: Bonuses with attacking adjacent monsters yet is capable of throwing his hammer.  Ridiculously high hit points and above average speed.

Weaknesses: Ridiculously low armor class.  Attack bonuses are below average.

Favorite at-will power: Rampage.  Rules-as-written allows a double attack on a single, adjacent monster.  Otherwise, Wulfgar can you out of a jam with lucky rolls.

Favorite daily power: Bear Hug.  Reserve for the final villain and cut it down to size.

Favorite utility power: Healing Herbs.  Not so much this is great but others aren’t very good.  With Wulfgar’s low AC, he’ll need a first-aid kit.

Strategy: Wulfgar is a brute less refined than Drizzt.  He’s best suited for close combat yet can contribute a ranged attack when needed.   Wulfgar is wild card and his low armor only encourages monsters to roll lucky results.  Wulfgar is best mopping up spawning monsters reserving his greatest powers for the final battle.

Rank: Second tier.  Consider him if Drizzt or Catti-Brie is taking a holiday.

Bruenor Battlehammer, Dwarf Fighter

Who is he? A headstrong fighter with a large option of strategies at his disposal.

Strengths: Above average health.  Good armor.  Suited for close combat.  Absurdly long list of utility powers to choose from.  Can make up bad rolls with a head butt and defeat monsters at a cost of health.

Weaknesses: Slow.  Incapable of long range attacks.  Given one at-will power and no daily powers.

Favorite at-will power: Notched Axe.  His only choice but he does get a second chance on a different adjacent monster if he misses the first time.

Favorite daily power: N/A.

Favorite utility power: Dwarven Ale.  Cancelling an encounter card while in a middle of a tough fight with a villain couldn’t be more useful.

Strategy: Bruenor is a specialist you want to hire when you’re having problems of monsters ganging up in close quarters.  He’s like Wulfgar’s more disciplined brother.  Bruenor has better armor class but doesn’t have an option for ranged attacks without a treasure item and is slower.

Rank: Low second-tier character.  Think twice before teaming him up with Wulfgar.

Jarlaxle Baenre, Drow Mercenary

Who is he? A “swashbuckler” with incredible, if not niche, skills that might come in handy.

Strengths: Balanced approach to combat with possible bonuses in close combat and can attack monsters as far as two tiles away.  Good armor class.  Gets an extra treasure item.

Weaknesses: No options for at-will powers.  Very specialized daily and utility powers that requires consideration and planning before the adventure begins.

Favorite at-will power: Dueling Rapier.  Its possible extra +1 damage give incentive to throw Jarlaxle into the group and combat.

Favorite daily power: Blade Flurry.  With a guarantee 1 hit point damage on each monster, Jarlaxle can clear a tile of troublesome, hard-to-kill monsters before things get out of hand.

Favorite utility power: Cloud of Darkness.  Most useful to pin on final villains.

Strategy: An advanced character, meaning he’s recommended only to experienced gamers.  Like a mercenary, he does little more than what is necessary and called for.  Employ him if you expect healthy (2 hp+) monsters to cut down.   He also can be Catti-Brie’s bodyguard.

Rank: Third-tier, “flair” character.  Pair him with Drizzt if you want to have a theme adventure.

Artemis Entreri, Human Assassin

Who is he?  A sneaky assassin who thinks only for himself.

Strengths: Possesses individual survival skills including able to avoid monsters he draws.

Weaknesses: By design, is not a team player.  Nearly ineffective with ranged attacks.

Favorite at-will power: Vampiric Dagger.  With a fair attack bonus, Artemis can outlast the party with help of his dagger.

Favorite daily power: Executioner’s Blade.  The 3-points damage is a great closer.  Note, if you choose this, you have no options for ranged attacks.

Favorite utility power: Parry and Strike.  For difficult adventures, this is your “out” card that saves you from a monster’s killer attack roll.

Strategy: Artemis is another advanced character that requires second thought.  He doesn’t necessarily makes your group stronger by including him.  Like many characters, he’s about helpless with ranged monsters but draws his strength in close combat.  Consider him for fast-paced dungeon crawling and you want monsters placed far away.

Rank: Third tier.

Regis, Halfling Rogue

Who is he? A walking good luck charm.

Strengths: Has a variety of crazy abilities that makes the adventure exciting and unpredictable.  Can choose lesser evil of monsters.

Weaknesses: Low armor class.  High learning curve for adventurers.

Favorite at-will power: Ruby Pendant.  Crazy and strange, makes monsters attack each other and themselves.

Favorite daily power: Mass Charm.  It’s better than Finish Off and can affect more than one monster.

Favorite utility power: Hide.  Use when you’re very afraid of the next encounter card.

Strategy: Regis isn’t your average, typical hero type.  He isn’t about hand-to-hand combat unless his friends are in trouble.  He doesn’t have a ranged attack.  Instead he has a strange approach dealing with non-adjacent monsters.  His powers are very specialized and hard to appreciate from anyone but experienced players.  You have to change your strategy to get the most of Regis’s abilities.

Rank: Third tier for beginners, but first for experienced players.

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7 Responses to Legend of Drizzt: The heroes of Legend of Drizzt

  1. Charles Barchuk says:

    Sweet! Thanks for doing this. 🙂

  2. Charles Barchuk says:

    Hey man, I hope you don’t mind all the comments. I really enjoy the D&D games immensely. I’m currently doing playthroughs of the solo adventure using all the characters to see how they do. A few changes I make is I put the Underwater Tile (whatever it’s called) after the 10th or so tile and the goal isn’t to just escape. You also want to kill as many monsters as you can on the way. To help with this I lower the cost of cancelling encounter cards to 4xp. This simple tweek turns the heat down slightly so that the penalty for choosing to fight and not explore isn’t as harsh since the only way to cancel encounter cards is by well fighting. 🙂

    STRONGEST SO FAR…(In no particular order)

    1. Drizzt – He’s just incredibly powerful for obvious reasons.
    2. Artemis – My favorite character from the books. He’s very powerful in close combat and has great control over the board. But as you stated he’s not a team player.
    3. Jarlaxle – He was a lot of fun to play honestly and I didn’t expect him to be so effective. But the secret with him seemed to rest on him remaining mobile and regularly exploring while using his bracer of daggers ability.

    1. Athrogate – I love this guy from the book series. But he just didn’t do well in multiple playthroughs I did with him. I definitely see him as a party player for sure.

    That’s all I’ve done so far so I still need to do Catti-Brie, Bruenor, Regis, and Wulfgar.

    P.S. I submitted two questions to WotC concerning the Fast Learner ability and on whether Athrogate’s Double Strike costs an action or not. I did hear back from them and you were right, Artemis can only “learn” from another hero and using Athrogate’s Double Strike DOES count as an attack action. There had been some discussion on boardgamegeek on whether it did or not since it’s a utility power. So there ya go.

    P.S.S. I’ve got a playthrough suggestion for you if you’re interested. I recently watched a game where this guy used only the Antagonists. (Jarlaxle, Athrogate, Artemis) It was one of the funnest games to watch simply because nobody really plays these heroes all that much, but you seem to use them quite a bit as well. It was very unique and refreshing. So it would be cool to see you do one similar if you felt like it. 🙂

    FINAL P.S.S.S. Are you going to do a hero analysis for the other games?

    • admin says:

      I can set up a custom game. Was looking to get another session in since The Civil War stalled due to travel plans. I can do other hero analysis game. Castle Ravenloft and WoA. It will be a while for ToEE. It may seem easy, but it took days for the last one.

  3. Charles Barchuk says:

    Hey man, I have another rules question for ya. This one involves Catti Brie and her stance abilities. Do the bonuses from Falling Hail Stance, Heartseeker Stance, and Battle Trance apply when using Khazid’hea? The stances don’t specify that a ranged weapon has to be used but the flavor text, at least, on HS and FHS seems to suggest using a bow. Wanted to get your thoughts.

    • admin says:

      You can apply the bonuses to any “attack” roll to Falling Hail, Heartseeker, and Battle Trance stances. The Adder’s Strike Stance is the only stance that specifically applies to an At-Will attack power.

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