Dungeons and Dragons: The Leprechaun

The Leprechaun,

is a mischievous addition to the Dungeons and Dragons Monster Manual I.  Pulled from Irish folklore, D&D lore kept faithful to the stories we see and hear too much on cartoons.

“… will attempt to mislead its captor into believing he is giving over his treasure while he actually is duping the captor.”

Known as “small creatures of magical talent”, Leprechauns can become invisible and polymorph non-living objects, and create illusions.  You can’t sneak up and surprise them but you do have to watch your belongings as they can’t help themselves from stealing valuable objects.  Much like the myth, they have a treasure to protect and fear being kidnapped.

While not a favorite entry in adventures, the Leprechauns can introduce that television or cartoon moment.  Just the mere mention of them fills the adventure party heads with excitement and expectation.  A DM should prepare hidden treasure nearby and a squirrely adversary dressed in bright green.

Trivia: Worth 80 XP, Leprechauns are fond of wine.

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