Temple of Elemental Evil: Adventure 4 Assault on the Haunted Keep (11.27.2016)

Assault on the Haunted Keep,
is an adventure from Dungeons and Dragons: Temple of Elemental Evil board game and part of the series that started May 2016.  It is a 5-hero adventure starring your favorite heroes from the game.  Follow their progress, in one of the most horribly rolled session in recent history.

You’ve tracked the doppelgangers’ allies to this ruined keep, but the telltale signs of the elemental cultists are everywhere.  This threat can’t be left unchallenged!

Mistakes and omissions may happen.

Talon, Human Ranger (15 ac, 8 hp)
The ranger leads the party with her attack advantages.
700 gp

(2) At-will: Long Bow, Scimitars
(2) Utility: Danger Sense, Hunter’s Mark
(1) Daily: Colossus Slayer

Ratshadow, Lightfoot Halfling Rogue (14 ac, 8 hp)
The rogue follows, relying on his special skills just in case.
600 gp

(2) At-will: Short Sword, Throwing Daggers
(2) Utility: Reliable Talent, Sneaky
(1) Daily: Killing Strike

Alaeros, Human Fighter (17 ac, 10 hp)
The most powerful, the party shouldn’t wait too long for him to step up.
100 gp

(2) At-will: Battle Axe, Great Axe
(2) Utility: Battle Master, Action Surge
(1) Daily: Lunging Attack
(1) Treasure: Claws of the Umber Hulk

Nymmestra, Sun Elf Wizard (14 ac, 6 hp)
Nestled in protective fourth, the wizard waits for her time to strike.
200 gp

(2) At-will: Shocking Grasp, Poison Spray
(2) Utility: True Strike, Dimension Door
(1) Daily: Disintegrate
(2) Treasure: Robe of Eyes, Ring of the Ram

Barrowin, Gold Dwarf Cleric (16 ac, 8 hp)
Her role is blessing the party with the advantage.
100 gp

(2) At-will: Warhammer, Blessed Mace
(2) Utility: Light, Cure Wounds
(1) Daily: Corona of Light

(2) Healing surges on the table.
No hero brings gold into the adventure.

Our heroes start on the Start Tile.

Talon (8 hp),

On the southwest edge, she attempts to disarm a trap.  She fails with a (5).  The trap is a “dud”.
Explores a corner tile with exit to the east. (white)
Monster draw: Fire Cultist.
No encounter.
The cultist moves adjacent to Talon and attacks, missing with a (1)+6.

Ratshadow (8 hp),
Adjacent to the Fire Cultist, he attacks with his short sword, missing with (2)+5.
Attempts to disarm a trap directly west, but fails with a (1)!  The trap is a “clear”.
With his Cunning Action, moves to the western cleared edge.
Explores a Massacre Site with exits north and south.  (white).
No monster draw.
No encounter.

Alaeros (10 hp),
Adjacent to the Fire Cultist, Alaeros takes his turn with his Great Axe.  He rolls a (3)+6 and misses!
Frustrated at the poor luck, he spends Action Surge and rolls again with an (8)+6 and defeats the cultist.  +2 XP (2 total).
Treasure item: Pouch of Copper worth 100gp.
Encounter event: Hidden Cache.  “As thanks for saving him. Mychasi reveals the location of a secret treasure.” Alaeros gains another 200gp.
Encounter event-attack: Invisible Stalker Attack.  “An ally of Cult of Howling Hatred, it tracks their enemies without mercy.”  Alaeros loses his Claws of the Umber Hulk and is hit with (12)+7. Alaeros at 8hp.

Nymmestra (6 hp),
Attempts to disarm a trap on the eastern half of the Start Tile.  Rolls another abysmal (1) and suffers a dart trap.  Nymmestra at 5 hp.
At the southern edge, explores a hallway with exit south.  (black)  This tile cuts off the room Alaeros is in.
Monster draw: Earth Cultist.
Encounter event: Dark Gift.  “A mysterious benefactor is willing to aid you…for a price.” She chooses to draw a treasure at the expense of a hero’s health.
Treasure item: Pouch of Copper, worth 100gp.

Alaeros at 6 hp.  The lost of 2 additional hit points is undocumented.
Earth Cultist moves adjacent to Nymmestra (and Barrowin) and rolls a (5)+7 and misses.
Stays put.
Encounter event: Trap Refresh. “Mechanisms all around you spin into place, ready to trigger again.”

Barrowin (8 hp),
Adjacent to the Earth Cultist, she attacks with a Blessed Mace, rolling a (6)+6 and missing.
She decides to stay put as she cannot make to an unexplored edge.
Encounter event: Cursed Item.  “The cultists add self-destructive items to their treasure just in case.” Having no treasure, she is unscathed.

Talon (8 hp),
Moves into the Massacre Site at the northern unexplored edge.
Attempting to disarm a trap, she rolls a (2) and trips an Arrow Trap.  Talon at 6hp.
Explores a corner tile with the passage turning east.  (black)
No monster draw.
Encounter event: Cutpurse.  “A thief dashes past, knife drawn, willing to take your money or your blood.” Taking 2 damage, Talon at 4 hp.

Ratshadow (8 hp),
Moves to the southern, unexplored edge of the Massacre Site.
With a (13), he successfully disarms a dart trap.
Explores a hallway tile with 4 traps before him.
No monster draw.
Encounter event: Weight of Greed.  “Stealing from the cult will always have repercussions.” Alaeros, having 300gp, suffers 2 damage.  Alaeros at 4hp.

Alaeros (4 hp),
Rushes back to stand adjacent to the Earth Cultist.
With Battle Axe, rolls a (3)+6 and misses!
Encounter event: Rage of Imix.  “Even a candle fire can grow into a blaze.” Each hero on this tile takes 2 damage.
Alaeros to 2 hp.  Nymmestra at 4hp.  Barrowin at 6 hp.

Nymmestra (4 hp),
using her Ring of the Ram, disables a “bare” trap on her tile.  She attacks the Earth Cultist with it, rolling another (1)+5! *
She rushes 4 spaces south through the hallway at the southern-most unexplored edge.
Explores a tile with exits west and south. (black)
No monster draw.
Encounter event: Exposed to the Elements.  “Air, Earth, Fire and Water attack you from all sides.

Talon at 3 hp, Ratshadow at 7 hp, Alaeros at 1 hp, Nymmestra at 3 hp, Barrowin at 5 hp.

* These rolls are true and not made up for fictional drama!

Barrowin (5 hp),
Attacks the Earth Cultist with Warhammer, rolling a miserable (4)+6.
She steps around the cultist to the eastern, unexplored edge.
Explores a tile with passages north and east.  (white)
Two monster draws: Doppelganger and Gnoll Archer.
Barrowin returns to the Start Tile.
No encounter.
Doppelganger moves adjacent to Barrowin and attacks with a wicket slam.  Rolling an (18)+4 it hits.  Barrowin at 4 hp.
Gnoll Archer fires an arrow at Alaeros, (13)+7 and hits.  Alaeros is down!


Talon (3 hp),
From two tiles away, she attacks with Long Bow firing at the doppelganger.  Rolling a (17)+8, she defeats the monster.
+1 XP (3 total)
Treasure item: Instrument of the Bards.
Encounter event: Burning Sacrifice.  “Those devoted to Imix are willing to sacrifice themselves and others.”
Talon at 2 hp.  A troglodyte appears on her tile.
The troglodyte attacks Ratshadow, rolling a (10)+5 and hits.  Ratshadow at 6 hp.

Ratshadow (6 hp), disadvantaged,
moves east into the start tile positioning himself one tile away from both the troglodyte and the Earth Cultist.  He attacks with Throwing Daggers.  Versus the troglodyte, rolls a (dis 12)+5, and defeats it.  +1 XP (4 total).
Versus the cultist, rolls a (dis 8)+5 and misses.
Tresure item: Healing Ember.
Encounter event: Grasping Tides.  “A wave of water clutches at your belongings.” Ratshadow loses his Healing Ember and takes 1 damage.  Ratshadow at 5 hp.

Alaeros (down),
spends the first of two Healing Surges and Alaeros at 5 hp.
Adjacent to the cultist, he attacks with Great Axe and rolls a (6)+6 and misses again!
Encounter event-attack: Magnetic Rocks. “These strange, sharp stones seem to be attracted to metal.”.  Alaeros loses 200gp and is attacked with an (9)+7 and escapes harm.

Nymmestra (3 hp),
returns to the Start Tile joining Alaeros and Barrowin.
Using her Ring of the Ram, disarms a fire trap and attacks the Earth Cultist.  She rolls a (10)+5 and misses, again!
Encounter event-attack: Thundering Boomerang.  “The Cultists of Howling Hatred are deadly accurate with their boomerangs.” Nymmestra is attacked twice, (13)+7, (6)+7, and hit once for 1 hp damage.  Nymmestra at 2 hp.
The Earth Cultist attacks Alaeros, rolling a (4)+7 and misses.

Barrowin (4 hp),
uses Cure Wounds and heals herself 3 plus an additional hp.  Barrowin at 8 hp.
adjacent to the Earth Cultist, attacks with Blessed Mace.  Rolls an (8)+6 and misses, again!
Races straight east to the Gnoll Archer and steps to the northern, unexplored edge.
Explores a Guard Room with exits west and east. (white)
Two monster draws: Earth Cultist, Hobgoblin Fighter.
An Earth Cultist attacks Alaeros, rolling a (2)+7 and misses.
An Earth Cultist moves adjacent to Barrowin and attacks, rolling an (18)+7 and hits.  Barrowin at 6 hp.
Hobgoblin Fighter moves adjacent to Barrowin, rolling a (3)+7 and misses.
Goblin Archer directs his arrow at Nymmestra.  Attacks, rolling a (4)+7 and misses.

Talon (2 hp),
moves into the center tile but only has enough time to attack the nearest Earth Cultist.
With her longbow, she rolls a (15)+8 and hits.  The Earth Cultist has 1 hp left.
Encounter event: Attack from Shadows.  “The Cult of Elemental Evil has agents everywhere.” Barrowin at 4 hp.

Ratshadow (5 hp),
moves one trap east and attacks the Earth Cultist and Gnoll Archer with his Throwing Daggers.  Versus earth cultist, rolls an (8)+5 and misses.  Versus the Gnoll Archer, rolls a (5)+5 and misses!
With his cunning action, runs into the most eastern tile at the most eastern, unexplored edge.
Explores a passageway with exits north and east. (black)
Monster draw: Fire Bat.
Encounter event: Deception. “Under the cover of darkness, evil makes its move.” An Earth Cultist moves adjacent to Ratshadow.
Fire Bat moves adjacent to Ratshadow, attacks and misses with a (5)+5.

Alaeros (5 hp),
races to the tile east and adjacent to three monsters.
With Lunging Attack, targets the Gnoll Archer, rolls a (15)+6 and hits!
The Gnoll Archer is defeated.  +2 XP (6 total)
An Earth Cultist loses 1  hp (1 remaining).
A Hobgoblin Fighter is defeated! +2 XP (8 total)
Treasure item: Pouch of Copper, worth 100gp.
Alaeros spends Battle Master to avoid an Encounter.

Nymmestra (2 hp),
Moves 6 spaces to become adjacent to an Earth Cultist.
Attacks with Shocking Grasp, rolling a (1)+7 and misses!
Moves one tile to the far eastern, unexplored edge.
Explores a hallway tile with the passage continuing east. (black)
No monster draw.
Encounter event-attack: Hailstorm. “Large shards of ice descend from above.”
The heroes spend 5XP to cancel.  (3 total)

Barrowin (4 hp),
moves north into the Guard Room.  She is adjacent to an Earth Cultist and stands on the western, unexplored edge.
Attacks with Blessed Mace, rolls a natural (20)+6.  The cultist is defeated! +3 XP (6 total).
Treasure item: Pouch of Copper, worth 100 gp.
Explores a tile with passages west and north. (black)
Monster draw: Bugbear.
Encounter event: Rage of Imix. “Evan a candle fire can grow into a blaze.”
Too close to defeat, the party spends 5 XP to cancel.  (1 remain).
The Bugbear moves adjacent and attacks her, rolls a (14)+8 inflicting 2 hp damage.  Barrowin at 2 hp.


Talon (2 hp),
chooses to rush to the nearest, safest, unexplored edge in hopes revealing the Furnace Room.  She races to the Guard Room, giving up her opportunity to attack.
Explores the Furnace Room! (white)
Arkashic Thunn, Salamander makes its appearance!

Villain, Arkashic Thunn (10 hp),
moves south to the nearest monster, the Fire Bat, and attacks Nymmestra with a Blast of Fire.  Rolling a (3)+7, it misses yet inflicting 1 damage.  Nymmestra at 1 hp.

Ratshadow (5 hp),
uses Reliable Talent to gain an advantage.
Attacks Arkashic and the Fire Bat with throwing daggers.
Versus Arkashic, rolls (adv 20) + 5 and hits, for 2 damage.  Arkashic at 8 hp.
Versus Fire Bat, rolls (18) +5 and hits, defeating it! +1 XP (2 total).
Treasure item: Pouch of Copper, worth 100 gp.
Encounter event: Earthquake. “To the Earth Cultists, shaking the ground is child’s play.” Ratshadow and Alaeros are shaken and take 1 damage each.
Ratshadow at 4 hp.
Alaeros at 4 hp.

Villain, Arkashic Thunn (8 hp),
moves one tile west to join the Earth Cultist.  There are no heroes to attack.

Alaeros (4 hp),
runs in behind Arkashic and attacks it with Battle Axe.
Rolls a (19)+6 and hits!  A critical hit inflicts 2 damage on it.  Arkashic at 6 hp.
Alaeros steps two squares east, out of the salamander’s tile.
Encounter event-attack: Hidden Betrayal. “There might be a traitor among you.”  Attack is made to Alaeros (with highest AC).  Rolling a (15)+4, it hits inflicting 3 damage.  Alaeros at 1 hp.

Villain, Arkashic Thunn (6 hp),
activates the Earth Cultist and it moves adjacent to Ratshadow and attacks.  Rolling a (4)+7, it misses.

Nymmestra (2 hp),
uses True Strike to gain advantage.
Uses Disintegrate on Arkashic, rolling a (adv 14)+7 and hits.  She overchannels, inflicting an extra 1 hp damage.   Arkashic at 1 hp.  Nymmestra at 1 hp.
Encounter event: Cultist Gathering. “Usually uncooperative, something has united the four elemental cults.” An Empowered Air Cultist appears on Nymmestra’s tile.

Villain, Arkashic Thunn (2 hp),
activates the Earth Cultist and it moves adjacent to Ratshadow and attacks.  Rolling a (8)+7, it hits.  Ratshadow at 2 hp.
The Empowered Air Cultist attacks Nymmestra rolling (5)+5 and misses.

Barrowin (2 hp),
knows the adventure comes down to this moment.  She rushes into Arkashic’s tile and uses Corona of Light.  In doing so, she gains 1 hp.  Barrowin at 3 hp.
Targeting the villain, she rolls a miserable (1)+6!  She gains advantage and inflicts 1 meager hit point damage.

Arkashic is defeated!  The heroes win!


Replacing Air Cultist with Empowered Air Cultist (have been done, prior).
Add Dark Temptation Encounter card to Encounter deck.
Each hero gains 100 gold pieces.

Level 1 with 800 gp and Instrument of the Bards.

Level 1 with 800 gp.

Level 1 with 400 gp.

Level 1 with 400 gp and Robe of Eyes, Ring of the Ram.

Level 1 with 300 gp.

Rule clarifications experienced during game play

Q: With Corona of Light, when does Barrowin enjoy her advantage?
A: She will roll two dice on her next attack after Corona of Light.

Previous adventure: Adventure 3 Rotten in Red Larch (7/22/2016)
Next adventure: Adventure 5 Beneath the Sumber Hills (3.4.2018)



With the weakest attempt, Barrowin defeats the mighty villain.










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