MTG: Double strike, Source, and Scry

MTG_Markov BlademasterAs we introduce Shadows Over Innistrad,
into our collection, questions come to us novice players.  Here’s a few words about double strike, source, and scry.





Double strike,
isn’t all that difficult mechanic as long as you don’t overthink it.  The following video is a great tutorial.  It covers numerous examples and misconceptions.  It also reminds us novice players, there is a separate “first strike” step in combat prior to the normal step we’re accustomed to.  If you happen to kill your blocking opponent with first strike, you can attack normally to another blocking creature.  You cannot apply your free normal attack against a player because you were blocked.  However, left unblocked, your double strike creature will strike twice against your player-opponent.

is a key word you’ll see on occasion.  It usually means a “card”, often a permanent.  For example, a card that was responsible for or inflicted damage.  It is the source of the damage.


MTG_Flameblade Angel-Innistrad











is a keyword action allowing the player to look at the top X cards of his library and put them back in any order.


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