Eldritch Horror: Mountains of Madness diary chapters 4-6 (6/4/2016)

After 3 chapters of Mountains of Madness,

Our team of investigators travel the globe for mysteries, adventures, and expeditions.  Gates and monsters are kept to a minimum, but solving their first mystery is elusive as Gnoph-Keh are ruthless monsters!  Follow the fourth chapter and beyond.   This session began on June 4, 2016.

Chapters 1-3

Mistakes and omissions will happen.

Chapter4, Mark Harrigan is the lead investigator

Mark (8,4), in San Francisco,
Prepares and spends a train ticket.
Via Chicago (5), travels to Arkham.

Ursula (6,6), in the Himalayas,
Travels to Shanghai.
Acquires Asset: Patrolling the Streets.
Into reserve: Bandages.

Leo (4,4), in Buenos Aires,
Rests and cannot recover from Hypothermia or Paranoia.  Leo (4,5).
Travels to Ocean (11).

Akachi (4,6), in the Himalayas,
Rests, recovers from hypothermia.  Akachi (4,7).
Travels to Shanghai.

Lily (5,6), at the Miskatonic Outpost,
Rests, cannot recover from hypothermia.  Lily (5,6).
Her influence wins her an Antarctic Guide.

Mark (8,4),
Arkham encounter: The Silver Twilight Lodge asks him several riddles.  Even with a cheat sheet, Mark is unable to answer a single one.

Ursula (6,6),
Shanghai encounter: From a shine holding an abundance of relics, she improves Lore.  She is unaffected by hallucinogenic writings on the ceiling.

Akachi (4,7),
Shanghai encounter: Akachi convinces Chu Min to provide her resources of New China.  She improves Strength.

Lily (5,6),
Wraith encounter: Loses 2 Sanity and health with a miserably, failed attempt.  Spends a Clue.  Lily (3,4).

Mythos, Desperate Times
Omen moves to Eclipse.  Doom advances to 11.
Reckoning in order of (Monsters, AO, Mythos Cards, Possessions and Conditions)
Monster: Lloigor, has no affect.
AO: Mark acquires Hypothermia.  Leo suffers from “Cold Shock” and loses 1 health and sanity.  Leo (3,4).  Akachi suffers from “Numbness”, loses 1 health and has a Back InjuryAkachi (3,7).  Lily suffers from “Frost Bite” and loses 1 health.  Lily (2,4).
Mythos: Mi-Go appears in Siberia (19).
Mythos: Second of four tokens is removed from the Horror in the Museum card.
Leo overcomes his cursed condition.
Leo’s will fights off his Paranoia.
Gate opens in Plateau of Leng with a Goat Spawn.
Gate opens in London with a Ghoul.
Mark refuses a dark pact.  Doom advances to 9.

Chapter 5, Lily is the lead investigator

Actions starting with Lily (2,4), in Miskatonic Outpost,
Rests and cannot overcome her hypothermia.  Lily (2,5).
Receives the all-important focus token.

Mark (8,4), in Arkham,
Gains a focus token.
Travels to London.

Ursula (6,6), in Shanghai,
Prepares and spends a ship ticket.
Via Indonesia (20) travels to Sydney.

Leo (3,4), in Ocean (11),
Travels to South Africa (15).
Gains a Focus token.

Akachi (3,7), in Shanghai,
Prepares and spends a ship ticket.Via Tokyo, travels to Siberia (19) to the Rumor.

Encounters starting with Lily (2,4), in Miskatonic Outpost,
Monster encounter: Wraith.  Loses 2 sanity.  With 6 rolls, spending Focus, Rabbit’s foot, and Guide only produces 1 success!  Lily takes 1 damage.  Lily (1,2).

Mark (8,4), in London,
Monster encounter: Ghoul. Fails sanity test (with 5 rolls).  Defeats the Ghoul.  Mark (8,3).
Epic monster encounter: Rhan-Tegoth (7 Toughness).  Loses 1 sanity. Loses 2 health, Rhan-Tegoth has a toughness of 6. Mark (6,2)

Ursula (6,6), in Sydney,
Monster encounter: Lloigor. Loses 1 sanity. Loses 2 health. Ursula (4,5). Spent a clue. Lloigor toughness is 3.

Leo (3,4), in South Africa (15),
City encounter: Sneaks out of shop with stolen goods.  Spending his focus token help him escape detention.  He walks away with a Vatican Missionary from the reserve.  To the reserve: Newspaper report.

Akachi (3,7), in Siberia,
Monster encounter, Goat Spawn: Passes sanity test. Spends 3 clues to reroll and defeat the Goat Spawn.  With a toughness of 2, it goes on the Rumor Mythos card.   She takes a Dark Pact to remove the Wraith at Miskatonic Outpost.
Monster encounter, Mi-Go: Passes sanity test.  Strength test is total failure, takes 2 damage.  Akachi (1,7).

Mythos, Abandoned Goals
Omen track moves to constellation. Doom advances to 8.
Monster surge! Riot and Star Spawn appear in London.
Clue appears in Istanbul.
Ursula surrenders her task: Patrolling the Streets.

Chapter 6, Lily is the lead investigator

Actions starting with Lily (1,2), at Miskatonic Outpost,
Rests, recovering from hypothermia. Lily (1,3).
Travels to Lake Camp.

Mark (6,2), in London,
Rests, overcoming his paranoia but not his hypothermia.  Mark (6,3).
Knows he’s outmatched, escapes to Rome.

Ursula (4,5) in Sydney,
Acquires asset: Bandages.  To the reserve is Blunderbuss.
Rests.  Ursula (5,6).

Leo (3,4), in South Africa (15),
Rests and overcomes his paranoia and hypothermia.  Leo (3,5).
Travels to The Heart of Africa.

Akachi (3,7), in Siberia,
Travels to Tokyo,
Rests and recovers from Hypothermia but not her back injury.  Akachi (1,7).

Encounters starting with Lily (1,3), at Lake Camp,
Research encounter: Professor Lake copied a message written in the language of the elder things.  She successfully decodes it.  She gains a clue.  The active mystery advances!

Adventure III: Journey to Another World
Mystery 2: A Spreading Storm

Mark (6,3), in Rome,
Rome encounter: Using Focus, he persuades the Vatican to listen to his story.  He is given a Blessed condition.

Ursula (5,6), in Sydney,
Monster encounter, Lloigor (toughness 3): Loses 2 sanity, Spends 1 clue to inflict 1 damage but suffers 2.  Ursula (3,4).

Leo (3,5), in The Heart of Africa,
Wilderness encounter: Cave paintings lead Leo into claustrophobic passages.  His wilderness skills overcomes panic and he finds an artifact: Grotesque Statue (5 clue tokens).

Akachi (1,7), in Tokyo,
Tokyo encounter: She asks the enigmatic Dragon Lords for help.  Her lack of influence dooms her.

Mythos, Dimensional Instability
Omen advances to comet: Doom track keeps at 8.
Monster Surge: Results in a gate spawning at Tunguska with Serpent People.  The monster immediately relocates to the Amazon.
Clue appears in Indonesia (20).
No comet gates means no gates discarded.

Overwhelmed by the odds.  The investigators concede the session.

Rule clarifications experienced during play

Are conditions rolls considered “tests” in regards to bonuses or curses?
No, they are not considered tests.

Can Ursula’s apply her ability to spend one fewer Focus on Ithaqua’s reckoning to avoid catching hypothermia?
Yes.  It applies to more than re-rolls.

Revisiting Return of the Ancient Ones, would you put a Mi-Go on space 19 although it may leave on the next reckoning?
House Rules, dictate yes. The monster does make a presence, at least through one round.  The investigators better make there quick.

Which comes first to combat?  Epic or non-epic?
Each non-epic monster must be encountered before each Epic monster.

Is a discarded monster considered “defeated”?
No, a defeated monster must have taken damage from combat.

Can you discard an epic monster?
No.  That would be too easy, wouldn’t it?

An encounter failure results in explicitly gaining a Back Injury.  The investigator already possesses a Back Injury.  What happens?
Since, by rule, and investigator cannot have duplicate conditions, nothing happens.

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