Eldritch Horror: Mountains of Madness diary chapters 1-3 (6/4/2016)

Mountains of Madness,
in a session of Eldritch Horror.  In a 5-investigator session, will the team of brave explorers have the strategy to defeat the Ancient One and save the world?  A period piece story ripped out of the 1920’s, it began on June 4, 2016.

The Ancient One
Ithaqua, The Wind Walker
Mystery: The Gnoph-Keh Attack!
Doom track at 13.
Omen track on comet.

The investigators

Mark Harrigan, the soldier
Out of Northern Europe (14), with a .38 revolver, and kerosene
The mystery hunter, Harrigan has the courage to step up going where he must and do what is needed.

Ursula Downs, the explorer
Out of The Heart of Africa, with a mineralogy research asset and a skill improvement (+1 Will).
Volunteering to explore Antarctica, Ursula will use her skills to keep an eye on the southern pole.

Leo Anderson, the expedition leader
Out of Buenos Aires, Argentina, with a hired muscle asset
Leo will be assigned to expeditions wherever they may be.

Akachi Onyele, the shaman
Out of South Africa (15), with a mists of Releh spell and a clue.
Akachi will use her prowess to chase down gates and close them.

Lily Chen, the martial artist
Out of Shanghai, China, with a Protective Amulet and a Lucky Rabbit’s Foot.
Lily hates rumors.  The group’s secret weapon, she will get to the bottom of them.

The beginning
Two gates spawn, one in ToSan Francisco with a Maniac.  The second in Arkham with a Rat-Thing.
Three clues; Misatonic Outpost, Canada (4), and San Francisco
The Expedition token is on Tunguska.
Reserve assets: Vatican Missionary, Cultist’s Journal, Witch Doctor, Profane Tome

Prelude: Doomsayer from Antarctica
Adventure: Seeds of Darkness.   Adventure token goes to Himalayas.
Ursula becomes the Lead Investigator and chooses to travel to The Himalayas.

Mistakes and omissions will happen.

Chapter 1

Ursula (6,6), at the Himalayas,
gains a Focus token.

Leo (6,6), in Buenos Aires,
prepares and spends a ship ticket,
via Panama travels to San Francisco.

Akachi (5,7), in South Africa (15),
prepares and spends a ship ticket,
via West Africa travels to Caribbean Ocean (8).

Lily (6,6), in Shanghai,
prepares and spends a ship ticket,
via Tokyo travels to San Francisco.

Mark (8,4), in Northern Europe (14),
prepares and spends a rail ticket,
via Moscow (14) travels to Tunguska.

has an adventure encounter: fails 5 attempts to discover black seeds and loses her focus token.

is ambushed by a Gnoph-Keh!  In combat, he passes Will test but loses 2 health.  Leo (4,6).

has a sea encounter: Discovering a signal fire on a small island, she searches the beaches for life.  She spots a person hiding behind large stones.  Gains a Clue and Monster Hunter ally.

is ambushed by a Gnoph-Key!  in combat, she passes Will test but loses 2 health.  Lily (4,6).

has an expedition encounter: Stone crumbles beneath Mark’s feet revealing a hollowed chamber.  Finding a safe way to get inside, he finds a temple with scorched human remains.   He fails to resist the urge to run away and escapes in a mad panic.  He gains a Paranoia Condition.  Expedition moves to the Himalayas.

Mythos, Return of the Ancient Ones
Clue to the Heart of Africa.
Rumor to Siberia (19).

Chapter 2, Leo becomes the lead investigator

Leo (4,6), in San Fransisco,
retreats to Panama (7) and acquires assets.  Goes into Debt to collect a Cultist’s Journal and a Profane Tome.

Going into reserve: Delivery Service, Private Care

Akachi (5,7), in Caribbean Ocean,
Travels to Arkham and her Monster Hunter defeats the Rat-Thing.

Lily (4,6), in San Francisco,
retreats to Panama (7) with Leo and rests.  Lily (5,6).

Mark (8,4), in Tunguska,
moves to Siberia (19) and rests, failing to overcome his paranoia.

Ursula (6,6), in the Himalayas,
Gains focus token.

has a city encounter: A shop is robbed while he is browsing!  He fends off the thieves and the store owner gives him an Urban Guide ally.

has an Other World encounter:  City of the Great Race.  She finds books of wisdom on a high, stone shelf.  She tries to translate them and succeeds.  She closes the gate and returns.  Strange dreams plague her but she explore visions of the Great Race and gains a clue.  She moves to San Francisco.

has a city encounter:Corrupt members of the police pressure her for a bribe.  Her influence and her Lucky’s Rabbit Foot helps take care of her problem.  Apologetic, the police tell her of a clue at the South Pacific (18).

has a city encounter: Wandering through a antique book store, he is unable to decipher the organizational system.  Maybe a great tome could be found.   Who knows?

tries again at the adventure encounter: Discovers the black seeds and they are alive and hostile.  Doom retreats to 14.

Excavating the Elder Things
The adventure token moves to Lake Camp.
Mythos, The Horror in the Museum
Clue spawns at Pacific Ocean (2)
A Rhan-Tegoth spawns in London.

Chapter 3, Leo is the lead investigator

Leo (4,6), in Panama (7),
fails to get out of debt.  Travels to Buenos Aires.

Akachi (5,7) in San Francisco,
Monster Hunter ally defeats the Maniac.  Acquires Assets and goes into Debt condition.  She takes a Witch Doctor ally.

To reserve: Patrolling the Streets task

Lily (5,6), in Panama (7),
Goes into Debt, to travel to the Miskatonic Outpost.
She resolves her debt.
Mark (8,4), in Siberia (19),
Travels to Alaska (1).  Tries to rest but is still paranoid.

Ursula (6,6), in the Himalayas,
Takes a focus token.

has a Buenos Aires encounter: An old woman warns Leo has angered Yig and teaches him a ritual spell: Banishment.  With his lack of Lore, he learns nothing and become Paranoid.

With help of her Mists of Releh, she avoids encountering the Gnoph-Keh.  However, she loses 1 health and sanity.  Akachi (4,6).
Other World encounter: Plateau of Leng.  Through a blinding snowstorm, she decides to use her strength and press on.  Spending her focus token, she succeeds and closes the gate and improves her Will.  She returns to the Himalayas.

Clue encounter: She hears Professor Lake’s voice over the radio.  But, he’s dead!  Having a conversation with him, she learns what had happened and gains the clue.

is ambushed by a Gnoph-Keh!  Passes Will test.  With Kerosene, defeats the Gnoph-Keh.  The first Eldritch token goes on the Mystery card.

has an expedition encounter: Ducks into a cave with twisted tunnels.  Her observation succeeds and finds a well-lit laboratory.  She finds a human brain inside a cylinder and speaks to it.  She finds the will to speak with it. The brain tells where the mi-go keeps their equipment.  She takes an artifact: Crystal of the Elder Things.
In addition, she takes advantage of Mineralogy Research and gains 2 clues.  Expedition token moves to The Pyramids.

Mythos, Ancient Guardians
Omen track moves to Constellation.
Reckoning in order of (Monsters, AO, Mythos Cards, Possessions and Conditions)
Monsters: No effect.
Ancient One: Mark and Ursula spend Focus.  Leo, Akachi, and Lily gain Hypothermia condition.
Mythos: Goat Spawn appears in Siberia (19).
Mythos: First of four tokens is removed from the Horror in the Museum card.
Mark/Paranoia: Passes Will test.
Leo/Debt, Make a Deal: Leo declines a Dark Pact but Doom advances to 13 and is out of debt.
Leo/Paranoia, Agoraphobia: Loses 2 sanity.  Leo (4,4).
Akachi/Debt, Local Authorities: Evades police and is out of debt.
Gate appears in Miskatonic Outpost with a Witch.  Leo is Cursed.
Gate appears in Sydney with a Lloigor.
Event: Ghoul and Tcho-tcho appears at The Pyramids.

Rule clarifications experienced during play

What is the benefit of focus?
Spend 1 focus to re-roll one die when resolving a test.

Must Ursula Downs possess a Focus token to spend one less focus token?
No, she may have a free Focus re-roll once per round regardless if she owns a Focus token or not.

Where do defeated monsters go?
They go to the Monster Cup and be re-chosen, at random.

Can you attempt to resolve your debt on the same turn you acquired it?
Yes, you may.

In Return of the Ancient Ones, what happens when you spawn a monster meant for space 19 but the instructions say the monster goes elsewhere?  For example, The Colour Out of Space.
House rules dictate that the result of a Reckoning is having a monster spawn on Space 19 in order to perpetuate the Rumor.  Therefore, if the monster is unable to remain, it is returned to the Monster Cup and another monster is drawn.

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