Temple of Elemental Evil: Adventure 2 The Cult of the Howling Hatred (5/29/2016)


The Cult of the Howling Hatred,
is the second campaign adventure of Dungeons and Dragons: Temple of Elemental Evil board game.  Continuing the campaign from May 2016 , it is another 5-hero quest to defeat the Air Elemental and rescue a prisoner.

Survivors have made their way to the village of Red Larch.  You hear that a prisoner was captured by cultists.  You and other heroes decide to hatch a rescue plan.

Mistakes and omissions may happen.

Talon, Human Ranger (15 ac, 8 hp)
300 gp
Takes the lead position, this adventure.

(2) At-will: Long Bow, Scimitars
(2) Utility: Danger Sense, Goodberry
(1) Ensnaring Strike

Alaeros, Human Fighter (17 ac, 10 hp)
0 gp
The team’s muscle, Alaeros will be the first to draw blood and is placed second.

(2) At-will: Battle Axe, Dagger
(2) Utility: Battle Master, Action Surge
(1) Daily: Lunging Attack
(1) Treasure: Claws of the Umber Hulk

Nymmestra, Sun Elf Wizard (14 ac, 6 hp)
200 gp
Her unique skills and ability to change strategy places her in the middle.

(2) At-will: Shocking Grasp, Poison Spray
(2) Utility: True Strike, Dimension Door
(1) Daily: Burning Hands

Ratshadow, Lightfoot Halfling Rogue (14 ac, 8 hp)
200 gp
Placed fourth, the team looks to him for his cunning actions and sneaky behaviors.

(2) At-will: Short Sword, Throwing Daggers
(2) Utility: Reliable Talent, Sneaky
(1) Daily: Killing Strike

Barrowin, Gold Dwarf Cleric (16 ac, 8 hp)
0 gp
Placed last, she looks to get over her bad luck and opportunities to heal the group.

(2) At-will: Warhammer, Light Crossbow
(2) Utility: Light, Cure Wounds
(1) Daily: Radiance of the Dawn

(2) Healing surges on the table.
No hero brings gold into the adventure.

Our five heroes stand at the Massacre Site with exits to the E, S, and W.

Talon (8 hp),
Moves to unexplored edge of the far east tile.  Stands on a trap.
Fails to disarm the trap, rolling a (2).
The trap is BARE.
Explores a tile with passages east and south. (black)
Draws a Gnoll Archer.
Encounter event: Robber.  A Fire Bat appears on the tile.
(8)Archer attacks Nymmestra, misses with a (7)+6.
Fire Bat moves adjacent to Talon and attacks, misses with  (6)+5.

Alaeros (10 hp),
Moves 6 squares and adjacent to both Gnoll Archer and the Fire Bat.
With Claws of the Umber Hulk, attacks the Gnoll rolling (8)+4 and misses.
Encounter event: Elemental Blessing.  Nothing happens.

Nymmestra (6 hp),
With Chill Touch, attacks Fire Bat, rolling (18)+5 and defeats it.
+1 XP, 1 Total.
Gains treasure item: Robe of Eyes.
Moves 6 squares into the Gnoll’s tile to the southern unexplored edge.
Explores a corner tile with exit west.  (black)
Draws a Doppelganger.  It takes her place and Nymmestra moves to the Start tile.
Encounter event: Dark Gift.  Nymmestra takes a Ring of the Ram.
Alaeros takes 2 damage.  Alaeros at 8 hp.
Doppelganger moves adjacent to Alaeros and attacks with (8)+4 and misses.

Ratshadow (8hp),
Moves 5 squares east with Nymmestra to the southern, unexplored edge and on a trap.
With Cunning Action, moves to disarm the trap with an (19).  Successful but the trap was EMPTY.
With Throwing Daggers, attacks Gnoll and Doppelganger,vs. Gnoll: (1)+5 and misses.
vs. Doppleganger: (10)+5 and defeats it.
+1 XP, 2 total.
Gains treasure: Pouch of Copper, +100 gp.
Explores Oubliette with passages east and west. (white)
No monster is drawn.

Barrowin (8hp),
Moves one tile east.
Attacks Gnoll Archer with Light Crossbow, rolling a (16)+6, and hits.  Gnoll to 1 hp.
Encounter event: Grasping Tides.  Barrowin at 6 hp.

Talon (8 hp),
Attacks Gnoll with Long Bow, rolls a (4)+8 and misses.
Moves east, around but adjacent to the Gnoll.
Explores a open passageway with exits north, east, and south. (white)
Draws an Air Cultist and a Fire Cultist..
Gnoll Archer attacks Barrowin: (19)+7 and hits.  Barrowin at 5 hp.
Air Cultist attacks Talon: (6)+4 and misses.
Fire Cultist attacks Talon: (14)+6 and hits. Talon at 7 hp.

Alaeros (8 hp),
With Dagger, attack the Gnoll rolling a (9)+10 and defeats the Gnoll.
+2 XP, 4 total.
Gains treasure fortune: Adrenaline Surge.
Moves one tile east to the southern unexplored edge.
With Adrenaline Surge, attacks the adjacent Air Cultist with Dagger, (15)+10 and defeats it.
+1 XP, 5 total.
Explores a tile with passages east and south. (white)
Hobgobline Fighter moves adjacent to him and attacks, (6)+7 and misses.
Bugbear moves adjacent to Alaeros and attacks with spiky club, (7)+8 and misses.

Nymmestra (6 hp),
Utility: Dimension Door and teleports two tiles east to the eastern, unexplored edge.
With Chill Touch, attacks Bugbear with (12)+5 and hits.  The Bugbear has 1 hp and is STUNNED.
Explores Pool of Olhyrda (white).
Draws 3 monsters; Hobgoblin Fighter, Troglodyte, and a Water Cultist.
Hobgoblin Fighter moves adjacent to Nymmestra, rolls a (2)+7 and misses.
Hobgoblin Fighter attacks Alaeros, rolls a (1)+7 and misses.
Troglodyte moves adjacent to Nymmestra attacking with its diseased claws, (14)+5 and hits.  Nymmestra at 5 hp.
Water Cultist, moves adjacent to Nymmestra, attacks her with a (13)+6 and hits.  Nymmestra at 4 hp and she moves one tile south to its unexplored edge.

Ratshadow (8 hp),
Moves behind Talon.
Utility: Reliable Talent.  Gains Advantage.
With Throwing Daggers attacks.
vs. Troglodyte: (12 adv)+5 and defeats it.
vs. Hobgoblin Fighter (8 adv)+5 and misses.
+1 XP, 6 total.
Gains treasure fortune: Chest of Gold. +300 gp.
Encounter event: Deception. The stunned Bugbear is adjacent to him.

Barrowin (5 hp),
Aims for a Hobgoblin Fighter with her Light Crossbow.  Rolls a (17)+6 and defeats (card controlled by Alaeros is removed).
+2 XP, 8 total.
Gains treasure item: Healing Potion.
Moves one tile east.
Encounter event: Cutpurse.  Barrowin takes damage.  Barrowin at 3 hp.

Talon (7 hp),
Moves northeast to northern unexplored edge of tile.
Attacks Fire Cultist with Long Bow, (6)+8 and defeats it.
Fiery Deathburst!
Barrowin at 2 hp.
Ratshadow at 7 hp.
+2 XP, 10 total.
Gains treasure item: Potion of Stonewalk.
Explores Earth Alter with exit north. (white)
No monsters

Alaeros (8 hp),
Moves two squares and adjacent to two monsters.
With Claws of the Umber Hulk, attacks Water Cultist.  Rolls (13)+4 and defeats it.
Utility: Action Surge.
With Dagger, attacks Hobgoblin Fighter.  Rolls (9)+10 and defeats it.
+4 XP, 14 total.
Gains treasure item: Exploding Gem.
Encounter event: Trap Refresh.
Bugbear, stunned, does not activate.

Nymmestra (4 hp),
Moves two tiles northwest, joining Ratshadow and Barrowin.
With Ring of the Ram, defeats the Bugbear.
+3 XP, 17 total.
Gains treasure item: Healing Ember.  Uses it immediately on Barrowin.  Barrowin at 6 hp.
Encounter event: Terra Reformation.  It is cancelled.
-5 XP, 12 total.

Ratshadow (7 hp),
Moves twice to the northern, unexplored edge of Earth Alter.
With Cunning Action, disarms a spear trap with a (13) .
Explores a hallway tile with exit north. (black)
No monsters are drawn.
Encounter event-attack: Hidden Betrayal.  It is cancelled.
-5 XP, 7 total.

Barrowin (6 hp),
Utility: Cure Wounds.  Nymmestra at 7 hp.
Healer: Barrowin at 7 hp,
Moves twice to the southeast most tile, to the southern, unexplored edge.
Explores the Furnace Room with exits east and west.  (white)
Draws a Troglodyte and an Earth Cultist.
Both monsters will move into Barrowin’s tile and adjacent to her.
Troglodyte rolls a (11)+5 and hits her.
Earth Cultist rolls a (11)+7 and hits her.
Barrowin at 4 hp.

Talon (7 hp),
Attacks Earth Cultist with Long Bow.  Rolls a (20)+8 and hits.  Critical damage and defeats it.
+3 XP, 10 total.
Gains treasure fortune: Pouch of Copper.  +100 gp.
Moves into Barrowin’s tile to the eastern, unexplored edge.
Reveals the Air Altar. (white)

Special adventure rules are in play.
The villain, Air Elemental, enters play in the Air Altar.
Ally, Mychasi, appears near the back of the Air Node.

Air Elemental (10 hp),
Moves into Talon’s tile and attacks her with Blast of Wind.  Rolls a (19)+7 and hits.  Talon at 6 hp.

Mychasi moves one tile west.

Alaeros (8 hp),
Uses Exploding Gem.
vs. Air Elemental: (10)+4 and hits.  Air Elemental at 8 hp.
vs. Troglodyte: (12)+4 and defeats it.
+1 XP, 11 total.
Treasure fortune: Blessing of Mask.  Gains +100 gp.
Utility: Battle Master.  No encounter card is drawn.

Air Elemental (8 hp),
Whirlwind attack!
vs Talon: (8)+7 and hits.  Talon to 4 hp and moves one tile east.
vs. Barrowin: (12)+7 and hits.  Barrowin to 2 hp and moves one tile east.

Nymmestra (7 hp),
Moves one tile east.
Utility: True Strike.  She and Alaeros gains Advantage.
Daily: Burning Hands.  Attacks Air Elemental.  Rolls (18 adv) + 7 and hits.  With Overchannel, strikes the elemental for 4 damage.  Air Elemental at 4 hp.  Nymmestra at 6 hp.
Encounter event-attack: Invisible Stalker Attack.  It is cancelled.
-5 XP, 6 total.

Air Elemental (4 hp),
Moves one tile north.
Attacks Alaeros with a Blast of Wind.  Rolls a (14)+7 and hits.  Alaeros at 7 hp.

Ratshadow (7 hp),
Moves one tile south and adjacent to the Air Elemental.
Daily: Killing Strike.  Attacks Air Elemental rolling a (12)+5 and hits.  Air Elemental at 2 hp.
Encounter event-attack: Choking Ash.  It is cancelled.
-5 XP, 1 total.

Air Elemental (2 hp),
vs. Nymmestra: (11)+7 and hits.  Nymmestra at 5 hp and moves one tile west.
vs. Ratshadow: (12)+7 and hits.  Ratshadow at 5 hp and moves one tile west.
vs. Alaeros: (6)+7 and misses.  Alaeros at 6 hp and moves one tile west.

Barrowin (2 hp),
Uses Healing Potion.  Barrowin at 4 hp.
Moves 2 squares north to be one tile away from the Air Elemental.
With Light Crossbow, attacks the elemental rolling a (10)+6 and hits.  Air Elemental at 1 hp.
Encounter event: Dark Gift.  She takes a Pouch of Copper for +100 gp.  Talon at 4 hp.

Air Elemental (1 hp),
Moves one tile west.
Attacks Alaeros with Blast of Wind.  Rolls (9)+7 and misses.

Talon (4 hp),
Moves two tiles north.
Attacks Air Elemental with Ensnaring Strike.  Rolls a (16)+6 and hits.  The Air Elemental is defeated!

The heroes win with two healing surges and rescuing Mychasi!


Adding encounter card: Hidden Cache.
Adding encounter card: Cultist Attack.
Adding treasure card: Thundering Boomerang.

Talon sells her Potion of Stonewalk for 300 gp..

Level 1 with 700 gp.

Level 1 with 100 gp and Claws of the Umber Hulk.

Level 1 with 200 gp and Robe of Eyes, Ring of the Ram.

Level 1 with 600 gp.

Level 1 with 100 gp.

Previous adventure: Adventure 1 Escape (5/1/2016)
Next adventure: Adventure 3 Rotten in Red Larch (7/22/2016)


The moment Talon finishes the Air Elemental


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