Why Legend of Drizzt?

WhyLegendOfDrizztWhy Legend of Drizzt?
We answer many questions why this should join your collection of Dungeons and Dragons board games.   It may be the best of the first three entries!

Why did I buy it?
Other than brand loyalty, I had read positive reviews.  Not getting everything what I wanted out of Wrath of Ashardalon, I looked to Legend of Drizzt.

Describe what’s different, thematically
The renegade dark elf, Drizzt Do’Urden, is the spotlight hero set in a place named, Mithral Hall, that had been conquered by a shadow dragon.   His infamy brings enemies after him.  With a new team of heroes, you’ll explores caverns instead of dungeons.

Describe what’s different, mechanically
You’ll have 8 hero characters to choose from including a few interesting rogues.  Some heroes come with a new mechanic, called stances, where you choose combat or defensive bonuses.   The treasures are more generous and they’re merciful opportunities to skip a monster spawn and if you’re really lucky, avoid injury from a few encounter cards.

What’s the best part about the game?
To say it’s easier to win would be too selfish.   The Legend of Drizzt better balances hero powers, monsters, treasures and encounter cards giving the player both a challenge and the opportunity to appreciate a game experience more than staring at your dwindling health.

What’s the worst part about the game?
As a stand alone game, its pretty good.  Ambiguous rules are still to be experienced.  After three games, it’s enough of one-and-done adventures, and time for a campaign mode.  Something their 4th edition, Temple of Elemental Evil, provides.

Enough! Is it fun?
Yes.  Playing the legendary Drizzt, is seeing an action hero up close.  If you want a bigger challenge, leave him out of your party.  With a 8 characters to choose, you can make your own league of extraordinary heroes!

Replay value?
Very high.   This is what an hour-long, role playing to board game should be like.  True, after three purchases into the franchise, you’ll want more.  Enjoy this and begin your campaigns into The Temple of Elemental Evil.

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