Legend of Drizzt: The Primordial Awakes! (4/23/2016)

It’s been ages,

since we’ve played one of our favorite board games.  After sessions of Castle Ravenloft and Ashardalon, we resurrect Drizzt in an all-out campaign.  From Dungeons and Dragons: The Legend of Drizzt, comes a 5-hero session of Adventure 13: The Primordial Awakes!

Awaken by a  dwarven ghost screaming “Help us,”, Bruenor looks out his balcony to the city of Maegera below.  A giant beast has awakened and only bowls filled with magical waters will extinguish the Fiery Pit.

Mistakes and omissions may happen.

Artemis Enteri, Human Assassin (8 hp)
His stealth makes him first choice to lead the party.

(2) At-will: Vampiric Dagger, Saber of Wounding
(1) Daily: Duelist Poise
(2) Utility: Parry and Strike, Fast Learner
(1) Treasure item: Potion of Healing

Drizzt Do’Urden, Drow Ranger (8 hp)
The legendary hero is placed high in order giving him early chances to defeat monsters.

(2) At-will: Icinging Death, Twinkle
(1) Daily: Inspirational Strike
(1) Utility: Figurine of Gunhwyvar, Darkfire
(1) Treasure item: Bracers of the Blinding Strike

Catti-Brie, Human Archer (6 hp)
Her ranged attacks will clear the battlefield before things get out of hand.

(2) At-will: Khazid’Hea, Taulmaril
(1) Daily: Massive Volley
(2) Utility: Heartseeker Stance, Adder’s Strike Stance
(1) Treasure item: Flask of Oil

Jarlaxle Baenre, Drow Mercenary (8 hp)
The wild card of the group, Jarlaxle is expected to change tactics when needed.

(2) At-will: Dueling Rapier, Bracer of Daggers
(1) Daily: Blade Flurry
(2) Utility: Cloud of Darkness, Drow Cloak
(2) Treasure items: Cure Potion, Scrimshaw Charm

Bruenor Battlehammer, Dwarf Fighter (10 hp)
His specialized survival skills will be called on, helping the group press with their quest.

(1) At-will: Notched Axe
(4) Utility: Clan Battlehammer Shield, Power Strike, Legendary Knowledge Dwarven Ale
(1) Treasure item: Potion of Healing

The Heroes stand on the start tile with passages; NE, E, SE, SW, W.

Artemis Entreri (8 hp),
Explores the western edge revealing a Dwarven Statue tile. (white)
Draws a Spider Swarm.
No encounter.
Spider swarm attacks each of the 5 heroes sharing the tile!
Artemis: (13)+7 and hits.  Artemis is poisoned.
Drizzt:  (18)+7 and hits: Drizzt is poisoned.
Catti: (20)+7 and hits: Catti is poisoned.
Jarlaxle: (4)+7 and misses.
Bruenor: (8)+7 and misses.

Drizzt Do’Urden (8 hp) is poisoned,
Takes 1 poison damage.  Drizzt at 7 hp and poisoned.
Moves into the Dwarven Statue tile at the southern unexplored edge.  While adjacent attacks with Twinkle rolling (12)+6 defeating the Spider Swarm.
+2 XP, 2 total.
Twinkle receives a Stance.
Gains treasure fortune: Follow Through.  It is wasted.
Rolling a (15), Drizzt overcomes his poison.
Explores an open passageway with exits E, S, and W. (black)
Draws a Goblin Cutter.
Encounter trap: The Juicer
The Goblin Cutter moves into Drizzt’s tile.  Rolling a (16)+7, he hits him.  Drizzt uses his stance to nullify damage.
The Juicer trap make Drizzt take 1 hp damage.  Drizzt at 6 hp.
The Juicer trap kills the Goblin Cutter before moving into the Start Tile where Bruenor has the  most hit points.

Catti-Brie (6 hp) is poisoned,
Takes 1 poison damage, Catti at 5 hp and poisoned.
Stance is on Heartseeker.
Catti attempts to disable The Juicer, rolling (17).  It is disarmed.
Rolling an (11), Catti overcomes her poison.
Explores a narrow passage to her south. (white)
Draws a Drow Duelist.
No encounter.
The Drow Duelist moves into the start tile, adjacent to 4 heroes.
Attacks Jarlaxle, rolling a (20)+9.  Jarlaxle at 7 hp.
Attacks Bruenor, rolling a (5)+9 and misses.

Jarlaxle Baenre (7 hp),
Adjacent to the Drow Duelist, attacks with Dueling Rapier.  Rolling a (17)+7 he defeats the monster.
+2 XP, 4 total.
Gains treasure fortune: Battlefield Promotion.
At 2nd level, Jarlaxle at 9 hp.
(+1) Daily: Deadly Throw.
Moves to the northern, unexplored edge of the Dwarven Statue tile.While adjacent to Artemis spends his Cure Potion to rid Artemis’ poison.
Explores the second Dwarven Statue tile. (white)
Draws a Goblin Archer.
No encounter.
The Goblin Archer (13)+7 hits for 2 damage.  Jarlaxle at 7 hp.

Bruenor Battlehammer (10 hp),
Places his stance on Clan Battlehandle Shield giving him +2 bonus on AC.
Moves to the northern-most Dwarven Statue tile adjacent to the Goblin.
Notched Axe, rolls a (16)+7 and defeats the Goblin.
+1 XP, 5 total.
Gains treasure item: Spider Mask.
While adjacent to the eastern edge, explores a Volcanic Vent tile with exits N and E. (black)
Draws a Drow Duelist.
Encounter event-attack: Dire Corby Flock.
Bruenor: (12)+9 and hits.  Bruenor at 8 hp.
Drow Duelist moves into Bruenor’s tile and attack him twice.
Rolls (14)+9 and (2)+9 and hits once.  Bruenor at 7 hp.

Artemis Entreri (8 hp),
Moves adjacent to the Drow Duelist.
With Sable of Wounding, rolls (5)+6 and misses.
Encounter event: Volcanic Spray.  Affects within 1 tile for 1 damage.
Bruenor at 6 hp.

Drizzt Do’Urden (6 hp),
Moves northwest to the northern-most Dwarven Statue tile.  He stands at the western unexplored edge.
Instead of attacking, he plays the Figurine of Guenhwyvar.
The panther is between Drizzt and the Drow Duelist.
Explores a tile with exits N and S. (white)
Draws an Hypnotic Spirit.
No encounter.
Guenhwyvar (2 hp), moves adjacent and attacks the Hypnotic Spirit rolling (9)+8 and hits.  The monster is defeated.
+1 XP, 6 total.

Catti-Brie (5 hp),
Two tiles away, she attacks the Drow Duelist with Taulmaril.  Rolling (6)+6 she misses.
She moves to the western unexplored edge of the passageway tile south of south-most Dwarven Statue tile.
Explores a Volcanic Vent tile with passages N and S. (black)
Draws a Spider Swarm.
Encounter event: Volcanic Spray.  Affects within 1 tile for 1 damage.
Catti at 4 hp.
Bruenor at 5 hp.
Spider Swarm moves into Catti’s tile and attacks.
Rolling a (15)+7 it hits.  Catti at 4 hp and poisoned.

Jarlaxle Baenre (7 hp),
One tile away, with Bracer of Daggers attacks the Spider Swarm.   Rolling (14)+7, he defeats it.
+2 XP, 8 total.
Gains treasure item: Scrimshaw Charm.  He now has two.
Moves northwestward to the northern unexplored edge sharing the tile with Guenhwyvar.
Explores a Volcanic Vent with exit to N. (black)
Draws a Goblin Archer.
Encounter event: Overrun.
Jarlaxle at 6 hp.
Bruenor at 4 hp.
Goblin Archer attacks Jarlaxle rolling (6)+7 and misses.

Bruenor Battlehammer (4 hp),
Plays Legenary Knowledge.  Does not see Broken Door but tosses the Volcanic Vent tile.
Attacks Drow Duelist, rolling a (1) and misses.
Instead of moving, plays Dwarven Ale.  Bruenor at 6 hp.
No encounter (Dwarven Ale).
Drow Duelist attacks twice rolling (8)+9 and (20)+9.  Hits once.  Bruenor at 5 hp.

Artemis Entreri (8 hp),
Moves northwest adjacent to the Goblin Archer at the northern unexplored edge.
Attacks with Vampiric Dagger, (8)+6 and defeats it.
+1 XP, 9 total.
Gains treasure
Explores a tile with passages N, E, and W.  (black)
Draws a Drow Wizard placed on a tile east-most away.
Encounter trap: Shock Trap.  It is cancelled.  -5 XP, 4 total.
The Drow Wizard teleports to a tile occupied by 2 heroes; Drizzt and Bruenor.
Drizzt: (9)+8 and hits.  Drizzt at 4 hp.
Bruenor: (10)+8 and hits.  Bruenor at 3 hp.

Drizzt Do’Urden (4 hp),
Steps one square and is adjacent to both the Drow Wizard and the Drow Duelist.
Attacks the wizard with Icing Death (7)+6 and misses.  His second attack (10)+6 and hits.  Drow Wizard at 1 hp.  With his magical bracers,  With Twinkle, (11)+6 and hits.  The Drow Wizard is defeated.
Stance on Twinkle.
+3 XP, 7 total.
Gains treasure item: Necklace of Speed.
Encounter event: Fall Through the Cracks.  Drizzt is taken off the board.
Guenhwyvar (2 hp), moves adjacent to the elusive Drow Duelist.  It attacks, (12)+8 and hits.  The Drow is defeated.
+2 XP, 9 total.

Catti-Brie (4 hp) is poisoned,
Takes 1 poison damage, Catti at 3 hp and poisoned.
She moves one square to the west at the northern unexplored edge of a Volcanic Tile.
Rolls (8) and is still poisoned.
Explores the Broken Door. (white)

Special adventure rules in play
The Ancient Throne tile is placed to the west of the Broken Door.
The villain, Errtu, is placed in the Ancient Throne.
A Water Elemental is placed on each Dwarven Statue tiles.
Catti controls one, Jarlaxle controls the other.

No encounter.
Errtu (14 hp), moves one tile within the Ancient Throne.
A Water Elemental, adjacent to Bruenor, slams (12)+8 and hits.   Bruenor at 1 hp.
The second Water Elemental moves into Bruenor’s and Guenhwyvar’s tile and attacks with a wave.
Guenhwyvar: (6)+8 and misses.
Bruenor: (20)+8 and hits.  Bruenor is down!

Jarlaxle Baenre (6 hp),
Moves adjacent to each Water Elemental.
Plays Blade Flurry.
Water Elemental (8)+7 and defeats it.
Water Elemental (10)+8 and defeats it.
+4 XP, 13 total.
Gains treasure item: Heavy Cloak.
Takes possession of both water bowls.
Encounter event: From the Shadows.
Because it will be placed on a tile with 3 heroes, it is cancelled.
-5 XP, 8 total.
Errtu (14 hp), moves one tile closer into the Broken Door tile.

Bruenor Battlehammer (5 hp) spends the first healing surge,
Plays Potion of Healing.  Bruenor at 7 hp.
Bruenor moves adjacent to Errtu.
Attacks with Notched Axe, (5)+7 and misses!
Encounter event: Volcanic eruption.  Affects on the tile for 2 damage.
Artemis at 6 hp.
Catti at 1 hp and poisoned.

Errtu (14 hp), attacks Bruenor (13)+ 8 and hits.  Bruenor at 5 hp.
Errtu moves one tile north.

Artemis Entreri (6 hp),
Moves adjacent to Errtu and within one tile of Jarlaxle.
Artemis plays a Duel token.
Attacks with Saber of Wounding (10)+6 and hits for 1 damage.
Attacks with Saber of Wounding (11)+6 and hits for 1 damage.

Errtu at 12 hp.
Encounter event: Lost.  The bottom tile goes to the top.

Errtu (12 hp), attacks Artemis (1)+8 and misses but inflicts 1 damage.  Artemis at 5 hp.
Errtu returns one tile east to a Dwarven Statue tile.  Drizzt’s panther and Jarlaxle are there.

Drizzt Do’Urden (4hp),
Returns to the game adjacent to Errtu on the Dwarven Statue tile.
Utility: Darkfire.  Errtu is reduced 4 AC to 10 AC.
Attacks with Icingdeath (5)+6 and inflicts 1 damage.
Attacks with Icingdeath (4)+6 and inflicts 1 damage.
With his magical Bracers of the Blinding Strike, plays his daily power, Inspirational Strike.
Rolls a (3)+8 and hits, inflicting 2 damage.
Jarlaxle attacks with Dueling Rapier (10)+7 and inflicts 1 damage.
Artemis plays Fast Learner and takes Drizzt’s Inspirational Strike card.
Errtu at 7 hp.
Encounter event: Volcanic Spray.  Affects heroes within 1 tile for 1 damage.
It is cancelled.  -5 XP, 3 total.
Guenhwyvar attacks Errtu, (3)+8 and inflicts 1 damage.
Errtu at 6 hp.
Errtu (6 hp), attacks Guenhwyvar (3)+8 and misses.  Guenhwyvar at 1 hp.
Erttu moves one tile south to the southern Dwarven Statue tile.

Catti-Brie (1 hp) is poisoned,
Catti-Brie loses 1 hp and is down.
She rolls a (2) and cannot overcome the poison.
Errtu (6 hp), whips Guenhwyvar (18)+8.  Guenhwyvar is defeated.

Jarlaxle (6 hp),
Plays Cloud of Darkness.  Errtu will not activate.
Moves twice reaching the Ancient Throne.   Placing the bowls, Errtu is inflicted 5 hp.  Errtu at 1 hp.
Encounter trap: Volcanic Fault.    Affects within 1 tile of any Volcanic Vent tile inflicts 1 damage.
Jarlaxle at 5 hp.
Drizzt at 3 hp.
Artemis at 4 hp.
Bruenor at 4 hp.

Bruenor Battlehammer (4 hp),
Moves 5 squares and adjacent to Errtu.  The demon stands weary at 1 hp.  The game about hinges on this moment.
Bruenor attacks with Notched Axe, rolling a (12)+7 and hits!
Errtu is defeated!

The heroes win!


Rule clarifications

Monsters defeated by Guenhwyvar
Earn XP for the party.  A treasure card is not drawn.

Who controls the two Water Elementals when the Ancient Throne tile is played?
The first will be controlled by the active player.
The second will be controlled by the next active player, going clockwise.If there is more than one Water Elemental on the board, all will activate during a given player’s turn.

Encounter card: From the Shadows
The monster is controlled by the hero who drew the card.

Inspirational Strike and Guenhwyvar
Guenhwyvar is an ally and not a hero.  The panther does not have an “at-will” power, anyhow.

Drow Cloak and the Filled Bowls
Jarlaxle must finish his Hero phase to place his Filled Bowl token on the Ancient Throne.  If he plays Drow Cloak he will be taken off the board and not at the Throne to place the tokens.

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  1. Charles Barchuk says:

    Hey bud, in turn 3 Artemis attacked three times. Just curious how he was able to do that. Thanks.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for paying great attention.
      In fact, I had two round “3” and no round “4”. I fixed that typo and corrected the copy/paste error. Thanks again for reading.

  2. Charles Barchuk says:

    Absolutely man. Honestly I saw it and was wondering if I had been playing duelist’s poise wrong all this time. I was hoping you were going to respond in the affirmative…lol. Btw, when playing Artemis, do you prefer using his Saber of Wounding or his Magical Longsword? Anyways, thanks again and I really enjoyed reading your playthroughs of this great game.

  3. Charles Barchuk says:

    That would be awesome. Thanks again!

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