Wrath of Ashardalon: Sneaky Endeavor (4/18/2016)

The dust comes off the box,
and we’re going on another day of board gaming with Dungeons and Dragons: Wrath of Ashardalon.  It’s an all-out, 5-hero quest for a new Adventure 9: Sneaky Endeavor.

You sneak into the dungeon, hoping to find the stolen treasure without raising any alarms …

Keyleth, Elf Paladin (8 hp)
Her Armor Class and Speed makes her most prepared to take point.

(2) Utility: Lay on Hands, Virtue’s Touch
(2) At-will: Holy Strike, Divine Challenge
(1) Daily: Righteous Smite
(1) Treasure item: Amulet of Protection

Vistra, Dwarf Fighter (8 hp)
Brute strength and high Armor Class puts Vistra into second hoping to clear the path of monsters for the other three.

(1) Utility: Inspiring Advice
(2) At-will: Sure Strike, Reaping Strike
(2) Daily: Dwarven Resilience, Taunting Advice(1) Treasure item: Scroll of Monster Control

Quinn, Human Cleric (8 hp)
Positioned in the center of the party, Quinn is ready is tend wounds.  With the party’s strongest leading, he may have more opportunities to heal.

(2) Utility: Healing Hymn, Perseverance
(2) At-will: Cleric’s Shield, Sacred Flame(1) Daily: Blade Barrier
(1) Treasure item: Vorpal Sword

Tarak, Half-Orc Rogue (8 hp)
Unpredictable, Tarak is placed near the tail’s end of the party.  His chaotic, yet destructive techniques, may be advantageous in case things get out of hand.

(2) Utility: Furious Assault, Tumbling Escape
(2) At-will: Positioning Shot, Lucky Strike
(1) Daily: Acrobatic Onslaught
(1) Treasure item: Box of Caltrops

Heskan, Dragonborn Wizard (6 hp)
Able to attack from afar, Hesken keeps his distance providing the skills necessary for survival.

(1) Utility: Invisibility
(2) At-will: Arc Lightning, Ray of Frost
(2) Daily: Hurled Breath, Shock Sphere
(1) Treasure item: Pearl of Power

The heroes stand on the start tile with passages west, northwest, northeast, and east.

Keyleth (8 hp),
Explores a hallway to the northwest.  It has passages north and west.  (black)Draws a Duergar Guard.
Encounter event: Deadly Poison.  None are affected.  Another card is drawn.
Encounter event: Warp in Time.  Keyleth’s monster card moves to Heskan.  Another card is drawn.
Encounter event-attack: Blinding Bomb.  All heroes are attacked.
Keyleth: (3) +8 misses.
Vistra: (1) +8 misses.
Quinn: (8) + 8 hits.  Quinn is dazed.
Tarak: (11) + 8 hits.  Tarak is dazed.
Heskan: (1) + 8 misses.

Vistra (8 hp),
Moves into the Duergar Guard’s tile to the northern unexplored edge.  She is adjacent to the monster.
Attacks with Reaping Strike.
Rolls (2) +4 and misses.  Rolls (14) +4 and hits for -1 hp.
Explores a tile with passages turning west and east.  (white)
Draws Legion Devils.
All devils surround Vistra and attack.
Rolls (6) +11 and hits.
Rolls (8) +11 and hits.
Rolls (15) +11 and hits.  Vistra to 5 hp.

Quinn (8 hp) , dazed,
At the northeast edge, explores a tile with only a passage to the north.  (white)
Draws a Human Cultist.
The cultist advances to Quinn, adjacent and attacks rolling a (4)+6 and misses.

Tarak (8 hp), dazed,
Attacks a Legion Devil 2 tiles away with Positioning Shot.  Rolls a (14)+7 and hits.  The first of three devils is defeated.
Encounter event: Hidden Treasure.  A treasure token is placed on the tile north of Tarak.  Another card is drawn.
Encounter event: Unnatural Corruption.  None of the 5 monster cards were Aberrant.

Heskan (6 hp),
Moves westward  to the unexplored western edge of the tile with the Duergar Guard.
With Arc Lightning attacks the Duergar rolling a (3)+7 and misses.  Attacks a Legion Devil, rolling a (3)+7 and misses.  Two consecutive “3” a 1 in 400 probability.
Explores a tile with passage bending south.  (black)
Draws a Snake.
Encounter event: Hall of the Orcs.  No Orcs are found.
Duergar Guard attacks Vistra, rolling a (14)+8 and hits.  Vistra to 4 hp.
Snake moves adjacent to Heskan and attacks, rolling a (7)+7 and hits.  Heskan is poisoned.

Keyleth (8 hp),
Moves adjacent to both Snake and Heskan.
Utility: Virtue’s Touch and removes Poisoned condition from Heskan.
With Divine Challenge, lures a Legion Devil adjacent to her.  Rolling a (10)+8 defeats the second of three devils.
Standing at a southern edge, explores a hallway with exit south.  (white)
Draws a Grell.
Grell moves adjacent to Keyleth attacks with its tentacles. Rolling a (9)+7 it misses.

Vistra (4 hp),
Attacks Duergar with Sure Strike rolling an (8)+11 and defeats it.  (+2 XP, 2 total).
Gains treasure item: Potion of Speed.
Instead of moving, she spends Dwarven Resilience.  Vistra to 8 hp.
Encounter event-attack: Concussive Blast.
Vistra: (10)+8 suffers -2 hp.  Vistra to 6 hp.
Heskan: (1)+8 misses.  Suffers -1 hp.  Heskan to 5 hp.
Legion Devil attacks Vistra rolling (14)+11 and hits.  Vistra to 5 hp.

Quinn (8 hp),
Attacks Human Cultist with Cleric’s Shield.  Rolls a (14)+6 and hits.  The cultist is defeated.  (+1 XP, 3 total).
Gains treasure item: Wand of Polymorph.
Tarak gets +2 AC.
Moves to the northern unexplored edge.
Explores a hallway, exits north.  (white)Draws an Orc Smasher.
The Orc Smasher moves adjacent to Quinn, attacks (17)+9 and hits.  Quinn to 7 hp.

Tarak (8 hp),
Moves 3 tiles west joining Vistra and Heskan.
Attacks Snake with Lucky Strike rolling a (10)+7 and defeats it. (+1 XP, 4 total)
Gains treasure item: Lucky Charm.
Encounter trap: Rolling Boulder.
Tarak to 6 hp.
Heskan to 3 hp.
Vistra to 3 hp.

Heskan (3 hp),
Fails to disarm the trap rolling a (6).
Runs around the Grell to the southern edge on its tile.
Explores a tile with an exit turning west. (black)
Draws a Cave Bear.
Encounter environment: Walls of Magma.
Cave Bear moves adjacent to Heskan and Strikes with a (15)+8.   Heskan to 1 hp and dazed.

Keyleth (8 hp),
Adjacent, she attacks the Grell with Holy Strike.  Rolling a (2)+8, she unfortunately misses.
She runs 6 squares and two tiles south.  Standing behind the Cave Bear, she avoids the walls of magma.
Encounter environment: Surrounded!
The Grell moves adjacent to Tarak and attacks with tentacles.  Rolling a (10)+7 but Tarak spends Utility:Tumbling Escape and moves one tile north adjacent to the Legion Devil unscathed.

Vistra (3 hp),
Instead of moving, she spends Daily: Dwarven Resilience and regains 4 hp.  Vistra to 7 hp.
For her attack, she attempts to disarm the Rolling Boulder trap.  She rolls a dismal (7)..
She uses her Potion of Speed, moves north to the western unexplored edge.
Explores a long hallway (black).
Draws a Human Cultist.
Explores a tile with passages north, south, and west.  (black).
Draws a Gibbering ..
Encounter trap: Whirling Blades.
Uses her Scroll of Monster Control to move the Legion Devil adjacent to the Human Cultist.  Rolls a (1)+9 and misses!
The Human Cultist moves adjacent to Vistra, rolling a (13)+6 and hits.  Vistra to 6 hp and poisoned.
The Gibbering Mouther moves one tile east.
The Whirling Blades attacks.
Vistra: (5)+8 misses for -1 hp. Vistra to 5 hp and poisoned.
Tarak: (15)+8 hits for -2 hp.  Tarak to 4 hp.

Quinn (7 hp),
Attacks Orc Smasher with Sacred Flame, rolls a (17)+6 +2 (Vorpal Sword) and defeats the Smasher with help of his Gauntlets of Ogre Power. (+2 XP, 6 total)
Quinn to 8 hp (Sacred Flame)
Gains treasure item: Boots of Striding.Moves north to edge.
Explores a Horrid Chamber entrance.
Rage Drake enters play.
Kobold Dragonshield, Two Duergar Guards, Orc Archer, and a Orc Smasher enters play.
Asharadon enters play.
Asharadon moves one tile west towards Keyleth.
Both Duergar Guards move one tile south closer to heroes.

Tarak (4 hp),
Rolling a (17), he disables the Whirling Blades trap.
Runs south and is adjacent to Asharadon.
Encounter event-attack: Earthquake!
Spends 5 XP to cancel.  1 XP remaining.
Asharadon bites Tarak for -1 hp.  Tarak to 3 hp and dazed.
Rage Drake moves one tile closer to a hero.
Orc Archer moves one tile south.
Rolling Boulder moves into Vistra’s tile for -2 hp.  Vistra to 3 hp and poisoned.

Heskan (1 hp), dazed,
With Shock Sphere, he attacks the Cave Bear, rolling (6)+9 and defeats it.  (+2 XP, 3 total)
Gains treasure item: Dwarven Hammer.
Encounter adventure-attack: Asharadon Breathes!
Tarak: (17)+9 and hits Tarak.  Tarak is down and dazed.
Asharadon moves one tile north.
Rage Drake moves one tile closer to heroes.
Orc Smasher moves one tile closer to heroes.

Keyleth (8 hp),
Moves 6 squares within 1 tile of Asharadon.
With Divine Challenge, moves the dragon to her tile.  Rolls a (14)+8 and hits.  Asharadon to 11 hp.
Encounter curse: Time Leap.  Keyleth is taken off the board.  A Snake takes her place.

–Asharadon (11 hp),
Moves one tile east towards heroes.

–Rage Drake (6 hp),
Moves one tile, adjacent to Quinn and attacks with a Charge.  Rolls (7)+10 and hits.  Quinn to 7 hp and dazed.

Grell moves adjacent to Vistra, rolling a (6)+7 and misses.
Kobold Dragonshield moves into Quinn’s tile, unadjacent.
Snake moves one tile adjacent to Heskan and bites.   Rolls a (11)+7 and hits.  Heskan is 1 hp and poisoned.

Vistra (2 hp),  poisoned,
With Reaping Strike, rolls a (17)+4 and (11)+4 striking the Grell twice and defeats it.  (+2 XP, 5 total)
She did spend Utility Inspiring Advance to re-roll.
Gains treasure item: Magic Sword.
Moves 5 squares, 2 tiles, west dodging the Human Cultist, Legion Devil, and Mouther.
Rolls a natural (20) to overcome her poison.
Encounter event: Thief in the Dark.
Rather than lose her sword, she spends 5 XP to cancel.  Zero balance.

–Asharadon (11 hp),
Moves one tile closer to Quinn.

–Rage Drake (6 hp),
Attacks Quinn with a bite (8)+8 and hits.  Quinn to 6 hp and dazed.
Quinn tossed to a tile north.

Legion Devil moves adjacent to Vistra, rolling a (3)+11 and misses.
Human Cultist moves adjacent to Vistra, rolling (15)+6.  Vistra to 1 hp and poisoned.
Gibbering Mouther attacks Vistra, rolling a (5)+8 and misses.
Both Duergar Guards do nothing (due to its mechanics).

Quinn (6 hp), dazed,
Plays Blade Barrier on his tile.
With Sacred Flame, attacks Orc Archer, rolling (15)+6 and defeats it.
(+1 XP, 1 total).
Gains treasure item: +1 Magic Sword.
Encounter event: Spotted.  A new tile is placed with a Kobold Dragonshield.

–Asharadon (11 hp),
Moves one tile closer to Quinn.

–Rage Drake (6 hp),
Races to Quinn, rolls a (2)+10 and misses.
Blade Barrier causes -1 hp.  Rage Drake to 5 hp.

Both Duergar Guards do nothing (due to its mechanics).
Rolling Boulder moves towards Vistra westward.

Tarak (4 hp),
Spends first of two healing surges.
Moves towards Vistra and away from the dragon.
Environment: Surrounded calls for 2 Legion Devils to appear on an unexplored edge two tiles away.
Encounter adventure-attack: Ashardalon Breathes!
vs Quinn: (15)+9 and hits.  Quinn to 3 hp.

–Asharadon (11 hp),
HBites Quinn, (7)+10 and hits.   He is adjacent to the dragon.  Quinn to 2 hp and dazed.

–Rage Drake (5 hp),
Moves one tile closer to Quinn and technically adjacent to him.

All Legion Devils activate.
Two moves one tile closer to Tarak.
The third attacks Vistra, rolling (11)+11 and hits.  Vistra to 1 hp and poisoned.

Heskan (1 hp), poisoned
Losing 1 hp at start of turn.  Heskan is down and poisoned.
Rolling a (7) he cannot overcome the poison.
Understand the rules about poisoned with 1 hit point.

–Asharadon (11 hp),
Bites Quinn, (18)+10 and hits.   He is adjacent to the dragon.  Quinn to 1 hp and dazed.

–Rage Drake (5 hp),
Bites Quinn, (9)+8 and hits.  Quinn is down and dazed.
The Orc Smasher moves one tile closer to heroes.

The heroes concede the session.


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