Castle Ravenloft: Find the Icon of Ravenloft (4/9/2016)

We’ve pulled the box from the back of the closet,

after a long year of hiding.  It’s a new session of Dungeons and Dragons: Castle Ravenloft.  To commemorate the event, we’re going with a rare, extravagant 5-hero session of Adventure 2: Find the Icon of Ravenloft.

Clerics rumor an ancient artifact exists to defend the town of Barovia from the vampire lord, Strahd.   The only thing that stands in the way is endless corridors of darkness and an army of monsters.

Allisa, Human Ranger (8 hp)
Her scouting abilities makes her a natural leader.

(1) Utility: Crucial Aid
(2) At-will: Hit and Run, Twin Shot
(1) Daily: Split the Tree
(1) Treasure item: Lucky Charm

Kat, Human Rogue (8 hp)
Trusted for her trapping skills, she’s placed second to clear the path from danger.

(2) Utility: Sneak Attack, Stealth
(2) At-will: Backstab, Snipe Shot
(1) Daily: Dagger Barrage
(1) Treasure item: Scroll of Teleportation

Immeril, Eladrin Wizard (6 hp)
The weakest of the group, is placed center giving Immeril the best opportunities to choose how to use his tactical, magical powers.

(2) Utility: Fey Step, Dispel Magic
(2) At-will: Scorching Burst, Magic Missle
(1) Daily: Lighting Bolt
(1) Treasure item: Ring of Accuracy

Thorgrim, Dwarf Cleric (8 hp)
Backing the team with his champion skills, he follows with his healing powers.

(2) Utility: Healing Word, Consecrated Ground
(2) At-will: Healing Strike, Lance of Faith
(1) Daily: Flame Strike
(1) Treasure item: Magic Sword

Arjhan, Dragonborn Fighter (10 hp)
The mighty warrior, the strongest of the group, has the team’s back.  He is their last, best hope to drive out evil opponents before they strike.

(1) Utility: Bodyguard
(2) At-will: Cleave, Trapping Strike
(2) Daily: Dragon’s Breath, Come and Get It
(1) Treasure item: Crystal ball

Omissions and mistakes may happen.

The heroes stand side-by-side near the stairs.  There is a hallway west, east, and an open passageway north.

Allisa (8 hp),
Chooses to move to the far edge of the western tile.
Explores an open tile with passages north, south, and west.  (black)
Draws a Blazing Skeleton.
Encounter environment: Music of the Damned.
Blazing Skeleton: Rolls a (14) + 7 and strikes Allisa for -2 hp to 6 hp.

Kat (8 hp),
Moves west 2 tiles sharing with the Blazing Skeleton, standing at the northern unexplored edge.
Explores a tile with opening north and west.  (black)
Draws a Gargoyle.  Music of the Damned: Skeleton is discarded.
Utility play: Stealth card cancels the Gargoyle.
Encounter event: Icy – Attack, Icy Corridor
Attack on Kat rolls a (1) +8 and misses her.  She takes -1 hp to 7 hp.  She is moved back one tile and adjacent to Allisa.
Kat’s Snipe Shot rolls an (18) + 7 for 1 hp damage on the Blazing Skeleton.

Immeril (6 hp),
Moves max 6 squares, standing behind and adjacent to Allisa.
1 tile away, attacks with Magic Missile rolling (19) +8 +1 (Magic Sword) defeating the Blazing Skeleton (+2 XP, 2 total).
Earns a blessing, Heroic Stand.
Encounter environment: Crippling Miasma.

Thorgrim (8 hp),
Slowed by Crippling Miasma, walks the 4 squares joining Allisa, Kat, and Immeril.  With Aid, heals Allisa to 7 hp.
Encounter event:  Attack, Ambush!
Roll  of (16) +8 SLOWS Allisa.
Roll of (20) +8 SLOWS Kat.
Roll of (19) +8 SLOWS Immeril.
Roll of (12) + 8 SLOWS Thorgrim.
Draws a Wolf.
Wolf bites Thorgrim rolling a (3) + 9 and misses.

Arjhan (10 hp),
With Trapping Strike, pulls the Wolf adjacent to it.  Rolls a (19) + 8 +2 (Heroic Stand) and defeats the Wolf.  (+1 XP, 3 total).
Moves the max 4 squares into the tile north and western edge.
Explores a Crypt Corner 11-15 with no other exits. (black)
Draws a Skeleton.
Encounter trap: Alarm.  A Wraith appears in the northern unexplored edge.
The Skeleton moves adjacent to Arjhan, attacks with a Slice.  Rolls a (13) + 9 and strikes for -2 hp to 8 hp.
The Wraith moves adjacent (but on a separate tile) to Arjahan, attacking with a life-draining claw.  Rolls a (12) +6 for -3 hp to 5 hp.

Allisa (7 hp) and slowed,
Moves 2 squares into the center of the western most tile.
Explores Prince Aurel’s Crypt to the west with passage turning north.  (black)
Draws a Kobold Skirmisher.
Encounter event: Event, Teleport Glyph.  Allisa is sent to the Crypt Corner 11-15 tile.
Kobold Skirmisher moves one tile east.

Kat (7 hp) and slowed,
Uses her Scroll of Teleportation to move herself, Immeril, and Thorgrim to the tile with the Alarm Trap.
Rolls to disarm the trap with a (9) +5 bonus +1 (Heroic Stand) and disables it!
Able to move 2 squares to the northern unexplored edge.
Explores a tile with passages north and east.  (white)
Draws a Blazing Skeleton.
Blazing Skeleton  attacks four heroes on the adjacent tile.
Against Kat rolls a (16) +7 -1 (Arjhan Defender).  -2 hp Kat to 5 hp.
Against Immeril rolls a (20) +7 -1 (Arjhan Defender).  -2 hp Immerial to 4 hp.
Against Thorgrim rolls a (15) +7 -1 (Arjhan Defender).  -2 hp Thorgrim to 6 hp.
Against Arjhan rolls a (2) +7 and misses.  -1 hp Arjhan to 4 hp.

Immeril (4 hp) and slowed,
With Lightning Bolt attacks 3 monsters near.
Against Blazing Skeleton, rolls a (4) + 7 + 4 (Heroic Stand) defeating it.  (+2 XP, 5 total).
Against Wraith, rolls a (19) + 7 +4 (Heroic Stand) defeating it.  It shares no heroes on its tile, sparing all from its Death Shriek.  (+3 XP, 8 total)
Against Skeleton, rolls a (13) +7 +4 (Heroic Stand) defeating it.  (+2 XP, 10 total)
Gains a treasure fortune: Short Rest.  Lightning Bolt refreshes.
Moves 2 squares east to the unexplored edge.
Explores a Crypt Corner 6-10 with an exit that turns north.  (white).
Draws a Zombie.
Heroic Stand expires.
Zombie moves adjacent to Immeril attacking with a rotting fist.  Rolls an (11) +5 striking -1 hp Immeril to 3 hp.

Thorgrim (6 hp) and slowed,
Moves adjacent to the Zombie.
With Healing Strike, rolls a (12) +8 +1 (Magic Sword), defeating the Zombie.  (+1 XP, 11 total).
+1 hp, Immeril to 4 hp.
Gains treasure blessing: Guiding Strikes.
Encounter event: Lief Lipsiege.  Rolling a (12), Thorgrim draws a treasure fortune:  Breath of Life.  Thorgrim to 7 hp.

Arjhan (4hp),
Moving twice, Arjhan maneuvers northward exploring an eastern edge.Explores Crypt Corner 16-20.  The passageway turns north.  (black)
Draws a Zombie.
Encounter event-attack: Strahd Attacks!
The heroes spend 5 XP to cancel.  (6 XP remains)
Zombie moves adjacent, rolling a (9) + 5 and misses.

Allisa (7 hp),
Moves twice northward to unexplored edge.
Explores the Crypt of Artimus with passage turning west.  (black)
Draws a Spider.
Encounter event-attack: Spider Webs.
A roll of (11) +4 Immobilizes Allisa.
Kobold Skirmisher moves one tile east.
Spider attacks with acidic web, rolling a (10) + 11 -1 (Arjhan defender).  Suffers -1 hp and slowed.  Allisa to 6 hp.

Kat (5 hp),
Moves northward adjacent to Allisa but 1 tile from the Spider.
Attacks the Spider with Snipe Shot, rolling an (8) + 7 +2 (Guided Strikes) defeating it.  (+2 XP, 8 total)
Gains a treasure item: Potion of Healing.
Encounter  event: Neglected Passage.  A hallway tile is placed near the Start tile.  (white).
Draws a Rat Swarm.
Rat Swarm moves one tile west.

Immeril (4 hp),
Moves 2 tiles and joins Allisa, Kat, and Arjhan.
Attacks Zombie with Magic Missile, rolling (17) + 8 + 2 (Guided Strikes) defeating it.  (+1 XP, 9 total)
Gains treasure item: Lucky Charm.
Encounter environment: Bat Swarm.

Thogrim (7 hp),
Moves twice northward through the Crypt of Artimus at the western edge.
Explores a Secret Stairway with exit south.  (white)
Draws a Kobold Skirmisher.
Guided Strikes expires.
One Skirmisher, moves one tile closer to the heroes.
Second Skirmisher, throws a Javelin at Thogrim.  It rolls a (16) + 9 striking him -1 hp.  Thorgrim to 6 hp.

Arjhan (4 hp),
Moves one tile north into the Crypt of Artimus.
With Trapping Strike pulls the Kobold Skirmisher into his tile.  Rolls a (13) + 8, defeating it.  (+1 XP, 10 total).  The Kobold Skirmisher controlled by Allisa is pulled.
Gains treasure item: Necklace of Fireballs.
Encounter event-attack: Prowling Ghost.  A roll of (8) +9 strikes him -1.  Arjhan to 3 hp.  A Laboratory tile is placed south of the Secret Stairway.  A Gargoyle is drawn.
The Gargoyle rolls (18) +8 striking -2 hp.  Arjhan to 1 hp.  He is slowed.

Allisa (6 hp), slowed and immobilized,
She neither moves nor attacks.
Encounter event: Voice of the Master.  The heroes spend 5 XP to cancel.  (5 XP remaining).

Kat (5 hp),
Moving max 6 squares, she moves into the Laboratory adjacent to the Gargoyle at the western edge of the tile.
With Backstab, rolls a (13) + 7 striking 2 hp damage and defeating the Gargoyle.  (+3 XP, 8 total).
Gains treasure item: Wand of Teleportation.
With Potion of Healing, Arjhan to 3 hp.
Explores an open tile with passages north, south, and west. (black)
Draws a Ghoul.
Encounter event: Frenzy.
Rat Swarm moves 2 tiles closer to heroes.
Ghoul moves adjacent to both Kat and Arjhan.  It strikes  at Kat with a claw, rolling a (1) + 9 -1 (Arjhan defender) and misses.
Ghoul bites at Kat, rolling a (17) + 9.
Arjhan plays Utility card, Bodyguard.  The Ghoul misses!  Arjhan and Kat exchange places.

Immeril (4 hp),
Moves 6 squares across two tiles into the Laboratory.
Spends Fey Step to move one tile to the west ending at its northern unexplored edge.
With Magic Missile, attacks the Ghoul 1 tile away.  He rolls a (Bat Swarm 5) + 8 + 1 (Ring of Accuracy) and misses.  Lucky Charm item was spent without benefits.
Explores the Crypt of Barov and Ravenovia with an exit west.  (black)
Draws a Spider.
Encounter event: Prowling Hands.  Immeril loses his Ring of Accuracy.
Spider attacks Immeril with acidic web, rolling a (3) + 11 hitting him for -1 hp and is now adjacent to him.  Immeril to 3 hp and slowed.

Thorgrim (6 hp),
Attacks the adjacent Ghoul with Healing Strike, rolling a (6) + 8 + 1 (Magic Sword) and misses.
Pinned by the laboratory table, he does not move.
Encounter event: Cyrus Belview.  A tile is placed far southwest tile with a  Ghoul and Zombie.
The Zombie moves 1 tile closer to heroes.
The farthest Ghoul moves one tile closer.
The nearest Ghoul bites Thogrim, rolling (8) + 9 striking him for -3 hp.  Thorgrim to 3 hp.

Arjhan (3 hp) and slowed,
With Dragon’s Breath, rolls a (1) +4 missing the Ghoul.
With Cleave, rolls a (5) +6 and misses the Ghoul.
Moves 4 squares to the next tile’s unexplored western edge.
Explores the Chapel.  (white)
Allisa draws a Skeleton.
Kat draws a Wolf.  (Rat Swarm was discarded)
Immeril draws a Gargoyle.
Thorgrim draws a Spider.
Arjhan draws a Wraith.
Wraith moves adjacent to Arjhan (but 1 tile away) and attacks with a claw.  It rolls a (17) +6 and strikes Arjhan down after -3 hp damage.

Allisa (6 hp),
Moves into the Laboratory.
With Split the Tree, aims into the Chapel.  Attacks the Gargoyle rolling (Bat Swarm 17) + 6 and defeats it.  (+3 XP, 11 total)
Attacks the Spider.  Rolls (Bat Swarm 4) + 6 misses but defeats the Spider by causing 1 hp damage.  (+2 XP, 13 total).  The card Immeril controls is pulled.
Gains treasure fortune: Clear the Air.  The Bat Swarm is discarded.
Encounter event-attack: King Tomescu’s Portal.
Attack 1: (11) + 8 … hit!
Attack 2: (13) + 8 … hit!
Attack 3: (5) + 8 … miss.
Allisa to 4 hp.  She is temporarily removed from the board.
The Skeleton moves adjacent to Immeril and attacks with a Slice.  It rolls a (4) + 9 and misses!

Kat (5 hp),
Moves max 6 squares into the Laboratory and aims one tile away for the Skeleton and Spider.
With Dagger Barrage, attacking Spider rolling a (17) + 7 defeating it.  (+2 XP, 15 total).
Attacks Skeleton, rolling an (8) + 7 missing but still causing -1 hp damage and defeating it.  (+2 XP, 17 total).
Gains treasure item: Thieves’ Tools.
Encounter event: Secret Door.  The heroes spend 5 XP to cancel (12 total).
The Rat Swarm moves one tile closer.
The nearest Ghoul  attacks Thorgrim with a bite rolling a (3) +9 and misses!
The farthest Ghoul moves one tile closer.
The Wolf move one tile out of the Chapel and pounces Immeril.  It rolls (15) + 7 and strikes -1 hp damage.  Immeril to 2 hp and slowed.

Immeril (2 hp), slowed,
Uses Lightning Bolt and attacks Ghoul, rolling (19) +7 defeating it. (+2 XP, 14 total).
Attacks Wraith rolling an (8) + 7 defeating it!  (+3 XP, 17 total).  No one suffers from its Death Shriek.
Attacks Wolf rolling an (8) +7 defeating it.  (+1 XP, 18 total)
Gains treasure item: Boots of Striding.
Moves three tiles just outside the Chapel.
Encounter event: Corner of Your Eye.  Immeril’s uses Dispel Magic to cancel it.  (13XP remaining)

Thorgrim (3 hp),
Moves twice to the Chapel and picks up the artifact.
The heroes win!


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