Dungeons and Dragons: Gargoyle

DD_GargoyleThe Gargoyle,

takes a page from medieval architecture.  It’s name is synonymous for the demons that protect buildings made from stone.  However, in the world of Dungeons and Dragons: Monster Manual I, it is evil creature that preys on the living.

“… are ferocious predators of a magical nature … amidst ruins or dwelling in underground caverns.”

I’ve long been conflicted about D&D’s purpose of the gargoyle. It’s exciting to imagine the carved stone statues preying from above coming to life with their demonic smiles.  Would that mean that  gargoyles were innocently carved before coming to life through dark magic?  Or were the monsters named after their inanimate twins?  Do castles and large buildings come with statues and do they call them “gargoyles”?

Not a fan of the artwork, it resembled too much of a winged monkey with a unicorn horn.  I favored the beast in underground cities where stone shelters are found where they shouldn’t be.  Reading into the short description, the gargoyle was the game’s autonomous beast.  A stone robot, powered by magic, went into auto pilot scratching and clawing anything within reach.  Decades later, it remains faithful to its personality as described in the original manual, in the board game by the same name.

Trivia: Valued at 165 XP and has an underwater cousin called the kopoacinth.

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