Axis and Allies Pacific: Can Japan build a major industrial complex on Chinese territory?


The rule book shows Korea with 2 IPC. The board you pull out of your box will read 3.

Asked by one of our readers, “there are 3 territories controlled by Japan on main land Asia 1 (Korea) has a Japanese control marker, and the other 2 have Chinese control markers.  However Japan controls all three at the beginning of the game.  Is Japan allowed to place a major industrial complex on any of them?”

Here’s our answer.

In our humble opinion, the answer is “no”. Simply because it does NOT have a Japanese symbol printed on it.  I sympathize with the opposing view, since the rule book states as a condition if the territory was “controlled” rather than originally “owned”.

There is a reason why those territories are not printed with the symbol of Japan even though they begin the game controlling it. It is an exception with a purpose.   The nation’s symbol printed on the territory is the power designated as the original owner.

Furthermore, from the rulebook:

“If a Japanese industrial complex is built on a Chinese territory and that territory is later recaptured by the Chinese or liberated by another Allied power, the industrial complex is removed from the game.”

Korea, with 3 IPC, is printed with a symbol of Japan.  It is eligible for a major industrial complex.;wap2

Big thanks to “roger wasser”.

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