Axis and Allies Classic: Remembering the tank

The armored tank unit.

The armored tank units from yesterday’s Axis and Allies Classic required its own special strategies.  It wasn’t the iron horse of today.  It wasn’t as defensive and prone to counter attacks.

During the Milton Bradley Gamemaster era, the tanks were cheaper at 5 IPC.  Attacking at a “3”, it was no better than infantry when it comes to defense at “2”.  This unbalanced approach deserved considerations.   When your opponent started purchasing armored units, you were sure an offensive was coming.  It polarized strategies, defense via infantry or offense by tanks.  The original Axis and Allies encouraged trench warfare and use of canon fodder.  The tanks were your statistical backbone, hoping luck at 50/50 will outlive your sacrificial infantry.

Tanks were giant red flags that said “Come and get me!”  A territory of armor within striking distance made ripe targets.  Better to get them while they’re weaker defending at “2”.  Therefore, it made for interesting bold attacks.  To counter that, tanks were sometimes behind front lines, taking advantage of their 2 territory movement allowance behinds shields of cheaper infantry.

Unlike modern varieties, tanks made poor use for coastal defense.   Due to transport restrictions, it was rare to dedicate an entire payload for one armored unit where a fighter and bomber wings may provide the same firepower but with two infantry.

At the dawn of Axis and Allies Revised, armored tank units defense received equal footing.  It was a more formidable and feared on the battlefield.   It was suited for the front line, coastal defense, and lighter on transport payloads.  With 1940 and 1942 Second Editions, it comes with a premium and its IPC cost was bumped to 6.

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  1. JoeC says:

    The tank was the king of the battlefield in the original A&A. You know you’d lost once you gave up the offensive and started buying stacks of infantry. As long as you were buying tanks, you still had a chance to be in the game.

    ATTACK! That is what the tank is for.

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