Dungeons and Dragons: Mimic

Mimic The Mimic,

is yet another silly, monster-in-disguise entry from the first edition of Dungeons and Dragons: Monster Manual I.

It inhabits underground where the sun does not reach taking form familiar to its prey.  But be aware there are both nice and naughty varieties of the Mimic.

“excretes a glue which holds fast whatever member the creature touched the mimic with.”

Underground adventuring is tough enough with dangerous hazards without worrying about if the nearest door or wood chest is going to eat you.  While human evolution has advanced through many eon’s, it doesn’t compare with a Mimic that can fool the most intelligent of us by transforming itself into an object invented by us clever humans.

The artwork was very inspiring as much as it was cynical.  The Mimic just can’t help itself from making a fist and taking a swing at a curious hero.  More to its mythos, is word that there are good and evil Mimics.  The smaller ones are like your favorite pet and will do you favors if you feed it.  As they grow larger, they become killers, strolling along the underground passageways waiting for someone to fool.

This is a “silly” monster, because no player wants to see this.  It takes a lot of effort to imagine a world as envisioned by the Dungeon Master.   It’s ruined when their told the door they want to open is attacking them with glue.

Stick around.

Trivia: Only nice Mimic’s can speak.

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