Dungeons and Dragons: Intellect Devourer

IntellectDevourer The Intellect Devourer,

is one of the most ludicrous beasts you will find in Dungeons and Dragons: Monster Manual I.  Imagine a giant brain with four sets of claws.  Silent as a thief, it looks forward to “ego whip” you!  We take another look at a forgotten, yet silly monster from the golden age of D&D.

“… is one of the most feared of monsters.”

The manual’s short entry reads like an ominous warning.   Hiding deep beneath the ground or in dark lairs, the Intellect Devourer waits to feed off of screams and fears of its victims.    With the stealth of a 10th level thief, it can sneak up on you and pounce with its four sets of claws.  While you’re agonizing in physical pain, it attacks your ego with psionic powers.  When you become an empty shell, the Devourer will take your place and assume your identity.   You become a walking corpse, a shell of a hero, under the puppet master’s control.

Immune to fireballs, the Devourer is nearly impervious to lightning and magical weapons.  However, certain spells can mortally wound it.  While its chaotic evil, it’s a well traveled creature, aware of the astral and ethereal planes.  It can speak any human language.  Why it only reserves its vocabulary to a single species is never explained.

The Intellect Devourer makes an entry under “silly monster” for its design.   Size of a grown man, it’s a walking, pulsating brain with gargantuan feet underneath.   It takes a creative dungeon master to describe it without having heroes rushing through the manual.

Trivia: Defeating it earns 1510 XP.

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