Dungeons and Dragons: Gelatinous Cube


The Gelatinous Cube,

is an underground horror that shouldn’t be taken lightly.   An nearly invisible monster, it lives to eat and eats to live.  Another silly, underground horror we’ll cover from Dungeons and Dragons: Monster Manual I comes “The Cube”.  Jello, anyone?

“The ‘cube then surrounds the victim, secretes digestive fluids, and digests a meal.”

The Monster Manual warns us that the Gelatinous Cube is not uncommon.  It is a roving scavenger that apparently competes with the Ochre Jelly and the Black Pudding.  However, there are some interesting facts about the cube.

It is exactly 10×10 foot in size, although the manual makes hints of taller varieties eating moss from ceilings.  You can find indigestible treasure inside one of these things but nothing larger than a dagger for unexplained reasons.

This is filed under “silly monster” because according to my notes, now 30-years old, it may have not made one appearance in any adventure.  With puddings  and jellies, there was no motivation for a beast with such uniform shape.   It’s an ancient vacuum cleaner that sweeps the dungeon floors.

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