Magic The Gathering for beginniners

BattleForZendikarWe jump into the world of Magic The Gathering!  Because we’re beginners, we’re going to share hints, stories, and links aimed at beginners.  Investing in the latest set, Battle for Zendikar, we begin our long march.

Where to start?

New to MTG?  The following is a great start knowing the differences between Sorcery, Instant, Enchantment, Artifact, Creature, Land, and Planeswalker.  It goes over different zones.  Zones are where ever you find cards; in your hands or in stacks.

New to Battle for Zendikar?

Battle for Zendikar comes with new mechanics.  They appear in many cards.  For beginners, there’s little hope avoiding the education.

We confess, we know zero about MTG.  But we’re learning.   Let the journey begin!

Links 404 over time.

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