Eldritch Horror: Eldritch diaries chapters 1-4 (3/7/2015)

Eldritch-2015-03-07-01Mark Harrigan,
leads his group of three investigators prepared to take on the Ancient One.  This is our first, documented session of Eldritch Horror and kicked off on March 7, 2015.

The Ancient One
Mystery: Omen of Devastation
Doom track at 15.
Omen track on comet.

The investigators
Mark Harrigan, soldier (kerosene, .38 revolver)
Diane Stanley, reformed cultist (arcane manuscripts, Wither spell)
Silas Marsh, sailor (fishing net)

The beginning
A gate has spawned in Sydney with a Witch.
The Expedition token is on the Himalayas.
Reserve assets: pocket watch, arcane scholar, whiskey, holy cross
Clues at (5) and (12).

Chapter 1
Mark Harrigan, in Northern Europe (14), with 8 health, 4 sanity.
Prepares a train ticket.
Travels to Istanbul via Rome.

Diane Stanley, in Central America (7), with 7 health, 5 sanity.
Prepares a train ticket.
Travels to San Francisco through Deep South (6), spending her ticket.

Silas Marsh , in Sydney, with 8 health, 4 sanity.
With a monster in the city, he chooses to do nothing.

Mark, in Istanbul, is approached by Sir Douglas Rutherford begging to help find his abducted son.  Without a clue, Harrigan can do nothing.  Diane, in San Francisco, patrols Chinatown while improving her observation to 4.  Finding a cult temple, she fails to dispel a hex on the door.  She has 6 health and 4 sanity.

Silas vs. the Witch
Fails a will test and gains a Cursed Condition.
He fails strength test and loses 1 health.  He has 7 health, 4 sanity.

Mythos: The Wind-Walker (Ongoing – Rumor)
Spawn clues: San Francisco and space (19).

4 Eldritch tokens placed on the card.
Epic monster, Wind-Walker, is placed on space (4).

Chapter 2

Diane Stanley, in San Francisco, with 6 health, 4 sanity.
She rests and recovers full health.
Acquires a pocket watch.  New asset to reserve: Vatican missionary

Silas Marsh, in Sydney, with 7 health, 4 sanity.
Travels by sea to space (20).
Rests restoring to full health.

Mark Harrigan, in Istanbul, with 8 health and 4 sanity.
Prepares a sea ticket.
Travels to space (17) by sea via space (20).

Diane researches for clues.  But something in her brain is manipulating her memories.  An insect flies out of her head, leaving knowledge of an alien product.  She gains the clue.  Silas wanders through aisles of an antique book store.  He is unable to decipher the organizational system.  A shady figure offers to sell Mark a weapon, no questions asked.  He fails to uncover his motives and is arrested by an undercover policeman.  He gains a Detained Condition.

Mythos: From Bad to Worse (Event)
Advance Omen: Omen to constellation, Doom track to 14.

Resolving Reckoning Effects
Monsters: Witch’s curse drains Silas 1 health.  He has 7 health, 4 sanity.
AO: None.
Ongoing Mythos: Wind-Walker loses one Eldritch token (3 left).
Investigator possessions: None.
Investigator conditions: Silas discards his curse.

A gate spawns in San Francisco with a Ghoul.

Chapter 3

Silas Marsh, DETAINED in space (20) with Mark Harrigan, with 7 health, 4 sanity.
Uses his influence to be freed.
Travels to Tokyo.

Mark Harrigan, in space (20), with full health.
Acquires asset: whiskey.  Arcane Tome takes its place in reserves.
Travels to Sydney.

Diane Stanley, in San Francisco, with 6 health, 4 sanity.
Travels to space (5) where there is a clue.
Rests to full health.

Silas, in Tokyo, has a strange monk in black offer him help.  Silas has no clues to spend.

Harrigan vs. the WitchFails will test and is CURSED.
Defeats the witch, with help of his .38.

Mark’s goes into the outer world of Yuggoth.  He discovers a waxen mask and artificial hands.  It’s a terrible creature, disguised as human!  Mark consults his notes, finds the data he needs and closes the gate.

Diane, researches clues in space (5).  Doctors ask her to observe a trephination (drilling into one’s skull).  She observes an insect-like creature.  She gains the clue and 1 additional.

Mythos: Calling the Elder Things (Event)
Advance Omen: Omen track to meteor.  Doom track to 13.
Monster surge: No matching gates.   New gate spawn in Istanbul with a vampire.
Spawn clues: Space (21) and  sea space (13).
Event: Spawn 1 Monster on each space containing a Cultist Monster.  There are none.

Chapter 4

Mark Harrigan, in Sydney, with full health and CURSED.
Prepares a ship ticket.
Travels to space (21) where there is a clue.

Diane Stanley, in space (5), at full health.
Unable to acquire any assets, makes no changes to reserve.
Travels to space (4) with Wind-Walker.

Silas Marsh, in Tokyo, with 7 health, 4 sanity.
Recovers to full health.
Travels to space (19) for a clue.

Mark, researches for a clue.  In the wilderness, he is attacked in the dark, losing 1 health. Unable to observe an alien from the planet Xicloti, he struck a second time.  He has 7 health, 4 sanity, and a BACK INJURY.

Stanley vs. the Wind-Walker.
Loses 1 health and sanity to face the Wind-Walker.
Fails will check, loses 1 sanity.
Successfully casts a Wither spell.
With 2 successful rolls, Wind-Walker has 3 toughness points left.
Diane is left with 7 health, 4 sanity.

Silas, researches for a clue.  A meteor explodes in the air, scattering glowing, green powder.  Unable to find and collect a sufficient amount, he loses one health.  He has 6 health, 4 sanity.

Mythos: Haunting Nightmares (Event)
Advance Omen: Omen track to constellation.  Doom track to 11.

Resolving Reckoning Effects
Monsters: None.
AO: None.
Ongoing Mythos: Wind-Walker loses one Eldritch token (2 left).
Investigator possessions: None.
Investigator conditions: Harrigan overcomes both his curse and back injury.

Spawn gate: A gate appears in Rome with a Goat Spawn.

Event: Each investigator loses 2 Sanity and gains a Madness condition unless 1 clue is spent.  Mark and Silas are inflicted, Diane spends the clue.  Mark has paranoia, Silas has hallucinations.

Mark left with 7 health, 2 sanity.
Silas left with 6 health, 2 sanity.



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