Dungeons and Dragons: Purple Worm

The Purple Worm,

was an infamous creature striking fear in any hero.  From Dungeons and Dragons Monster Manual I, is a monster so terrifying, only the most brave dared exploring deep underground.

“… will digest its meal in 12 turns … totally gone and connot be raised from the dead.”

It may not have the legend of a dragon but it is no less exciting.  The purple worm are for heroes who have matured greatness, confidence, and courage.  It’s big, hideous, but also soft and spongy.   As the artwork depicts, its comes with razor sharp teeth and a poisonous stinger.  The stinger is prized by heroes as a poisonous dagger.

I chose the purple worm remembering the surprise and exhilaration from the heroes I  had dungeon mastered.  It’s an epic part of the session.  Make elbow room cause there will be a lots of dice rolls!  The creature leaves trails of minerals and indigestible matter.   It is an ugly creature with no intelligence and only a will to eat.

When you have an adventure requiring strategy, mystery solving, and goal reaching but short on sweat and tears, the purple worm is a great distraction to show who is the true master of the underworld.

Trivia: 4900 XP and there is a marine variety, the “mottled worm”.

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