Castle Ravenloft: Playing the Eagle Eyes treasure card

CastleRavenloft_Fortune_EagleEyesEagle Eyes,

a treasure fortune card from Dungeons and Dragons: Castle Ravenloft board game.  At first look, it seems not to offer anything new and nothing you wouldn’t have done without the card.  You’re not alone if it seems confusing about what to do after your hero phase.  Here is how we interpret it and why.

What you’re tempted to do next (but don’t)!
You’ll wonder, after playing your fortune, if you should faithfully continue the game mechanics and draw another tile, draw another monster and Encounter Card during your Encounter phase.   No, you do not.

What is the benefit (or why is this card so great)?
Pulling a tile from the top of the dungeon stack puts you one tile closer to your objective.  You choose where you put the tile and how far away the new monster will be.  Most importantly, you’re saved a round from the dreaded Ravenloft encounter.  If your new tile has a white triangle, feel comfort that you at least choose to put the tile anywhere you wish.

Is this legal (or how is it not cheating)?
What typically happens during the exploration phase is you either pull a new tile from the dungeon stack or you do not.  You either may draw an Encounter Card or you will.  After Eagle Eyes, you pull a tile and get a pass from an Encounter Card.   You get a fast-track Encounter phase experience fulfilling all the legal obligations.  If you had to do more or otherwise less, it wouldn’t be much of a fortune, would it?

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